Coral Island the new Stardew Valley?

Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 5 -
Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 5 -

You are a fan of Stardew Valley? if yes this will make you happy!


We just found out a new similar game to Stardew Valley will come out on Steam, called Coral Island but with better design and cute characters 🙂


If you check the trailer of Coral Island is so much similar to Stardew Valley!


If you want to support these game developers you can go to their Kickstarter:


They have over 36,000+ supporters and they got over $1,600,000 in donations to build the game


Coral Island Characters

The game characters look so cute and really good for this type of game kinda remembering me of the cartoon “Lilo & Stitch”

Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 1 -
Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 1 –


Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 2 -
Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 2 –


If you want you can follow their game on Steam to:


About the Coral Island

You’re finally leaving Pokyo behind and moving to Coral Island. Grow crops, nurture animals, and befriend the islanders. Decide whether to revitalize not only the town, but also the surrounding coral reefs. It may get tough but stick with it, because the island is ripe for change.

Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 3 -
Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 3 –


Coral Island Features:

  • Build Your Dream Farm: Transform your overrun land into a lush and lively farm. Find your play style by deciding what crops to grow, which animals to nurture, or what structures to build.
  • Dive to Save Coral: Dive into the ocean to restore the coral reefs! Clean up the sea bed to make a home for rare fish, and collect ocean kelp to hone the quality of livestock and crop.
  • Find That Special Someone: 16 singles and ready to mingle. Sweep them off their feet and find the one. Find out what their personalities are like, take them on a date, and fall in love! There are various relationship scenes to unlock and when you’re ready, build a life together at the farm– perhaps even have children. Yes, no, maybe?
  • Traverse Forgotten Caverns: Go deep into the caverns to mine precious gemstones — use the loot to upgrade your tools and farm. But beware, monsters protect rare finds so bring a weapon or two!
  • Diverse Cast of Characters: There are over 50 islanders living in Coral Island. Coming from all walks of life, get to know these people by conversing with them — extra brownie points for gifts!
  • Customize Your Character: Packed with a variety of outfits, accessories, and physiques to choose from, you are armed with plenty of styles to express yourself. Conform to the community or be different! There is no wrong answer because there is only one you on Coral Island.
  • Improve The Town: Take part in community projects to build and liven up the town. With your help, outdated local merchants such as the blacksmiths will be able to process rare ores and provide better-performing tools. Spare some extra gold to add a community garden for the locals or build a brand new museum and more…
  • You Set The Pace: Write your own story! Grow your farm, explore the island, learn new skills, or chill at the tavern getting to know the locals. A click away from your new life without deadlines.


Coral Island Discord Link?

Their Discord link is:


Coral Island release date?

After making some digging and trying to find when the game will be released we expect October 2021 but this date is not official from the developers so we can’t say for sure …


We will keep an eye for Coral Island and when we get more information we gonna post here 🙂 make sure you follow our blog!


Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 4 -
Coral Island the new Stardew Valley? 4 –

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