Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit – Full Walkthrough & Video Tutorial

Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit – Full Walkthrough & Video Tutorial 1 -
Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit – Full Walkthrough & Video Tutorial 1 -

Instead of having you go through a 4-hour-long video to find the part you’re stuck at, this is a section-by-section walkthrough so you can save some time instead. Doing a written walkthrough as well but that’ll take a bit more time to compile so please bear with me!

Part 1 – The Art Exhibition

The video mainly answers these questions:
How to get the painting to stay in its easel?
How can you get the musician (sorry man!) to stop playing?
How can you get the money you need to buy lemonade? No, you don’t steal it from the trumpet case.


  1. Use the computer to print out the PINK flier. Grab the flier from the printer.
  2. Dress-up and leave the house to meet Dana.
  3. At the square, talk to Dana. She will tell you that everything needs to be perfect. At that moment, one of the paintings will fall. Putting it back won’t work since the wind will keep blowing it off the easel.
  4. Talk to Dana again and she’ll mention something about a chewing gum. Ask for the gum.
  5. Right click on the gum to chew one. Use the chewed up gum to stick the painting to the easel.
  6. At this time, Alfred will arrive. He will ask you – Blondie – to 1. Get something refreshing for him to drink, and 2. Stop that “racket” (the music) in the background.
  7. To get the drink, you’ll want to go to the lemonade stand. Talk to the girl scout and she will tell you that 1 glass of lemonade costs a dollar.
  8. Since you’re dirt poor and you can’t just steal money from the musician’s trumpet case, go back to Dana to ask for some coins. Use those coins to buy a glass of lemonade.
  9. Give said glass of lemonade to Alfred.
  10. Now, the music. You’ll want to talk to the girl scout again. This time ask about the lemons and at one point, ask to get pure lemon juice. She will then challenge you to drink a glass of the super sour lemon juice without making a face.
  11. Before drinking it, chew that gum again. Before the effects of the gum wears off, drink the glass of pure lemon juice. The girl scout will then agree to sell you pure lemon juice but it’ll cost the same as a glass of lemonade.
  12. Go back to Dana to ask for more coins. Use the coins to buy a glass of pure lemon juice.
  13. Go to the musician and Inspect his trumpet case. You’ll notice the lack of coins.
  14. Talk to the musician, ask him to stop playing for just 20 minutes, which he’ll refuse to do, and subsequently ask about the lack of coins. You’ll know that he will immediately collect any coins if any are thrown into his case.
  15. Try giving the musician the glass of pure lemon juice (you’ll lie that it’s lemonade). He’ll tell you that lemons and trumpet playing don’t mix.
  16. With all that info at hand, go back to Dana and ask for more coins before going back to the musician.
  17. You’ll need to be quick with this one – throw the coins into the case, wait for the animation where the musician will grab the coins from his case and inspect them with glee. Quickly use the lemon juice in your inventory on the trumpet he left on the bench. If you can’t do it, feel free to repeat steps 16 and try again.
  18. Once done, go back to Alfred and he’ll ask for a flier. Give him the pink flier (because he’s apparently a fan of the colour pink).
  19. He will then ask you to become the mascot of the art exhibition and you’ll need to dress the part. Go back home and wear the exact same outfit as the person in the flier is wearing. If you forgot, you can always print out another flier to check.
  20. Go back to Alfred and you’re done!
  21. Back at your place, follow the instructions given to prepare for your trip.


Part 2 – Grandpa’s House + Joris’ Place

The video mainly answers these questions:
How to find the bolt at grandpa’s house?
How to fill in blanks in the translated Polish note?


  1. Pick up the Keys and the Blank Paper from the mailbox
  2. Enter the house and try flipping the switch. Milda will mention something about having no electricity.
  3. Exit the house and try opening the Fuse Box. It’s locked. Use the Keys in your inventory to open it.
  4. To solve the puzzle, simply follow the instructions. I started with a Negative, then a Positive, a Neutral, another Negative, Neutral, and lastly, a Positive.
    Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit - Full Walkthrough & Video Tutorial - Part 2 - Grandpa's House + Joris' Place - 37CC26E
  5. Go into the house again. An intruder in the other room will break the window in his haste to escape. Before you go out to investigate, go to the Cabinet and grab the Kerosene.
  6. Check the Oven to get a Lighter
  7. Grab the two Magnet stuck to the Sink.
  8. Grab the Blank Pages on the table and on top of the shelf.
  9. You can Inspect the Crack on the floor as well, but you don’t have the items to do anything yet. You can also try the door but Milda will say that it’s blocked.
  10. Go outside and enter the house again through the window.
  11. Pick up the Walkie Talkie and talk with the person.
  12. Once done, go to the Toolbox and grab everything in it. Check the Drawers of the Wardrobe as well. Inspect the


Part 3 – The Vilnius Library

This video mainly answers these questions:
How to outwit that dratted librarian and get her password and ID?
How to log into Grandpa Kovas’ library account?
Which 3 churches you need to add to the list on your phone?
Photographer playthrough


Part 4 – The Churches + The Library Archive

This video mainly answers these questions:
How to get the wine needed for the Divine Liturgy?
How to get into the Church of St. Catherine? You don’t, not yet anyway 😉
How many metal cubes to add to 3D print the seal?
How to get onto that hockey fan club bus to go to Minsk? Or specifically, how to dress up and pretend to be a hockey fan?


Part 5 – The Hockey Game

This video mainly answers these questions:
How to get that painting without paying money?
How to help Belarus win the hockey game so you can win the bet?
What are the honk patterns for defending?


Part 6 – Italy

This video mainly answers these questions:
How to shoo the goat from the staircase and get to the balcony?
How to distract the ex-KGB agent?
How to get the seal from Grandpa Kovas?


Part 7 – Church of St. Catherine (Finding the last seal)

This video mainly answers these questions:
How to solve the bishop statue puzzle?
How to solve the monks with the light (the one in the hidden passage) puzzle?
How to escape from the hidden passage?


Part 8 – The Grand Finale

This video mainly answers these questions:
How to get into Sapiega Palace? You don’t
How to find the correct passages to get to the room with the crown?
What’s the ending that you get?


Written by Arion

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit – Full Walkthrough & Video Tutorial; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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