Cuphead – Best and Worst Weapon in Game Guide

Cuphead – Best and Worst Weapon in Game Guide 1 -
Cuphead – Best and Worst Weapon in Game Guide 1 -

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Weapons Best 2 Worst!

1) Spread
Great damage but short range, so requires you to get up close and personal but can delete bosses when you are right at point-blank range, basically when all of your shots hit. It also has a fast fire-rate. It’s good damage and fire-rate places it high amongst other weapons, but it requires courage to use. It’s ex attack can delete enemies quick, if all the shots are hit.
2) Charge
It is a sniper rifle. Quickscope some cents and smoke up a blunt. Ex attack is a bomb, it’s sure to make you more than warm.
3) Lobber
The spread says it does great damage but the lobber does more, though it is slower in fire-rate. Decent range combined with it’s affection by gravity makes it useful to beating bosses below you. It also has a bounce to it, further adding to it’s range. These balls shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s ex attack is a bigger ball and can go through some platforms. So don’t suck em, you gotta cuck them.
4) Roundabout
A boomerang-like projectile that is great for hitting enemies without facing in their direction. This allows you to focus on dodging rather than aiming. It’s curves give it good range, especially when facing backwards. Ex attack is a rotated saw-blade, so don’t let it hit you to keep the damage going because it ain’t for throwing.
5) Peashooter
Your first weapon makes for a good one, however it very average but does have unlimited range. It will forgotten for those wanted more unique guns, but those who stick with little peagun, hats off to you. The peashooter is a real hooter.
6) Chaser
Auto aim with little to no damage. Ex attack is a shield. Don’t a coward, try to feel powered. (After you stop using the chaser).
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