Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Tips how to level up steam account guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Tips how to level up steam account guide 1 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Tips how to level up steam account guide 1 -

A detailed guide on why you need a level on Steam, how to level it up quickly and efficiently using free and paid methods.


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What is a Steam level? This is the total number of badges you’ve earned and shows your collection of cards and participation in Steam events.
Each profile on Steam has its own level, but for most players it does not really matter. So why then is it needed and is it worth spending time and money on pumping it?
So, the main advantages of pumping, which guide the owners of higher levels, can be considered:
1) Increase the limit on the number of friends in the list. The initial limit is 250 places for your friends. This number is clearly not enough for active players, so with a level increase of only one, the limit will automatically increase by 5 places.
2)Be in front of friends. The higher your level, the higher the link to your profile will be placed in the profile of friends. Each profile has only six friends with the highest levels, so many people prefer to be in this block with their friends.
3) Self-promotion. In most cases, it can be argued that the higher the level of the profile owner, the higher his popularity. Being always in the first places in the list of friends, having a pumped level, such a profile inspires trust and respect. This motive often underlies the promotion strategy of game item and gift merchants, since in addition to advertising through high-level profiles, they are in obviously better conditions: other players consider their level prestigious and trustworthy.
4) Getting themed game items. By creating a badge from the game cards, you automatically get two game-themed things – a smiley face and a profile background. There is also a coupon for subsequent purchases, but, as a rule, it is valid for no more than two weeks and is practically not claimed by anyone.
5) Possibility of arranging showcases (information blocks) in the profile. For every 10 levels, you will be given the opportunity to add one showcase. For example, having level 60, you will have 6 showcases, and at level 110, you can already use 11 showcases. For most players, this is a great way to tell friends and profile visitors about their gaming passions, achievements, hobbies, workshop work. You can choose a showcase from the following list:
– Showcase of the rarest achievements
– Game Collector
– Item Showcase
– Items for exchange
– Icon Collector
– Favorite game
– Showcase of screenshots
– Field with your information
– Favorite band
– Showcase reviews
– Workshop Showcase
– Showcase of illustrations
– Favorite guide
– My guides
– Showcase of achievements.
6) Change the color and shape of the icon. Every ten levels have their own badge color, which can serve as a good profile decoration for its owner, just like the shape of the badge itself, which changes once every hundred levels. Many choose one or another level based on the color scheme:
0-9 level – gray icon
10-19 level – red icon
Level 20-29 – orange icon color
30-39 level – yellow color of the icon
40-49 level – green icon
50-59 level – blue icon color
60-69 level – purple icon color
Level 70-79 – pink color icon
Level 80-89 – burgundy icon color
Level 90-99 – brown icon
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After reaching the next hundredth level, the icon will change, but its color scheme remains the same as the above list. For example, level 330 will be yellow, but the icon will be a different shape.
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Free upgrade methods

To raise (pump) the level, you need experience points. The more experience points, the higher the level. Steam uses a progressive leveling scale based on the experience points you have. In other words, to level up one unit from level 0 to level 10, you will need only 100 experience points or 1000 experience points for all 10 levels, from level 11 to 20 you will already need 200 experience points per level or 2000 experience points to pump these 10 levels, etc. The higher your current level, the more difficult it is to pump it further and the more time and money you will have to spend.
In most cases, a badge is awarded for every 100 experience points. The vast majority of badges are given for collecting one set of cards from any game. The maximum number of experience points for one badge is set at 500. That is, for each game, you can collect five identical sets of cards and create a badge with a return of 500 experience points, thereby increasing your level or bringing it closer to higher levels. You can start collecting cards for absolutely any game, and not just those that you have. To do this, just go to the Marketplace and type the name of the game in the search. Collecting or purchasing cards, and then creating a badge, is the main way to level up on Steam.
All methods of leveling can be divided into two types: free and paid. Using free methods, you are unlikely to be able to rise above level 30 for objective reasons and limitations. The paid method will not have any restrictions. Free methods include:
1) Completing all community tasks. There are about three dozen of them and they serve exclusively to get acquainted with all the functions of the Steam system. For example, use an emoticon in a chat or post a video on your profile. The maximum amount of experience points for completing all tasks: 500.
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2) Participation in Steam events. This is a very broad concept that includes the number of games purchased, the completion of one-time tasks (for example, turn a game card into gems), participation in free games on the occasion of sales, the number of years you have been in the community, and much more. As a rule, for the execution of such tasks you can get no more than 100 experience points, and on an irregular basis, that is, very rarely.
3) Begging. The object of begging can be both the cards themselves and any other game inventory that can be sold on the Marketplace. With the proceeds, the necessary game cards of games are again purchased and the level is pumped. With such actions, you can contact both friends and acquaintances, as well as outside players, offering them an exchange on their own. Expensive things will not be given to you, but cheap things can. You can also beg in large groups and gaming communities by means of placing a short ad with a request to throw you unnecessary and cheap loot and placed right there with a link to exchange with you.
4) Equivalent exchange. When playing existing games, you will get cards, sometimes the same ones. They can be exchanged with friends to get rid of unnecessary ones, as well as to get the ones you need.
5) Exchange through an ad. On Steam, specifically for those interested in the exchange of game cards, an official community has been created, which numbers one and a half million people. Since the community communicates in English, you should use a translator to advertise those card exchanges you are interested in. You can also look for interesting options yourself, since there are ads in Russian.
6) Participation in free distribution of games. Many themed gaming sites periodically give out free games to everyone for any action, for example, registration on their site. The resulting games can be added to your library in Steam and knock out cards from them, which can either be sold or exchanged.

