Corruption of Champions II – How to Get the Best Flag Pole

Corruption of Champions II – How to Get the Best Flag Pole 1 -
Corruption of Champions II – How to Get the Best Flag Pole 1 -

Hello there. Today, and for the forseeable future, we will be learning how to get the best flag pole. Not the longest, not the shortest, we want the *just right* flag pole. Let’s do this.

Step 1: The beginning

Alright feller, so first off we gonna aim for a 8 incher. Our journey for this begins at character creation. If possible, pick a race that allows 8 inches. If your flag pole has to be a bit lower, don’t you lose self esteem. I’m sure anybody would be happy to hang their flag on it, and you can still achieve the perfect number, just adds more steps. Nothing good was ever easy. Unless you start as a race that can have 8 inches. Then it is.

Step 2: Target Acquired: Dommy Mommy

After flawlessly completing the tutorial (great job), we encounter the key to the ultima weapon, if the ultima weapon was a flag pole just the right size for a special someone. Of course right now it isn’t. Kasyrra is going to damage your self esteem by a few hundred points, don’t worry, this number is invisible and will heal shortly. Now listen very carefully. Do not refuse her, instead, you tell her that actually, you’re going to use *YOUR* flag pole. Now coming up is one of the most important decisions thus far. Now she has 2 locations available to plant your flag pole: the high road will grant how big the *flag* is, but we don’t care about how much the *flag* flows, (for now) so pick the low road, and plant your flag vigorously. Your self esteem may be tarnished by her comments; ignore her, she’s merely testing your resolve. The second choice is less important, personally we make her eat her flag to a*sert dominance, however if you’d prefer to wear it, the outcome seems to be the same. She has a magical spell that increases your flag pole *4 inches*. Making your flag pole *12 inches*. Now, why is this important? Follow me, I’ll explain on the way.

Step 3: Target acquired: Goldie Locks

I shan’t spoil the game here, however, eventually in your journey you shall meet “Etheryn”. Now Etheryn has a plot to stick the flag pole in, but she explicitly needs 12 inches. Any more and you turn into a ravenous beast, any less and well, you don’t want to be the person with the *less* than 12 inch flag pole do you? With a 12 inch flag pole, your pole will stick perfectly into the plot, and you and her will retain the option to share a heartwarming, platonic hug afterward. Of course, this is just the beginning. Now we go one step beyond. The flagpole’s size is finished, but we have attachments available.

Step 4: (optional) Target acquired: Dommy Mommy 2: The second coming

Eventually in your journey, you will encounter Lady Evergreen. Now Lady Evergreen needs a specific flagpole attachment kit, but don’t worry, she’ll supply it for free. If you didn’t start with the knotting ability for your flag pole roping, then if you plant your flag in her plot, possibly while she’s busy planting her own flag pole in Cait’s plot because Cait had to sell her land, she will release a heavy sigh before giving you a full ez knot attachment. Useful! Now we reach the current super boss…

Step 5: (optional) Now, the flag itself

Eventually during your adventures, you will meet a orc named Vaush. Eventually, you might meet him drinking, and friendly. If you would like to increase your flag amount, purchase the “flag booster” he sells, preferably as many as you can carry, Cait likes lots of flag after all. As you polish your flag pole with the booster, watch your flag amount statistic. You want to aim for Flag Quantity >=500 to unlock a option to successfully plant your flag into the orc raiding party plots, however you can optionally increase your “Need to put up a flag” to >=33.

Step 6: To be continued?

The world of flags and poles is ever growing. Hopefully this guide will be helpful as a measuring post and reminder, and possibly may be continued in the future. Feel free to share your own tips, or suggestions for planting in as many plots (safely) as possible. I hope you have a good day/night, and that you perservere with me through both the world of CoC and our own, whatever evils are thrown our way. God bless; good luck; or both.

Written by UndyingRevenant

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Corruption of Champions II – How to Get the Best Flag Pole; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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