Crab Game – Beginner Guide – Survival Tips – Video Tutorial

Crab Game – Beginner Guide – Survival Tips – Video Tutorial 1 -
Crab Game – Beginner Guide – Survival Tips – Video Tutorial 1 -

Crab game guide of all the efficient movement techs to survive and get boosts (flickhop, superjumps, sliding wallhop, rampjump…), and complete information of the game with some tips in each game mode.


  • I use ctrl instead of C in the videos (so do not be confused).
  • I think it’s obvious but hold Shift for all the movement techniques you’re going to read.





  • DIAGONAL MOVEMENT: It is better to move with W+A/W+D than with only W to perform any movement action, such as jumping, sliding or climbing. Using two directional keys instead of one for some actions doubles your speed.
  • COUNTER STRAFE: Stop pressing any movement key you are using and press the S instantly to stop any movement you are doing, which can be useful if you wallhop in Red light Green light and also in ice maps.
  • PUSH: The push mechanic is about pushing with the left click and has certain characteristics. If you push in mid air, after having jumped, or going fast, the player will get more knockback. In addition, the player will get knockback to the direction you aimed with the push. However, being crouched or in mid air also means that you will receive more knockback if you are pushed. In short, depending on the speed of both in general, the knockback will be greater or lesser. Also if you bump into someone and then push them they will receive more knockback. My advice is to never crouch/slide or jump to push unless necessary because you must jump to a place to survive.
  • INFINITE SLIDE: A technique that is not very useful but attractive. If you slide diagonally with W+A/W+D instead of just W, you can slide infinitely. It is not very useful because you are losing speed anyway, but reduces your hitbox and you can combine it with flickhop or other jumping techniques. Be aware that sliding diagonally with other techniques makes your speed and jump worse, but you can avoid more hits.
  • The bhop does not give speed, what gives speed is the way you use to move and jump, so there is no need to change the jump key or focus on doing a perfect bhop.



CROUCH JUMP: Try to jump while sliding at the same time by holding C when jumping. It’s slightly better than jumping normally with only W, but worse than the Superjump.

SUPERJUMP (or sidejump): It is the most effective technique in the game. Try holding Shift and W+A facing right to jump. You can also do it the same way by looking left with W+D. The trick here is that a normal jump with shift reaches 2 beds, but one in this way reaches 2 and a half, as you can see in the video.

SLIDING SUPERJUMP: Mixing crouch jump with superjump is useless. However, if you follow the same steps as with the superjump, and you press C an instant after pressing the jump key (it requires a good timing), you will slide in midair, which gives an slight speedboost . It’s hella useful for the gamemode “Stepping Stones” (it lets you reach 2 platforms instead of one with one single jump). If you want to bhop or flickhop, you only must do it one single time (the first jump), since jumping while you slide decreases your jump and speed. Shown in the video (I use ctrl instead of C).


BHOP: Bhop does not exist as such in this game, so you don’t really gain speed for doing it, since what really boosts you is the way you move. However, that does not mean that it is completely useless, since jumping as soon as possible with superjumps means that we will do more superjumps in less time, but we will deviate (since it is diagonal), and that’s why I will talk about flickhop below to keep our balance.

FLICKHOP (or flickjumps): To do Flickhop, take a run with Shift+W (needless to say, you must keep shifting throughout the whole process), then hold W+A and look with the camera to the right (and a little down) to jump, and then jump. In mid air, turn the camera to the left, in its previous position, and turn it back to the right to jump. Then follow the same process and turn the camera again to prepare to jump again. You can take as long as you want to jump, since as I mentioned earlier you do not get speed for doing “bhop” (this is not source). However, keep in mind that the less late you jump, the more superjumps you’ll do in less time, so it does give a minimal advantage. This really consists of doing superjumps but with flicks, since the advantage that this gives is that you can move in a straight line (mostly), so you will not lose your way doing superjumps constantly. Needless to say, you can do the same with W+D but with the other side (the left), as seen in the video.

