Cookie Clicker – Steps on How to Install the FortuneHelper Mod

Cookie Clicker – Steps on How to Install the FortuneHelper Mod 1 -
Cookie Clicker – Steps on How to Install the FortuneHelper Mod 1 -

Alerts, auto-clickers and more: This utility mod can enhance your experience with the game, and is fully configurable to be as big or as small of a help as you want. I’ll explain the mod then walk you through installing it on your game. This mod does NOT disable achievements!


FortuneHelper is a mod I made for the Steam version of Cookie Clicker. It’s fully configurable and contains several useful features:

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Here you can turn on sound alerts for Golden Cookies and Fortune Tickers, and you can also mute the big cookie click sound.

  • Note that in the game you can unlock the Golden Cookie alert sound through ascension, but depending on your playstyle it might take too long to get there due to its price. If you enable this option the game will play the sound even without that upgrade.
  • Fortune Tickers are a very late-game mechanic. When unlocked, they can be hard to catch as they don’t make any sound. That’s why I made this mod!




  • You can set it to 0 to turn it off, or go up to 30 clicks per second (the game’s practical limit).
  • The clicks will work even while your mouse is outside of the big cookie area, and even with the game minimized.
  • Some people consider auto-clickers cheating, but it helps prevent hand injury such as carpal tunnel. You can use it as much or as little as you want!
  • There are 2 modes: You can have it run constantly, or only during big buffs (for example, a Click Frenzy, or a Frenzy + Building Bonus combo)


Other Clickers

For people who feel like the game demands too much attention sometimes, there are several options. Of course these can feel more cheaty, so think about it before using them!

  • Click Golden Cookies: While enabled, the mod will click golden cookies for you instantly, even while the game is minimized (this is true for all of these options). The button on the side will change whether you also want to click Wrath Cookies or not.
  • Click Fortune Tickers: A late-game feature. When enabled, you can choose to click all types of fortune cookie ticker texts, or only those that will unlock one of the 23 fortune upgrades (the other fortunes give effects similar to golden cookies).
  • Research and Pledge: Unlocked starting at 1 quadrillion cookies. These are recurring upgrades, making these options useful after your first ascension. Both of them will also buy the pledge improvement if available (Sacrificial Rolling Pins).
  • Wrinklers and Reindeers are unlocked as you progress in the game, and you can make the mod click them too. Note that sometimes it’s best not to click them immediately! Also, shiny wrinklers will be untouched.




  • Automatic Chocolate Egg: This is a special upgrade you can unlock in the game. When bought, it gives you a large amount of cookies based on your current unspent cookies. The best way to use it is to buy it right before ascension to get more prestige levels. When this option is enabled, whenever you ascend and have the upgrade unlocked it will switch to Earth Shatterer Dragon Aura and sell all your buildings, then buy the chocolate egg and ascend, ensuring maximum profit. It will also automatically vault the chocolate egg so that you don’t buy it accidentally.


Does it disable steam achievements?


Don’t worry, your achievements are safe.


  1. First, download CCSE by clicling here – [] . This is another mod, made by klattmose (I’ll post their info below), that helps other mods work including my own. YOU NEED BOTH MODS FOR IT TO WORK!
  2. Now download FortuneHelper by clicking here – [] 
  3. Inside the game, go to Options, click Manage Mods, and click Open mods folder. Now enter the “local” folder, here you will see the sample mods as well as any other mods you install.
  4. Open the CCSE zip file and drag the folder contained inside into your local mods folder. Open the FortuneHelper zip file and again move the folder into your local mods folder.
  5. Restart the game, go to Manage Mods again and Enable both mods. If it doesn’t let you enable FortuneHelper use the buttons on the side to move it below CCSE on the list. Now at the bottom of that window click “Restart with new changes”.
  6. You can verify that the mods are loaded by going into Options and scrolling down until you see the settings for both mods. Here you can configure FortuneHelper however you want!



You can view this mod’s source code history on GitHub – []

Thank you klattmose for the CCSE! You can look at klattmose’s other mods here – []

Written by OrchidAlloy

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Cookie Clicker – Steps on How to Install the FortuneHelper Mod, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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  1. I’d rather use your lovely mod than end up with (another) bout of tendonitis from excessive clicking/button mashing. Thanks for making it so flexible, too!

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