Crypt – Guide to 3D Mapping & Rooms

Crypt – Guide to 3D Mapping & Rooms 1 -
Crypt – Guide to 3D Mapping & Rooms 1 -

Are you starting from scratch and are you already feeling lost? Are you ready to give up and curl up in a corner, crying yourself to sleep? Greg will find you and help you share your shame. This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls of mean-ol Greg.


Do you want to beat the game? You might want to show Greg that you are the ultimate Crypt Champion. This guide/ walkthrough will improve your gameplay and reduce your time in Crypt. My team and I have mapped over 50 maps (counting) to understand their makeshift better. The Portable Lidar System (and) scanner has allowed us to create 3D accurate maps for each floor/ level/ chamber. We have considered a lot and are happy to share our knowledge. Here is our process for achieving these scans.

Crypt - Guide to 3D Mapping & Rooms - INTRODUCTION - 7AEC49A


The team had to create control points using scan stations, and then the Player would walk around the chambers using PLS. The combination of software and hardware made it much easier and provided us with a clear understanding. It looks intimidating at first glance. We don’t expect you to be able to comprehend our scientific magnitude, but we hope you enjoy the fact that different colors were used to meet your needs.

Crypt - Guide to 3D Mapping & Rooms - 3D SCANS & THE ROOMS FOUND - 4102B02


The Crypt sounds exactly like it does. It is not the game but the room that the Player finds first. Inside, there will be a large chamber that has torches all around. The Player must climb a staircase to reach the sarcophagus in the middle of a series of chamber halls. The game will make the sarcophagus move and fold open as the Player collects keys. For sure, a wild Greg will emerge and wiggle. It will make the Player want to dribble, dribble, outta there.


This is the worst room for new players who have not seen any of Valefisk videos. This is your fault. You should be ashamed that you didn’t take the time to view his videos before you start playing. You are now frustrated at the difficulty of solving a puzzle as simple as playing chess. Dimwit. As you probably know, pulling a lever in the chamber will create a bridge. The lever puzzle will allow the player to cross the bridges to the opposite side of the chamber, where an artifact can be found . If you don’t solve the puzzle, it will cause the chamber to close and the player to lose their time.


One of these levels is pointless and will do nothing for the Player. Nothing. Because they don’t know how to navigate a maze, the Player will go in circles and not realize it. It is better to take a walk in real life and think about your future. The second floor will have longer chambers, which makes the Player believe they are heading towards something great. However, this reality crushes them because these great things won’t be achieved like their goals in life. You have reached a dead end. You can turn around.


We noticed that each map had many rooms that dipped away from the main chamber(and). These rooms often had prerequisite items such as keys or artifacts required to open the Crypt Door. You can find a Minimum three to five These secret rooms can be located on any map. To avoid missing tiny openings, you must look closely at the wall or hug it when you explore. It is safer there than anywhere else, in our opinion. You’d also have four corners in which to cry. Perfect.


This is a room that you do not want to find on any run. This room is an equally-sided chamber with virtually nothing inside. However, there is a catch. Turning to go back the way you came will show a solid wall. Turning again to find the opposite wall will reveal that the wall has closed in on the Player. This means that the room shrinks every time you reach a new wall. There is a chance that the shrinking room will beat you down. Instead of being crushed, you may be greeted with the clicking of a thousand Gregs waiting along the walls and ceiling to entrap you. This room is dangerous.


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Surveying an underground system can be difficult due to two factors: the complex and dark environment and the depth at which signal cannot reach. These issues were encountered on numerous occasions during our playthroughs. The Player can be equipped with a wearable mapping device that will allow us to collect data. This simplified the process.

You should note that this guide is fabricated. Some statements about specific rooms are true (. Greg) may have made some of these statements. I did it to make you waste your time or because I don’t like you. Whatever makes you feel better. I was bored. To be honest, I haven’t actually played the game yet. In his videos, Valefisk tortured his friends with the game. I am here to torture you with reading material. Have a great day…Thanks for your consideration.


Written by DapperShark

This is all about Crypt – Guide to 3D Mapping & Rooms; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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