WALLHOP: Possibly useful for “Green Light, Red Light” mode and some maps. Try to do Superjumps constantly or flickhop by eating a wall. This way you can always move in a straight line and it is a “safe” way to win “Green Light, Red Light”, since you will not risk being pushed in the open field. Keep in mind that if you have the camera slightly more rotated the speed boost will be a little higher (only a little), but you will also deviate a little, and hence the need to make flicks. So you can have it a little rotated to only do superjumps or more if you are going to keep the balance with flickhop (for maximum speed potential). In the video below I show you the 2 ways on both sides.

SLIDING WALLHOP (best way to wallhop): The same as Wallhop, but holding C when you are going to touch the ground after jumping, and then repeating the same pattern. Sliding while you bump with a wall after falling increases your speed. Shown in the video (I use ctrl instead of C).


SLOPE GLIDE: Just slide down to an slope (you have to hold C at the time you are going to touch it) after falling or jumping, and this will cause you to get an insane speed boost. Keep in mind that the closer to the edge of the slope you slide, the more speed you will get, as shown in the second attempt of the video. Useful on many maps in general and a race.

RAMPJUMP: If you do a flickjump or a superjump in a ramp/slope to get above blocks, you can reach big heights. Pressing C (ctrl in my case) when you’re at the edge of the block helps a little. I find this one the hardest;

IGNORE FALL DAMAGE: If you slide on a slope when you’re falling, you won’t get fall damage. Useful in many circumstances.


CLIMB LADDERS FAST: Simply hold W+A/W+D while looking up. (this does not need video but there you go). Climbing ladders in this way doubles your speed. You don’t need to look up while doing this but that’s the way it works in Source.

JUMP LADDERS (and fake-climbing): If you jump a ladder with diagonal movement, you turn around, jump again and start sliding instantly you will exit the ladder getting an insane speed boost. It is useful to escape from people because they will not react quickly.

IGNORE KNOCKBACK: If you’re on a ladder, you barely get knockback and people can’t push you unless they touch you (and very hardly throw you). Very useful on the map where the lava rises so they do not throw you away.


There’s not much to say here, simply that you can use the moving cubes and spinners to your advantage by jumping the moment they hit you to gain speed boosts. This is useful to escape from chasers but you can also die of fall damage with the spinner.


There are 12 game modes in total with around 30 maps currently. Here I will explain the modes and give some tips to win in each one.


Mode based on a death game by Squid Game, which is about crossing a bridge of platforms and there are two sides. Only one platform on each side will not break when jumping on it.

In this mode there are 3 variants, the most mythical being the map of the crystals. The number of platforms that are generated on the map will depend on the number of players alive.

  • There really are no patterns, so it’s always a 50% chance of dying.
  • Never go the first, but sometimes it is not good to go one of the lasts because you will run out of time or they will block your way.
  • You can use the Superjump (or a flickjump, but I recommend doing the first one) on the glass’ map to jump 2 by 2 instead of 1. It works on all 3 maps (you just need to do the “Sliding Superjump” to get there on 2 of them, except the one of the glass). Just do a run and use the Superjump as in the video (don’t try to “Sliding Superjump” in the glass map, since you have no space to do it and you can reach everything there with simple superjumps).

  • If you are blocked from the way on a platform, the best thing to counter it is that several people jump at once, so do not hesitate to say it. However, if you’re alone, there’s not much you can do, but you can try to get in with a crouchjump and push them.
  • When you go to jump, make sure that there are no people nearby because if they push you at the moment you jump you will die. Also hurry up and then jump the platforms once on them, to avoid being pushed in the back.
  • If you can’t keep jumping (because there’s a person on the next platform or whatever), you can get on the edge of the start of your platform to push those trying to jump on your platform. This way you will make sure that no one will push you while you are waiting.



Lights Out is a mode based on one of the latest tests of Squid Game, which is about an old-fashioned Battle Royale. Each player will be awarded with a random weapon and can kill each other.

There is only one variant at the moment and the map is the same as the one of the lobby.


STICK: 1 damage (don’t even try to fight with this).

KNIFE: 12 damage.

BASEBALL BAT: 12 damage.

PIPE: 20 of damage.

KATANA: 18 damage but faster.

PISTOL: 30 damage to the head, 15 to the torso, 10 to the rest, with only 12 bullets.

You can take weapons from corpses with the E and drop your weapons with the Q.