Paid methods of pumping

There are three ways to paid Steam leveling:
1) Purchase of cards on the Marketplace. This is the main way of pumping for everyone. All you have to do is top up your Steam wallet balance, go to the Community Market, find and purchase a set of cards for the game you want. You can immediately purchase five cards of the same type, since you can upgrade the icon to the fifth level as much as possible.
2) Purchase of ready-made sets (sets) of cards through a trading bot for game items (for example, keys from CS:GO or TF2 games, gems). This is the fastest way to level up for those who do not want to slowly and methodically deal with buying cards. There are both domestic and foreign services, but they work according to the same scheme. Before the exchange, it is better to ask in advance about the reviews, the contents of the bot’s inventory, the price per set, and whether the purchased cards with the icons you already have will not be duplicated.
3) Approximately twice a week, games appear on the Steam store that are sold at large discounts. Their cost is minimal, so you can buy a game for a few rubles without any problems. Also, several times a year, Steam arranges grandiose sales, where the number of such discount games increases significantly. You should purchase these games, and then use the IdleMaster program, which allows you to receive cards from these games without playing them or even installing them! 3-4 cards drop out from each game, which you can then either exchange or sell and purchase the ones you need. Thus, for minimal funds, you can get cards, and economically spend money on leveling up. The program can be downloaded from {LINK REMOVED}. Instructions and tips for its use are available on the Internet in large quantities.
Recently, Steam has been actively fighting this kind of getting cards from cheap games – the price of games increases even during a sale, or games are completely removed from sale. The way out can be the purchase of games at their real cost, on third-party sites, for a few rubles per game. Only in this case, this method will be beneficial.

Metal badge

It is also worth mentioning the metal badges. Firstly, cards to create them cost at least twice as much as regular ones. Secondly, you can upgrade such an icon only to the first level, having received 100 experience points. So why are they needed then? These badges are usually used in the “Badge for Show” section of the profile, as they are very expensive and rare to acquire and craft for ordinary players.
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Unlimited Badge

It is also impossible to pass by a topic that for the majority remains closed and not in demand, but you also need to know about it. It’s about creating an unlimited badge. Since the creation of badges from game cards is strictly limited to 500 experience points, you will have to move on to crafting cards from another game, and so on. At the initial levels, this is not a problem, but the higher your level, the more badges are required. For example, for leveling from level 0 to 10, you need only 2 full badges, and for leveling from level 190 to 200, you already need 40 badges! For those select few who have enough money to level up to several hundred, a completely different leveling option is interesting, faster, not tied to game cards. Such a chance is available to anyone and everyone by crafting a “Summer / Winter Sale Badge” on Steam in June and December. When buying cards to craft the badge, you don’t have to worry about the 500 experience point limit, since the badge provides an opportunity to gain unlimited experience points. Therefore, it should not be surprising that when looking through the badges of some high-level player, you will see an icon with a huge amount of experience points.
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So it’s really faster and easier to get the right level, but in the calculations it turns out that it’s not always profitable from a financial point of view. But if you already decide to resort to this method of leveling up, then buy cards for this badge closer to the end of the sale and the following days, when the price for them falls due to a decrease in demand. As a rule, these cards can be traded for some time after the end of the sale, but not more than a month. After that, these cards can no longer be sold or bought.


A few simple tips that will help save a lot of money and nerves, especially for those who decide to seriously take up leveling up their level or intend to do it from time to time. First of all, you should pay attention to the efficiency of using the money you have, their full return, through a few simple tips:
– your wallet account can be replenished not directly, but through the purchase of game items (for example, a key or weapons from CS:GO) at a favorable reduced price on specialized trading platforms on the Internet. After that, sell this item on the Steam Market and stay with a good profit.
– before purchasing cards on the Marketplace, use the analytical data of sites that will allow you to have a ready list of the cheapest cards at the moment. The program has flexible customizable filters for displaying information, the main of which is the price for one set of cards (Set Price). The displayed data has a slightly belated relevance, so it is better to check it before purchasing cards, as their value may change during the day.
– it is better to purchase cards for leveling up long before the start of the summer or winter sale, since the number of people who want to purchase the same cards will be lower, and the price for them, respectively, will be lower. These price cuts happen during sales on Steam, timed to coincide with any events throughout the year. Many people specifically try to sell cards below their real value in order to get funds in their Steam wallet as soon as possible to purchase games at a discount.
– it is best to craft (create a badge from cards) the day before and during the multi-day summer (in June) and winter (in December) Steam sales, because instead of discount coupons, after crafting the badge, you will get “summer / winter sale cards”. Crafting badges from them is quite an expensive pleasure. The best option is to start leveling on the first day of the sale, as there will be a huge demand for “summer / winter sale cards” and the highest possible price. Such a tactical trick will allow you to return the funds spent on the purchase of cards by 40-60%. Advice is only for the patient. Also, keep in mind that selling, trading or crafting the Summer/Winter Sale badge is only available on sale days.
>>>Guys, I really became when I did this guide (I used a translator), please rate it or reward it.
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