CosmicBreak Universal – Mini Starter Character Overview

CosmicBreak Universal – Mini Starter Character Overview 1 -
CosmicBreak Universal – Mini Starter Character Overview 1 -
Quick overview  I compiled from information on the discussions forum.


General Tips

Normal missions: getting a total of 15 medals from each one for a ton of free robots mainly Ouka needs 15 of her medals, Rouche and Misty only need 3 of their respective medals each. You can also get them from the mission coin shop but will require some grind to obtain.

Chaos missions: Some good robots here too however chaos coins are a bit more grindy, will net you some A.L.E class robots which are upgrades of the default girls.

Arena Shop: Mediger Sign while not amazing looking is rather decent support and cheap enough to obtain day 1, his staff restores ammo to others (not you), you can also slap that stick on most other supports and do fine enough.

PVP: In general you’ll want to tune-up that robots main stat to 40 and then add some Toughness/HP so you don’t just become fodder to whatever Land type that sets its eyes on you. Specialized robots will require a more specialized build.

PvE: Anything that can do damage and has a high ammo count will usually do good, if it’s tuned all the better.

Starter Overview

1. Crimrose, AIR, Small, Balanced, Fast
– The all-rounder to get you started with, capable of both aerial melee and ranged combat.
– Starts fairly simple and weak, but she has an exclusive promotion item that will evolve her into her Seraph form, gaining more TEC and FLY stats plus a ranged AoE bomb attack.

2. Jikun Long, LND, Small, Melee-focused, Fast
– The land unit to practice melee combat, leaning towards a hit-and-run playstyle.
– Melee battles tend to be much harder if you don’t know what you’re doing, so if you’re interested in melee, try her out.

3. Lily Rain, ART, Small, Range-focused, Average
– The art unit to practice ranged combat, having an anti-air homing weapon and a long range slicer subweapon.
– Her anti-air homing weapon is unique enough that it can easily counter AIRs regardless of their speed.

4. Hound Dog, LND, Large, Melee-focused, Average
– The other land unit to practice melee combat, trading speed for some defense.
– Due to his size, you can afford to equip bigger parts or weapons and be the heavyweight melee that run down an enemy team and cause them to panic.

5. Amateus, ART, Medium, Range-focused, Slow
– This robot tend to focus on destroying fast robots, especially AIRs, due to his attacks being homing explosive “Suns?” and a sub-weapon that becomes more accurate against faster enemies.
– His damage can be very good, but a slow ARTs is sitting duck for the enemy team to focus down, so positioning is important.

6. Aquila, AIR, Large, Range-focused, Fast
– The air unit that also focuses on ranged combat, but has an accurate blaster shot and a sub-weapon that recharges booster mid-flight allowing for high uptime in the skies.
– He is good if you like to hit and run in the skies for a long time.

Role Overview

-Land Gunner: Generally using machine gun such as Drum Machinegun; Railgun, Gatling. Build with good wlk, high tgh. Can focus fire, flanking, diving. Great for finish off weakened bot. However, they relies on opportunity for a good offense and their range aren’t so great that you will need the element of surprise, escape method and shield.
-Land Melee: Mostly dive in for a kill, some do hit and run. Difficult role to play, not recommended for beginner.

-Alpha strike: It’s quite tricky to build one of this. You will need lot’s of gun, with good tracking, similar range with one gun a bit longer range as a leading weapon. You will also need moving burst to alpha trike on the air without falling. You can’t out range an art so it’s also difficult to attack properly. Not recommended for beginner.
-Air defender: Mostly use powerful weapon like Negatron, or accurate weapon like Laser. If you use Negatron, you can do some serious damage to anyone who diving into your team. However you will need some high shooter on that gun to catch them easier. As of laser, the tracking is perfect so you can spend more tune of fire power or ammo. This role require no utility or defensive cart since you mostly stay at the back or middle guarding your allies. You can spend more capacity on fire power to maximize the damage. Simple and easy role for beginner.
-Baltheon: This role relies on Baltheon bubble shield. You can tank very well while doing some good damage. The draw back is that you can’t move quickly while having the shield and some weapon can still penetrate it. You may need a mobility sub weapon to escape when the shield is down or you maybe dead in the water.
-Air Melee: You gonna be very fast, very laggy that you confuse enemies. Not recommended since it’s not a high contributing build, difficult to focus attack and risky.

-Single weapon art: Focus on making the best out of one or two weapon. Usually have decent mobility, very good range.
-Alpha art: Stack lots of guns and scary but more capacity demand. May run into trouble if got ambushed.

-Healer: Very easy and safe role to do. Just sit back and heal everyone. Can get some good score very consistently.
-Jammer: Build to inflict some negative effect or catching some reckless enemies. Usually good for Best Jammer award.
-Gunner: Make use of burst bit, can do some damage. However, lack of defensive cartridge and run out ammo fast.

Written by Zanza

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about CosmicBreak Universal – Mini Starter Character Overview; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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