Core Keeper – Chipped Blade and Items Location

Core Keeper – Chipped Blade and Items Location 1 -
Core Keeper – Chipped Blade and Items Location 1 -

This guide will help you where to find the Chipped Blade and other items in-game. These steps will make your life easier. It took me about two and a quarter hours to find the blade using this method.

This method can also aid in discovering other items that spawn inside structures, such as the Clear Gemstone.

It can be challenging to locate the Chipped Blade, even though it is required to make a good sword. You can save time and focus more on the search rather than wasting hours or days looking for it. This manual will enable you to search more quickly.

What and where?

Only the Azeos Wilderness biome can contain the Chipped Blade. It can be found in a temple with a random chance of appearing.

Core Keeper - Chipped Blade and Items Location - Where and what? - 58B3402

The map shows the temple looking like this.

Notice! This point of interest is not illuminated from above, so you can walk straight past it. You can still find it if you know a few game mechanics.

Finding the game mechanics you’re looking for will be easy!

The map is divided into 64×64 pieces.

The second game mechanic to be understood is that (it creates points of interest) such as the temple or other structures) in chunks close to the player while they explore the world. This means that the temple will not be found in a random spot that must be reached but will be located near the player.

And most importantly! Each chunk can only have one point of interest. We will use this to speed up our search.

Core Keeper - Chipped Blade and Items Location - Game mechanics that will make it easier to find - 45FC798

The spawning location of the point of interest is usually located in the middle of the chunk.

Core Keeper - Chipped Blade and Items Location - Game mechanics that will make it easier to find - 9ED0F82

It could also appear at the edge or in a chunk.


We will explore new chunks, knowing there is only one point for interest per chunk. Once we have found the point of curiosity, we will move on to the next chunk.

But wait! Perhaps you’re wondering how to find out where in a chunk of meat you are.

This is a much easier way to find out.
website – []

You can view your map and create a chunk grid for your purposes by clicking [

The more challenging version is to measure 64 blocks from the core, make an indentation, and continue the same route until you have a ruler.

Note! If the player or players have already explored the wilderness, then it might have already spawned, which would require extensive searching/backtracking to find it.


Written by NighthunterOwl

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Core Keeper – Chipped Blade and Items Location, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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