Craftopia – Issues and Troubleshooting

Craftopia – Issues and Troubleshooting 1 -
Craftopia – Issues and Troubleshooting 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Craftopia – Issues and Troubleshooting Following this guide each steps.

This is a brief guide to Craftopia Multiplayer issues and troubleshooting.


The first thing you must always think about is rebooting your computer. things that could disrupt connections and other attempts to connect could be:

1. Pending windows updates which disables features until they are completed.

2. Anti-virus updates are pending that disable features and traffic for the same reason.

Hosting issues

If you host steamcmd, you must use it.

1. Make sure you have opened all ports that are required. – []

1.1 If you are hosting on the Steam network, ensure you have opened your steam related ports.

If you are hosting a dedicated standalone server, make sure the port defined in your ServerSettings.ini file is correct and open, or that the default port UDP6587 is opened.

An example of a dedicated server that doesn’t use the Steam network or ports, and is not password protected.







Version targeting

1. Make sure everyone is targeting the same version of the game, `default version` or `alpha-unstable-edge`.

1.1 You can test this on steam by clicking on craftopia within your library and go to properties. Then go to the betas tab and look at the dropdown. None is the most recent version of the game, and alpha-unstable-edge is the most recent alpha version of the game.

1.2 when hosting with dedicated one has to manually re-target the non alpha-unstable-edge in the event that the server was set to alpha-unstable-edge.



`steamcmd + login anonymous password + app_update 1670340 -beta alpha-unstable-edge validate + quit`

Steam default version with the latest version:

`steamcmd + login anonymous password + app_update 1670340 -beta public validate + quit`

If you at any point used the alpha branch you have to identify and re-target the public – this is poorly documented in regards to steamcmd.

General behavior when troubleshooting

Timed out connections = Unable to connect to the server

Connection failed = Connected to the server but was denied entry

Version mismatch:

1. Client or server has an outdated version due to the lack of updates.

2 Server or client on alpha versions vs. non-alpha versions.

Software and outside factors

You should try to confirm that there aren’t any external factors that are preventing the connection to either outgoing or inbound.

You can test this by temporarily disabling the following:

1. Firewall

2. Antivirus, with particular real-time protection features etc.

3. Contacting your ISP to check whether they have any aggressive rules.

4. If you’re on an institution’s or campus network and want to bribe administrators with beer to allow the ports that you need.

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