Crusader Kings III – How to deal with Partition

Crusader Kings III – How to deal with Partition 1 -
Crusader Kings III – How to deal with Partition 1 -
This is the guide about dealing with partition without killing, divorcing, celibacy, disinheriting, or having crown authority.


How it works exactly

  • Titles could be created only if they are of the same rank as the main title.
  • After that is done, titles will be given to heirs one by one, starting with the highest one.
  • The ultimate goal is to make sure every heir has an equal (or the closest to equal) number of titles after the ruler dies.


How exactly it makes you weaker

Well, in three possible ways:

  • The most obvious, if you had enough land to form several same ranked titles, you will lose some land and will have to reconquer it.
  • There were not enough “big” titles for everyone, and they took your holdings, where you have 100% of everything.
  • In the case of an empire. it adds an extra layer of kingdom-rank vassals, which adds an extra reduction


What to do

In general:

  • Plan ahead. If you have multiple spouses/concubines, make sure their age is roughly the same. Don’t take a younger one as an extra/replacement.
  • Don’t postpone until all females involved are infertile, or you get all the land you plan to get in this life or whatnot, start the process as soon as you have an extra heir.

Exact process:

  1. If you are within a single main title, all you need to do is, at any moment in time, give each extra heir the same amount of counties you (plan to) have plus an extra one if you have more heirs than second-to-highest titles (for example you have 4 heirs, but your empire only has 2 de jure kingdoms), ideally in their own de jure duchy/kingdom, and all de jure titles up to the second-highest (you have to create those). Optionally before handing out kingdoms, you can also increase the number of given counties by +1, land your main heir and transfer all the other vassals under them when you feel it’s time.
  2. If you are splitting, you have to do basically the same as above, but landing the main heir is no longer optional. This way, you’ll have .to claim some very small realms quickly.

This here is an example of doing it properly. In succession, I will retain all my personal holdings. No drops in levies or gold until the younger heirs’ own successions kick in.
Crusader Kings III - How to deal with Partition

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