Cybercube – Get All Achievements Mod Guide

Cybercube – Get All Achievements Mod Guide 1 -
Cybercube – Get All Achievements Mod Guide 1 -

A mod for game Cybercube which fixes the ‘Get all achivements’ achievement


In this guide I will provide you with a mod which fixes the ‘Get all achivements’ achievement. The mod only triggers the achievement in case you obtained all other achievements in the game (so mostly as intended).

Thanks to alex_snake – []  for testing the fix!

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Note that this mod only works with current version of Cybercube (and will stop working in case of any future update)


1. Download my mod

You can find the modded file here – – []

(in case you want to be sure that the file do not contain viruses you can scan it on the following website – [] , or just see scanned report – [] )

2. Unpack the .zip file somewhere on your desktop

Unpack the content. In there you can find 2 files:

  • Assembly-CSharp.dll – containing the changes
  • mod description.txt – containing short description of changes


3. Installation

Navigate to \Steam\steamapps\common\Cybercube\CyberCube_Data\Managed\ and overwrite the Assembly-CSharp.dll with the modded file.

This can be safely removed at any point in time. Simply delete the Assembly-CSharp.dll file and Verify Integrity of Game Files. – []

Mod description and usage

Mod adds a full new function to check against couple of hardest achievements. In the original code there was no way to obtain this achievement (there was no code for it!) so I had to get creative to restore it to some capacity.

Change list:

  • Adds AllAchievements function which checks user’s state for 7 least obtained achievements in the game
  • Adds a manual trigger under letter P (automatic trigger did not want to work for some reason and checking it periodically made no sense)

After booting the game starting playing some level and press letter P on your keyboard, in case you meet the criteria, the achievement should pop-up for you.

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Written by Mat2PL

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