  • Seconds before the round ends, you can drop your weapon with the Q and pick it up again when the time ended. This will make you keep your weapon, since they remove the weapons once the round is over. You can abuse this bug to kill someone before the next game starts.
  • Remember that you can take weapons from corpses with the E. Guns are very useful.
  • Some hot spots to avoid death are usually near beds, on walls, or in the middle of the map.
  • You can easily run away from people by doing SuperJumps or Flickhop around the map.
  • If there are many people it is better to move fast than to stay in one place.
  • Do not trust anyone, even if they offer you team. Your survival is more assured by running alone around the map.
  • Some points where people usually meets to defend themselves are on top of beds, in the corners and in the big door. Try to avoid those points to avoid groups of people going after you.
  • It is very easy to survive if you know how to move, so you can go kill people after a little practice.



The last game mode based on Squid Game that we have so far, and one of the most mythical. You must cross the red line at the end of the map, in which the doll is in the middle.

The mode works like this; you must move until you reach the red line, but the enemy here is a sound of an alarm that indicates that the doll will be turned. If you move while the alarm is active (either being pushed, moving yourself or turning the camera), you will die. Sounds simple, right? Well.

The mode has several variants that hardly changes the gameplay, so maps don’t matter. With only one exception, there are 2 variants in which rocks and trees appear in which you can hide behind and move freely, since the fact that the doll can not see you means that you will not die.

  • Despite the rocks and trees that can give advantage, the best way to win is by moving glued to a wall and going behind everyone or over the top of everyone with wallhop. Generally staying behind is better because there is usually enough time to complete the test, and wallhop can be risky even if you know how to time the counter strafe, for reasons such as ping.
  • Staying behind players also works as a vision’s blocker for the doll, so you won’t die while they are there.
  • If you look around or you are pushed while the alarm is on you will die, as that means you are moving.
  • You could die by touching corpses or by an explosion, since that makes you slightly move, sometimes (more reasons to stay in the wall).
  • Pushing people also has a chance of killing you too, as the impact of the explosion can move you, so I recommend that you don’t try to eliminate people in this test, unless you’re sure of the distance.
  • Stop moving right at the moment the alarm sounds and goes on, it’s easy.
  • The alarm has no patterns and can sound at any time.


2.4. TAG

Several people will appear with a stick (STICC), these will have to give the stick to another person who does not have it by hitting them with a left click. When time is up, everyone who has a stick will die.

There are several variants and one where you can make wallhop. The number of people who appear with sticks depends on the number of people alive.

  • The best way to survive is to stay on top of an elevated building, as this way, you can see if someone approaches and you can escape in time. You know they say high ground has an advantage.
  • You can hide the stick with one of the first 2 number keys, and equip it again with the third. This works because some players can think you don’t have the stick.
  • If you have the stick, you can also try to go to elevated buildings, since there are usually groups of people and it is very safe to say that you can catch some.
  • If you are only a few alive and someone chases you to death, you can approach another person while you escape to attract the chaser to him, or dedicate yourself to escape using feints, mindgames and all kinds of movement techniques that I already talked about. Use your creativity to escape.
  • If the map is the one of the lava, you can stay in the middle of some stairs when the lava rises, since they will not be able to push you.



This is like the previous mode, with the difference that people with bombs are chosen 1 by 1, and that the bomb explodes at a specific time and not when time runs out.

The map variants are the same as those of TAG.

  • The last bomb will always explode with 4-5 seconds left in the round.
  • It’s completely the same as Tag, so I suggest the same tips.



It is the same as TAG, with the difference that this time players will appear with a knife and must kill someone to become runners. You need 3-4 hits to kill someone. At the end of the round, those who still have a knife will die.

It has the same map variants that TAG has.

  • Don’t hide in closed places and corners because then you won’t have a chance to escape.
  • Remember that you can get together with people or bring the chasers to others to avoid target.
  • The other tips I recommend are the same as those of TAG.



This mode would be reverse tag. A number of crowned players will appear depending on how many people are alive, and crowned people receive points. Those with the fewest points will be eliminated at the end of the round. When you have the crown a yellowish aura will surround your screen and you will receive points. In the upper right corner you can check the personal point marker; if your marker is in green it means you’re doing well, and if it’s in red it means you need more points to survive or you’ll die in the end.

