Cyndy – Basic Guide for Cyndy

Cyndy – Basic Guide for Cyndy 1 -
Cyndy – Basic Guide for Cyndy 1 -

Basic information on how to do things in Cyndy.

Places in town

Motel Tropicana where you will complete your photo and video projects with Cyndy. It is open 24 hours. You will need to rent a room for $100 a day. If you let the number of days go down to 0, the game will end.
Roads End Bar is open between 9 to 1. The women there are Nancy, Kiara and Cyndy.
The Sheriff office is open 24 hours. The women there is Estrella.
The Video Equipment store is open from 8 to 19. The woman there is Aiko.
The S*x shop is open between 8 to 19. The woman there is Lila.
Small Town Amateurs is open between 9 to 22. This is where you sell your completed photo and video projects.
The Pawn shop is open 24 hours. This is where you sell your ill gotten items from beating up drunks in the restroom of Roads End Bar.
The Chicken Farm is open 24 hours. The women there include Lizzy, Charlie, and Maddy. If you bought the DLC you will also have Anna there.
At around 6:15 every morning a flying penis will pass across the sky. If you click on it, you will be awarded $100.

How to take photos or create a movie

Unless you are going to take photos or create a movie with just Cyndy, you will need to hire the models you want in your photos or movie project. This is discussed later in this guide.
After hiring your models go to the Motel Tropicana. Click on the elevator door to the right of the desk clerk. Then click on Cyndy.
Choose whether you want to shoot with a still camera, a video camera or a mobile phone.
You must have purchased a still camera and/or a video camera if you wish to use either of those. You will always be able to use a mobile phone.
You also must purchase the appropriate medium;
A still camera requires at least one roll of film in your inventory.
A video camera requires at least one stack of video tapes in your inventory.
These items can be purchased at The Video Equipment store.
After choosing which type of project you want to work on, you will need to choose which plot type you want.
Both Camera plot types and Movie plot types include; Solo Photo shoot, Le*bian Photo shoot, Couple Photo shoot, FMF (female/male/female) Photo shoot, MFM (male/female/male) Photo shoot, and Orgy photo shoot.
For both types of projects, after selecting the plot type you will need to select the plot.
Both the camera plots and movie plots include: Solo Photo shoot, Le*bian Photo shoot, Couple Photo shoot, FMF Photo shoot, MFM Photo shoot, Orgy Photo shoot.

Solo Photo shoot

Cyndy: A new Adventure which includes model Cyndy.
Dance for me. Which includes model Cyndy.

Le*bian Photo shoot

The new girl. Which includes models Charlie and Cyndy.
Anne and Cyndy at the pool. Which includes models Anne and Cyndy.
I like them older! Which includes model Aiko.
I own you. Which includes model Lizzy and Anna.
Too Fast. Which includes models Lizzy and Estrella.

Couple Photo shoot

The Story So Far. Which includes Cyndy.
Lila’s Basement. Which includes Lila.
A pleasant surprise. Which includes models Charlie and Cyndy.
Kiara’s first gig. Which includes Kiara.
After Hours. Which includes model Anne.
Miaww. Which includes model Aiko.
Beach Photo shoot. Which includes model Maddy.
Rich ♥♥♥♥♥. Which includes model Anna.
Impress her! Which includes model Aiko.
Put her in her place! Which includes model Aiko.

FMF Photo shoot

Cleaning Call. Which includes models Lizzy and Cyndy.
Exercise time. Which includes models Charlie and Maddy.
Payback. Which includes models Lizzy and Anna.

MFM Photo shoot

Slammed Up. Which includes model Estrella (the cop).

Orgy Photo shoot

Aiko’s first orgy. Which includes model Aiko.
A hot day. Which includes models Anne, Aiko and Cyndy.
Dance lessons. Which includes models Anne and Kiara.
A new life. Which includes models Charlie, Anne, Kiara, Aiko, Lila, Cyndy and Maddy.
Sleepover. Which includes models Charlie, Aiko, Cyndy, Maddy and Anna.

Completing your projects

You will then have the option to select up to three equipment (that you purchase from the s*x shop prior to going to the Motel Tropicana) to use in your project. The more items you use, the higher the cost of the items will make your project sell for more money. There is a random element in here that simulates supply and demand so even if you use the same equipment, same project, you might get different money when you sell them.
Once you’ve completed your project, or if you’ve done both photo and movie projects, you will click on the laptop. Then click on Movies and Photo Editor.
Select the project to edit.
You can either try putting the photos or video segments in the correct order. Or, click on the penis shaped like a question mark and when you click on a segment and move it, it will tell you which section to place it in.
Once all ten segments (0 to 9) are filled on the bottom section click on Editing Completed.
If you’ve got more projects (you can do two a day, but if you forget to edit them until the next day you can edit all four (or more) one at a time. Each project type works the same way, photo or movie.
When you’re completely done, click on the red off button on the lower left side of the screen to exit the editor.

