CounterSide – Tier List & Walkthrough Guide

CounterSide – Tier List & Walkthrough Guide 1 -
CounterSide – Tier List & Walkthrough Guide 1 -

This is the only site that you will need to learn everything about this game. – []
The site contains complete (stats and tier list) information about current and future employees, operators, ships, skins, and patches according to KR). There are many guides for beginners, PvP and shops, currencies, gears and rearmament features, game mechanics and game modes such as Guild Coop, Dives and Relic Dungeons Shadow Palace, Danger Close, and Danger Close.
All credit goes to Antillar and Prydwen for allowing me to share this site!

A Preview of the Beginner Guide

About Counter Side

Counter side is a side scroller tower defense hero collector. That's quite a mouthful. It's all about deploying your heroes to destroy the enemy base while avoiding your own destruction. You'll quickly learn the basics of the game play mechanics if you're already playing it. If you are ever in trouble, remember the advantages of combat diagrams for faster stage clears.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game free to play?
Yes, but only if you don't intend to compete in Ranked Arena. The rewards difference between the top and bottom ranks is very small, and Ranked PVP is all about bragging. The game also features a Strategy PVP mode, where you can pick any three opponents and it plays on auto. Both modes give you the same currency to use for the shop.
There are many events and calendars that offer tons of free stuff at any given time. The developers are very generous.
Is it possible to use an emulator to play the game
Yes, but the PC client (for SEA – Global is not available on release. The game will be released on Steam soon after launch). It works so much better on PC so if you prefer to play on PC, use the official client.
What do the rates look like?
It takes 3.5% to pull the highest rare item in the game, SSR, on a normal banner. 1% goes to the employee featured and 2.5% for an SSR employee from general pool.
It's easy to reach pity and only 150 pulls are required to get the featured unit. There's only one featured SRR per banner so there's no danger in pitying someone you don’t want.
You can find Awakened Employees (basically from other games). The chance to get them is the same as a normal banner – 3.5% overall, 1% to get the awakened worker. However, unlike normal banners the pity is saved and doesn't disappear when the current awakened flag ends. If you are unlucky and feel like you need to take pity on yourself, you will be able to get an awakened worker approximately every 2-3 months. There are currently 14 awakened players in the game.
Check out our
Awakened Employee – []
Guide if you would like to learn more about them.
Is the game equipped with an auto-battle feature or can you skip the tickets?
Both, but auto-battle is smarter than other gacha games. If you set up your team correctly, you can clear most of the game's content using auto battle.
Once you have cleared a stage with 3 stars, you can unlock the Skip option. This will allow you to instantly clear any stage and give you maximum rewards. There are still some modes that cannot be skipped but they are very rare. You can skip all farming stages and dailies with skip.
Is this a main game or a side-game?
The game will remain a main game until your characters and resources are fully unlocked. After that, it will become a solid side-game with lots of events and additional content. If you are looking for something more competitive, the main focus would be the live PVP.
How long does it take for all the dailies to be completed?
About 15 minutes after the skip option had been added.

Managing stamina

Eternium is the name for stamina in this game. You will be able to level up quickly once you start playing. Every time you do so, you will get a few thousand of Eternium. After you have settled on an account, you shouldn't ever use the Get All button in Mail. Never. You can always open one mail if you run out of Eternium and continue playing.
You should prioritize farming event stages over other events. Not only do they offer more exp/gold per Eternium spent, but they also have lots of goodies!

Managing Quartz

Quartz is the premium currency and you should not pull on normal banners even though the game offers it. Quartz (costs 1.5k for a 10-pull). Why? Because you have enough Blue Contracts (to summon tickets). You should instead summon them. Quartz can be exchanged for Black Tickets, which is also why For 2.7k Quartz, you can purchase 220 Black Tickets per week. This is equivalent to 11 pulls on an awakened Banner.
You should also be refreshing your daily shop 5 times per day for 75 total quartz. This will allow you to get blue summoning tickets (. These tickets can be used to summon characters with). You might want to wait for a week before refreshing the shop daily.
Quartz is also required to expand your employee and equipment inventories. However, you should only use it when you absolutely need it.


You can also refer to the other guide for all the details.
reroll –
This account is a great starter account.

You can find the rest of the Beginner’s guide here: []


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