CRIMESIGHT – Hidden Game Rules Info

CRIMESIGHT – Hidden Game Rules Info 1 -
CRIMESIGHT – Hidden Game Rules Info 1 -

A list of unwritten or hard-to-find rules and details I’ve discovered through gameplay. Some of these have directly cost me games. May you profit from my pain.

General Game rules

  • Yes, those are real cursors you’re seeing. Likewise, your opponent can see your cursor as well outside of the Command phase. You can make inferences on what the opponent will do by following his cursor, or bluff by hovering over an unrelated pawn. The game is afoot.
  • Secret passages DO block LOS for the purpose of murder, the same as doors. Despite them visually being open at all times.
  • Despite what the tutorial says, you cannot trap secret passages or spray pawns directly with tear gas (as of patch 1.4.1). That seems to be a leftover from development.
  • The Final Turn (when the villain is revealed) advances the turn timer, but does not advance the day/night phase. Pawns do not need to eat and will not become hungry, but wild dogs WILL move/attack. This can be a huge deal if the dog critically injures the pawn you needed to block an assail. Or if you were counting on a pawn going Critical from hunger, but the nightly Deduction causes the Final Turn to begin before you planned.
  • If a Hungry pawn has food at the start of a day, they will remove the “Hungry” status when they eat. This means that their single food item counts as two, since it removes the Hungry status and prevents them from getting a second effect. Yes, this makes no sense.
  • Pawns will never sabotage fuse boxes or spray tear gas as a random move. If a pawn performs those actions, it is always a players’ command.
  • Critical pawns CAN still Assail/Kill. However, they can only move 1 square when Assailing. Same for Hungry pawns–they can only Assail two squares away.
  • Critical pawns cannot gain further Injury or Hunger statuses. Go ahead and leave them choking in a cloud of gas, it builds character.


Fuse Box rules

  • Breaking a fuse box turns out the lights beginning at the start of NEXT turn. The effect lasts for two full turns or until a pawn repairs the other fuse box.
  • Repairing a fuse box turns the lights on beginning at the start of NEXT turn. There is no benefit to repairing a fuse box on the last turn of darkness, in other words. Apart from maybe farming the achievement for repairing fuse boxes.
  • Critically injured pawns CAN still repair gas leaks and break fuse boxes.
  • If Sherlock commands a pawn to search and discovers a fuse box, it cannot be sabotaged by Moriarty for the rest of the game. It can still be used to fix the lights if another fuse box is sabotaged by Moriarty.


Wild Dog rules

  • Dogs attack pawns randomly within 3 tiles. There does not seem to be a bias towards the closest target, but dogs will NOT attack Critical pawns. So you can’t use a useless pawn as a chew toy. You monster.
  • You can order a pawn to “subdue” wild dogs. VERY IMPORTANT: A pawn does NOT need a weapon to subdue a dog! They’ll just kick it to death. Everyone in this house is a villain in my eyes.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: A Critical pawn CAN still subdue a dog. Despite being so disabled they can’t see across a room, they can still beat a dog unconscious with their bare hands. 2075 is a weird future.
  • Dogs are not affected by gas or tear gas in any way.
  • In my experience, dogs will only spawn in certain rooms (ones with windows on the north side of the building) and only after the start of Day 2. This needs confirmation.


Gas rules

  • Gas leaks will only spawn after the start of Day 2, and only seem to occur in rooms with 3 or more tiles (needs confirmation).
  • Repairing a gas leak ends the leak IMMEDIATELY. It will not hurt the pawn who does the repairs.
  • Moving through gas (tear gas or gas leaks) does NOT hurt pawns in any way.
  • Critically injured pawns CAN still repair gas leaks and break/repair fuse boxes.
  • Tear gas only injures pawns in the same tile as the gas at the END of the turn. If a pawn is in the tile when the gas is sprayed, but then moves away, there is no injury. Yes, this makes no sense.
  • Tear gas (purple) DOES block LOS for the purpose of murder. A gas leak (yellow) DOES NOT.


Irene rules

These are mentioned in the tutorial, but if you forgot and need a midgame refresher:

  • Irene has one (1) move. She knows which player is Moriarty, and the identity of both Target and Villain. She has access to the special “Team Moriarty” pings to coordinate with Moriarty in secret. I don’t know why one of those pings is “Here is your villain!” if both of them already know who the villain is. Perhaps it is leftover from development.
  • Like Moriarty, she CANNOT control the target. If her command conflicts with one of Sherlock’s, the choice of move is random and Team Sherlock is not informed of the conflict (just as it does when two Sherlock commands conflict).
  • VERY IMPORTANT: IreneDOES NOT have access to “Assail” or “Sabotage Fusebox” commands. It is therefore up to Moriarty alone to perform these actions.
  • Moriarty and Irene’s votes show up visually during the final deduction, but they do not appear to count. If both Sherlock players agree on the correct villain, Team Moriarty loses.
  • Lastly, Irene does NOT have Moriarty’s knowledge of item placement. It is the same as Sherlock’s. It therefore falls to Moriarty to point out important places for Irene to search. (for instance, a weapon or food for a hungry Villain)


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If you find a niche rule or edge case that you think others should be warned about, drop me a line in the comments. I’ll make sure you are credited. Bonus points if you include a screenshot.
‘He sits motionless, like a spider in the centre of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them.”

Written by Venger

Hope you enjoy the Guide about CRIMESIGHT – Hidden Game Rules Info, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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