Crab Game – Tips & Tricks Gliding-Bhopping – Best Movements

Crab Game – Tips & Tricks Gliding-Bhopping – Best Movements 1 -
Crab Game – Tips & Tricks Gliding-Bhopping – Best Movements 1 -

How bhop, super glide (infinity slide), counter strafe and more in Crab Game

Disclaimer: This is not cheating in anyway shape or form, it is simply just manipulating the games movement mechanics in-order to gain an advantage over other players, anyone can achieve this with enough dedication and practice.

This guide will teach you 4 different types of movement to outrun/outplay your opponents in Crab Game, “(oh and also to get the money…. when you win uhh, yeahhh…) – Jeff”


Because Crab Game has similar movement to other first person games (FP), mainly First Person Shooter games (FPS) like, CS:GO, VALORANT, etc. there are many ways that players can manipulate the movement in the game to gain advantages over others.

Super Glide

Super Gliding is a good way to get away from enemies in games such as Bomb Tag or “Sticc” tag. To achieve the super glide is very simple, simply get a good running start and press SPACE + (CROUCH KEY) at the same time. This may take some getting used to, I highly recommend taking some time to practice this in a private lobby. Extra: To Create Private Lobby, launch the game, click “Start Game” to the right of “Server Name” enter whatever u want, change the lobby type to private and the max players to 1.

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Bhopping is another great way to avoid enemies and can actually gain you lots of jumping momentum to skip the small gla*s and ice jumps. As you may have seen back in 2018, Tfue used his mouse scroll wheel to jump as a secondary bind in Fortnite to get very good bhops, this is optional but highly recommended as it will make it much easier to land the bhops with this method. If you are using this method you simply can get a running start and just scroll up or down depending on which u binded it to (scroll up or down). I also recommend quickly looking to the left or the right to gain a bit more speed right as u hit the ground and jump again.

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Super Glide Bhop (SGhop)

If u use these two movement techniques together you can outplay and outrun your opponent in majority of games. If u want to add your own spin on to it I would say go for it because the more comfortable you are doing it the better the movement/outcome of this guide will be.

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Counter Strafing

In games like CS:GO, as mentioned before, you can counter strafe while running bhopping and other forms of movement. To counter strafe you want to do the opposite of the current strafe your doing hence the name “counter strafe”. For example, if you are playing “Red Light, Green Light” (RLGL) and you need to quickly stop, if you use the other movement tips in this guide you can press “S” to counter your movement fowards in turn making u stop instantly. In theory this sounds very simple, but in reality you’ll need to learn to time it correctly for RLGL in particular. To move diagonally back and forth you will need to super glide, strafe to either right or left, jump back up and then strafe the opposite way you were strafing before. For example, if you are moving around the color climb map and u need to get away from someone with a bomb, your going right and you need to super glide to the left. You then jump and super glide while holding left. And again if you want to add your own spin go ahead, through in some bhops if you want.

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Outro: Let me know if this guide was helpful and if you find any other ways to gain more speed, move more unpredictably, etc. please comment to help others out.

Written by vorcin

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Crab Game – Tips & Tricks Gliding-Bhopping – Best Movements; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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