The video Equipment store

This is where you will find Aiko, the sales clerk.
In order to hire her to be a model for your projects you will need to accomplish several things.
First you will need to go to your laptop and click on Local Adverts Section to click on her add.
You will need to raise her score to at least 70. You can do this by chatting with her and complimenting her, Bragging about yourself, giving her presents (that you stole from the drunks in the Roads End Bar). You can do each in the same day, but you can only do each one once per day.
Once you get her score to 70 you can start the 3 events to win her over. Arrange a Date. Keep coming back every day to compliment her, brag about yourself, give her gifts (if you have any) so that you can raise her score to 80. At that point you can then do the second event, take her on a day trip. To do this you will have needed to rob a drunk for his day trip tickets. Before going to Aiko, buy My stringkini for $75 and Special Datenight Set for $75 from the s*x shop.
The third event you will need to buy a ticket from your laptop. This doesn’t become available until after you’ve completed the second event. You will also need to buy the Designer Dress for $599 from the s*x shop. When you chat with her in the Video Equipment store, with these items in your possession, ask her to go to a swinger private party. After this you will be able to hire her for your photo and movie projects.
In the video Equipment store you can purchase; a cheap camera for $250, a good camera for $1,000, a best camera for $7,000, a Cheap Videocamera for $1,000, a Good Videocamera for $4,700, a Best Videocamera for $10,000, Cheap lights for $100, Good Lights for $1,500, Best Lights for $5,000, Camera Film for $10, and Video camera Tapes for $25.
Everything except the Camera Film and Video camera Tapes are permanent in your inventory until you sell them at the Pawn Shop. You will need to buy Camera Film and Video camera Tapes every day you want to do a project, which should be every day.
You will have the options “Hi, I need to buy some equipment.” Or, “Hello sweet chicks! How are you today?” Or, “I need to go now.”
When you chat with Aiko your options will be;
“Tell me about you.”, “Talk about yourself.” “Try a pick up line.” “Give her a gift.” “Arrange a date.” “Ask her to do a movie.” “End Conversation.” Some of these won’t show depending on your score.

The s*x Shop

This is where you will find Lila.
In the S*x Shop you can purchase;
Go Deep An*l L*be for $5
Plug That a*s But Plug for $10
Black Magic Dildo for $25
Shove it Fisting L*be for $5
Fresh Meat Bondage set for $50
Glorius Double Dildo for $15
Got Your a*s Uniform for $75
Gothic ♥♥♥♥ costume for $75
Heavy Dutty Handcuffs for $15
Maid to please Outfit for $75
More sperm for $5
My ♥♥♥♥ Dildo for $15
My stringkini for $75
Clip my nipples set for $25
Rabit Deluxe Vibrator for $35
Ultimate Vibrating Strap On for $50
Seccond Base Dress for $75
Slave costume for $75
Special Datenight Set for $75
Super Nun Costume for $75
Designer Dress for $599
These items can be used in your photo and movie projects. You can use up to three per project.
You will have the options to chat with Lila and buy things.
When you chat with Lila your options will be;
“Try a compliment.” “Talk about BD*M.” “BD*M Session.” “Ask her to do a movie.” “End conversation.” Some of these won’t show depending on your score.
You must have your score with her up to 70 to do a BD*M session and 90 to ask her to do a movie.
When you compliment her, focus on BD*M situations. For example, tell her “That bondage set looks so kinky. Have you tried it yet?” will improve your score. But, “So, what’s a cute little girl like you doing in a shop like this?” will decrease your score.