The map variants are the same as those of TAG and BOMB TAG.

  • Generally the best strategy for keeping the crown is to run around the map, preferably on top of long buildings if possible. You can also get together with a group of people with crowns to recover it or get it easily.
  • If you see that someone is going to catch you for sure, wait for them to hit you and hit them back to get back the crown.
  • All the other tips I give you would be like those of TAG, with the difference that this time you will have to escape from more people.



The goal is to reach the top of the building and enter the orb to get points. Those with fewer points will be eliminated. You have the personal marker in the upper right corner, which tells you if you are doing well (green) or badly (red). All players will appear with a bat that generates a lot of knockback when you hit.

It has about 4 variants.

  • The most viable and safe options for getting to the top are generally climbing ladders and using crouch jumps while jumping places, as sliding slightly reduces your hitbox.
  • If you see that there are people around you while trying to climb, you can try going to a corner (if there are any) with two walls and place your back there. They won’t be able to throw you outside and you can throw them outside. If they manage to throw you, the only thing they will achieve is to elevate you, giving you an advantage to reach the orb.
  • My best advice to last as long as possible in the orb is to run sliding around it while hitting people.
  • Never hesitate to hit people, because they will do the same to you.



A map full of platforms where if you fall, you die. Each player will be assigned a platform on which they will be alone. Platforms can break, collapsing and making a sound to give the player 2 seconds to jump into another. Platforms will stop collapsing when time runs out.

  • Look around constantly so that no one pushes you in the back.
  • Always place yourself on a platform where you have more platforms to jump, so you never run out of them. Also try to go to an area that is far from other players if possible.
  • Jump the platforms in a normal way with Shift.
  • If you see that someone is not looking to you (his back), you can jump there to push him (kinda risky).
  • You can also take advantage of two players pushing each other to jump and push them, as they won’t expect it.
  • Even if the round is over and time runs out, you can still die, so keep staying away from people or on the sidelines to push whoever tries to jump on your platform.



Up to 4 teams will be assigned depending on the number of alive players. The goal is to color platforms by passing over them and touching them. The team of players who have the fewest colored platforms at the end of the round will die.

  • English people tend to target on green and you can’t do anything about it.
  • You can go saying with mic while you move something like “target blue ” or any color that is not yours to your preference. People could listen to you and be aware to remove platforms of that color.
  • On several moments you will see white platforms that no one ever colors. These are usually platforms above walls or in the middle of pillars and structures. Go get them, because these are free points if no one catches them.


2.11. RACE

Mode based on one of the most mythical Fall Guys games. Simply a race with obstacles and you must arrive as soon as possible. In the upper right corner you will see the limit of people who can reach the goal.

There are 3 maps in total at the moment, which are Macaroni Mountain, Sussy Sandcastle and Lava Climb.

  • Always be patient and observe the patterns of obstacles if it is your first time, because it is better to do well in the first attempts than trying to go crazy on them.
  • On Sussy Sandcastle, you can skip the first obstacles completely by doing a Slope Glide on the slope’s edge and then jumping when you’re near the balls as you approach by sliding in a straight line holding Shift+W+C.
  • In Macaroni Mountain you can experience the spinners. To pass them is simply Jump with Shift + W when a spinner moves away and continue doing the same. Sometimes you will have to wait on these same platforms to get to the next one but you have time.
  • In Lava Climb, you’ll have to choose between going through small elevators or the paths at both ends’ sides of the map. It is better to go in the elevators since there is no penalty for falling, and on the paths of the edges you only have to run, but you can be pushed very easily and you will fall into the lava.



You will appear in a theater room with 4 buttons. Players will be randomly assigned to choose one of the 4 and will be reduced until there are 2 left (when there are no 2 left it will again be 4 accessible buttons) or a player dies. The thing is that one of the 4 buttons can kill you.

Since this mode is based entirely on luck, there is no need to give you tips.

The end

(I’ll update the guide if I find out more stuff)

Written by Saturn

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Crab Game – Beginner Guide – Survival Tips – Video Tutorial; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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