Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to use the different Pistols in CSGO Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to use the different Pistols in CSGO Guide 1 -
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to use the different Pistols in CSGO Guide 1 -

This guide will teach you what the different pistols are and how to use them at a basic level

The different Pistols

You start on the t side with the Glock and on the ct side the USP/p2000
Both are free so you should have a pistol in CSGO!
The Glock is pretty weak but on pistol round (the first round of every half) it is used so you may want to buy a kevlar and keep the Glock and close the range so you deal the max amount of damage possible. however on rounds other than the pistol rounds you want to upgrade to a better pistol
The URP on the other hand is really good on so you want to keep the USP on pistol round.
it has really good accuracy and damage. On pistol rounds, you can always kill someone if you get a headshot. This isn’t the case with the Glock.
The P2000 is pretty much the same as the usp but has slightly worse accuracy but more ammo in the mag and in reserve.
The P250 is a more powerful p2000. It does more damage but is less accurate. It is pretty cheap (300 dollars) and is most useful on t side pistol rounds because it can 1 shot headshot on any range. it is also used as a cheap eco weapon to get a free ak.
The Dual Barretas are pretty useless and you don’t want to use the dualies because it is more expensive than the p250 but has lower damage. It is more expensive than the p250 (400 dollars compared to 300 dollars for the p250) The Damage against armor is also a lot lower and it has a larger damage drop-off value. It is only useful when you have a friend drop it to you and you yourself bought armor
The Tec9 is good like Glock. It has great damage (1 shot headshot against armor and no armor!)It has really good first shot accuracy and running accuracy. And it has a large mag (18 bullets)
The cz75a is the most unique pistol in cs. It is fully automatic!! it has the highest fire rate of all the pistols. It has really bad accuracy and recoil so you want to close the range
Five Seven has good damage. It can be one-shot against armor and unarmoured. It has pretty good accuracy but awful running accuracy. Best used at close to medium range
The Deagle is great. It has the best combination of damage accuracy and is used best at close to medium range. At close range, you can 2 shots spam someone in the stomach which is extensively used at the pro scene.
Revolver: You don’t use it. It sucks

How do you use these pistols???

With the USP and p2000, you want to fight long range because of the great accuracy and the low damage dropoff. you want to use a low rate of fire because the accuracy recovery isn’t the greatest.
you always go for a headshot with these guns!
Pro tip: Don’t ever remove the silencer from the usp!!!!
With the Glock, you always want to close the distance because it has poor accuracy and damage drop-off compared to the usp and p2000. It also has a burst fire mechanic. You only want to use it when you are firing through a cloud of smoke while he is defusing.
On pistol rounds, you want to use the p250 at long range but on Ecos, you want to use it at close range because the ak or m4 is always better at long range then a p250.
You want to keep moving with the dualies. You want to run and shoot at the same time because of the great fire rate high mag capacity and high movement speed. It has bad damage so you only want to go for headshots.
With the Tec9 you want to have a high rate of fire and move like the dualies but the difference is is the tec9 doesn’t suck =D
The cz75a is full auto but you don’t always want to use it in that way. The most effective way is in my opinion bursting and spraying around 6-8 bullets. it is really usefull to try to memorize the spray pattern. You can practice the spray pattern in the recoil master workshop map.
With the Five Seven, you hold a close range angle where you can 1 shot headshot. For example hut on nuke or alley on vertigo
You want to go for 1 tap with the Deagle. In the close range, you want to spam in the stomach.
Crouching improves the rapid fire accuracy a lot (0.8 seconds-0.4 seconds). The deagle is best used if you can preaim and have good movement

Written by I66y

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to use the different Pistols in CSGO Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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