The Roads End Bar

This is where you will find Anne, Cyndy, Kiara, the drunks you will need to rob.
In the Roads End Bar you can chat with Anne and Kiara.
Anne is more interested in Cyndy than you but each option (chatting about Cyndy and you) will give you some points with her. As you increase your score with her, more options will come available. You can offer to buy her a drink (within the chat option) which will raise your score by 10 points each time (once a day). The price of her drinks is $10. If you complement her, choose options that complement her looks. When her score is at 80 you can arrange a date with Cyndy. Once that is done, and you raise her score to 90 you can hire her for your projects. While you are chatting with her you can send Cyndy to dance, but only if the dance table isn’t being used by someone else. You’ll have four options. You can do all four in the same day. “Dance for 2 hours.” “Dance for 4 hours.” “Work her like a slave.” “Actually, ♥♥♥♥ work!” If you work her like a slave you will lose points with Anne. The last option is to leave without having her dance.
Kiara won’t chat with you until you’ve watched her dance (completely to the end, let the game finish the dance), tip her once during each dance, for five dances. To watch her dance, she must be on the dance table. Simply click anywhere around her to start the dance scenario. After that you can chat with her when she is sitting at the bar talking with Anne. Her score will need to be 60 to get this option. You can buy her drinks for $25. This will raise her score by 10 and as with Anne you can do this once a day.
To rob the drunks, click on the toilet sign to enter the bathroom. If there is a guy using the urinals, you will have two options, “Smash his head!” or “Walk Away”. If you smash his head you can get one of two options. You will beat and rob him. Or he will beat and rob you.
If you are successful in robbing him, the items you get can either be sold at the Pawn Shop or given as a gift to Aiko.
Each time you rob a drunk will raise your score to get arrested by 10 points. Each day you don’t rob a drunk your score will decrease, I believe by 5 points. When your arrest score reaches 100 the sheriff will enter the bathroom and arrest you. This will lower your score with Anne by a slight amount. This is easily restored by interacting with her normally. After your second arrest you will get two options. Complete your stay or leave early. If you leave early you will get the MFM scene with Estella and another man she had just arrested. After this you will be able to ask her to do a movie when you visit her at the Sheriff’s Office.

Motel Tropicana

This is where you will interact with Cyndy, your laptop, and create your projects that you will sell at the Small Town Amateurs office.
At the Motel Tropicana you will need to keep your room paid up for at least one day. When it goes to no days, the game ends. To pay for a room, click on the clerk, then simply click on the condom and slide it to the right. The more you slide the more days you select. Each day costs $100 to rent the room.
If you have your mouse set to Cyndy mode, it may be difficult to hit the correct spot on the condom to interact with it. Keep trying, you’ll eventually get it. Or, for this action, switch your mouse to the regular window’s mouse icon.

The Chicken Farm

This is where you will hire some of your models.
The Chicken Farm has three or four women you can hire for your projects. Depending if you have the Anna DLC installed.
The models you can hire are;
Lizzy costs $250 to hire her for one movie or photo shoot.
Charlie costs $150 to hire her for one movie or photo shoot.
Maddy costs $300 to hire her for one movie or photo shoot.
Anna costs $300 to hire her for one movie or photo shoot.
Click on whomever you wish to hire, one or all, and then click on the thumbs up.
If you change your mind, clicking on them again will unselect them. Or you can simply click on the toilet to cancel the arrangement.

The Sheriff’s Office

This is where you will interact with Estrella.
Once you’ve been arrested twice and completed that scenario you will be able to Chat with her.
Sometimes none of the chat options will lead to increasing her score.
The option to leave is hidden. If you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen you will see, “Return to town.”
This can be used while in the chat window with her if you feel the only options will lead to a negative score.
Once you get her score to 90 you will have the option to “Ask her to do a movie.”

The Pawn Shop

This is where you will sell your old equipment and the items you steal from the drunks.
Once you have an item to sell, click on the Pawn Shop’s door, then click on the clerk. You will see two windows, on the left will be the items in your inventory. Click on the item you wish to sell. It will appear in the window on the right. If you change your mind, click on that item in the right window and it will go back to the left window, your inventory. Once you are satisfied with your decisions then click the thumbs up. Or, if you change your mind clicking on the toilet will cancel the sale.

Small Town Amateurs

This is where you will sell your projects.
Click on the Small Town Amateurs building. This is open from 9 to 2200. Sometime during the day (around 1800 or so) he will be entertaining a client and will tell you to go away. Just come back in an hour or so and his client will be gone.
It is best to do your projects early in the morning so you can sell them here before noon. That way you won’t get turned away.
When you’re there, click on the man sitting in the chair, then click on which project you want to sell.
You can only sell one type at a time, but within each type you can sell all that you have. Just click on the projects (a green check mark will appear on the project if you were successful in selecting it. Then either click on the thumbs up to sell it, or the toilet if you’ve changed your mind about selling it. Then end conversation to exit selling projects window, then Return to town to leave Small Town amateurs.

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Hope you enjoy the Guide about Cyndy – Basic Guide for Cyndy, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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