CosmicBreak Universal – How to create bot tutorial guide

CosmicBreak Universal – How to create bot tutorial guide 1 -
CosmicBreak Universal – How to create bot tutorial guide 1 -

Its just generally thing that Me usually do when creating bot…

Bot’s Category in General using stats as point of view

i am not putting any support ok,havent play any support during CBU, and i lack of moe bot’s sub or main weapon…sorry
Before going to Category.
First you need to know how to move your bot:
a. High mobility stats—-> usually doesnt need escape mechanism sub weapon but will always have mobility cart for escaping sticky situation(accele rolling away,assault stepfloat dashing,air looping for evading enemy shot,etc)
b. Just enough —-> 25 wlk lnd is enough for some ppl,for art some have minimal 28 fly and for air some have 31 fly as minimal ,usualy have sub weapon for escaping.
c. Literally slow(like 15 wlk lnd or low fly art) —->they will always have sub weapon for moving(ex: hecatocles lg 1,predatobyes BD sub ,Shadow Wing BS , Jet accell BS ,Sol Volca Wings BS and or with melee weapon—-> beetlander HD,cydron knife,hatigarm LG,etc)
I think every air should at least have 1 reboost.
Then the weapon you use( you can add some technically usefull like guaranteed stun ranged on lnd bot or Air,or activated shield,or guard,and etc):
a. Melee
a.1. High count melee attack: more than 2 melee count
a.2. One hit Melee using combo —> ex:Brave drive BS or Aqua Jet BS with Machintlet AM or
Daedalian AM2 —-> first combo if its doesnt hit the enemy as dmg will give bonus dmg 50%
for next melee so Daed AM2 will get 50% bonus dmg(100 dmg without comboing to 150 dmg
in after comboed)—> that bs doesnt have any dmg its just movement so it will always gives
bonus dmg—> you can use other thing to substitute the BS ,like Heavy Jaguar HD or other
things…hmm i hope they made that BS and other type BS to be can be bought by UC,,,this is
important ( like jet accell and shadow wing too)

b. Ranged
b.1. One Weapon: this one is pretty rare to find,in – []  arena,somehow,but usually ppl whose did it can get high score…lol..maybe because they just are literally good at playing ——-> since only one weapon you can do full tune on it.
b.1.1.Ranged Tune: Range to speed ratio is important for me,usually 0.75 or lower,like 300 range and 400 speed,But for zook you can go higher since the bullet is big and sometimes have aoe too,usually tune will be 2 great reach Alpha and 1 High shooter or maybe 1 great reach Alpha and 2 High Shooter.
b.1.2.Paralyze combination tune: can be combined with Force since maybe higher dmg higher stun rate,this one is pretty good for 1 vs 1 other bot ,the dps will be lower since big stun iirc will make invulnerable,or if the enemy has stun regain as a cart.
b.1.3 Full 3 Great Force Alpha or combination with Beta.
b.2. Alpha (moving Burst) will be overranged or not overranged(usually non homing and have higher dps)
c. Have Ranged and Melee.
c.1. Same stats Scale (dmg) —> have STR only scale or TEC only scale
c.2. Different Stats Scale(dmg) —-> one weapon in STR and other weapon in TEC

The Category
If you put in view of STATS in your bot, you can be anything here,the stats number is not strict or a must
1.With wonder bit (that scale with stats—> tec and str)—–> usually require cart: tough wonder bit
to be more efficient,and or with wonder rate up,usualy can be a lot of vanilla tune lol
1.1 TGH oriented bot—–> usually ppl will do 40 tgh—> with or without shield( shield will help
TGH reduction faster without being damaged)—> If they are built for crowd diving they will
have Fast Recovery cart
1.1.1 With a lot of Hp —> Usually small cost weapon or not heavy tuned weapon—> usualy
can reach 800 hp or more.
1.1.2 With Mediocre to more than Mediocre HP —-> Usually Heavy tuned weapon or big
cost weapon but can be more in other stats like wlk or fly or maybe have heavy cart
like stealth or broad radar–> seems at least 550 hp ish or more
1.2 Not TGH oriented bot —–> anything can be here….. they can be lot or mediocre HP
1.2.1 Balance STR and TEC —> seeems no one still trying this kind of bot again?
1.2.2 Just 1 STR or 1 TEC –>with at least 20 ish other counterpart stats—> 1 STR 20 TEC
and vice versa
1.2.3.High Boost run stats—> usually the cart will have quick boost FLY Oriented —> usually on air or maybe art? ,hmm like 24 WLk 36 FLY(
your flying speed is as fast as your boost running less or more…) WLK Oriented —> LND and ART, AIR can be too—> ex: 40 WLK and 16 or
more FLY stats

2.Without Wonder BIt(Aura or wonder bit’s that have fixed perfomance—-> doesnt scale with tec and str)—-> zeroing STR or TEC stats—> they will use beta or gamma high tune—> 2 deserved stats for 5 cost
2.1 Full STR or TEC—>will go like 40 STR or 40 tec.

2.2 TGH Oriented —> with fully weapon tune if not Alpha –> like 3 Great Force or 3 Great
Grappler to help your low input dmg because of much lower STR or TEC,usually free cost
go to hp at least 550 and then you can tune more TEC or STR.
2.3 In Between of TGH and STR or TEC—> its not fully 40 tgh nor fully 40 tec or 40 str,uh but
some builds can reach like 40 tec 40 fly and 40 tgh with no or little hp tune,like Main BD
weapon only Destructor CN or Ameteus and so on,but needs lot of slots and maybe some
Great Tune in stats.for tips joint will help for slots number and LG with BS slot

Hope this can help,will add again later,for other section.
Thanks for reading.


Written by Quere8

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