CounterAttack – 1 Million kills – Achievement Guide

CounterAttack – 1 Million kills – Achievement Guide 1 -
CounterAttack – 1 Million kills – Achievement Guide 1 -

If you are having difficulty reaching 1 million kills, this is the solution! Attachment unlocks are also available!


You'll first need to go into Garage. Next, you will need to go to Level Editor.
Right-click on the small box to create one spawn of basic enemies. You can use settings similar to these.

  • Type: Basic Drone
  • Amount: 100,000
  • Spawn Timer: 0.03
  • Power Up Chance: 1%
  • Movement: Default (Continue off Screen)

This little guy will create 100,000 enemies for you to kill by itself. But we want 1,000,000. So copy it about 10 times, spread the locations just a bit, but not too much. As they move across the screen, we want them all to fit within the Plasma Field.
Once these are complete, you can move on to the next level. Save the level and go to the Main Menu. Do not click "Save and play". Those kills will not count.

Ship Building

Select Ayumi (in Single Player Mode. She has a passive that unlocks attachments during a level. It's going to be misused.)

  • Quantium Converter (Converts Orange Power-Ups to Green)
  • Copilot Computer (Automatically Utilizes Green Power-Ups)
  • Plasma Expert (Start With 1 Plasma)
  • Quantium Magnet (Get Power-Ups From Further Away)


  • Plasma Field (Bread and butter to cut through the small fries that we've prepared.)
  • Module Weapon (gives us the +1 Module)

If you have Battle Pods / Adj, Corrupted Luck is your Extra Module.
Any weapon that doesn't interfere with the Plasma Field can be used as an alternative weapon.


Congratulations! We made it to the easy part!
Keep your Plasma Field active and place yourself in the path of enemies to enjoy the easy AFK farming for kills or unlocks. This can give you level-specific items and can be even faster with boosters like Corrupted Luck, if you want the Quantium Stuff to go away.


Written by Meowcifer

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about CounterAttack – 1 Million kills – Achievement Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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