Cookie Clicker – Meth lab building and Minigame

Cookie Clicker – Meth lab building and Minigame 1 -
Cookie Clicker – Meth lab building and Minigame 1 -

how to unlock the meth building and minigame

How to get the meth lab building

I will open this by saying R.I.P William Jennings Bryan.
Alright, so you wanna know how to get the meth building? It’s very simple.

OK Now you can do it

Cookie Clicker - Meth lab building and Minigame - OK Now you can do it - 11BC81D
Step 1: Get at least 50 cookies (from banks)
Step 2: Enter the “Orteal Code”
The Orteal Code (type everything as you see it)
Middle Mouse Button

(caps has to be pre-enabled for it to work)
Step 3: Reload the game
Step 4: OK i forgot to tell you but have like 50 quattuordecillion to 60 quattuordecillion cookies saved up to afford your first meth lab it is located between the temple and shipment


The meth lab will now be permanently unlocked for you, so no more shenanigans are necessary.
Cookie Clicker - Meth lab building and Minigame - Afterward - EBC4A8D

Unlocking the meth minigame

Step 1: Get one (1) sugar lump. You should have at least one by now.
Step 2: Send to me at [email protected]
Step 3: Get 15 meth labs, it will be unlocked now.

A Funny Image I Found

Cookie Clicker - Meth lab building and Minigame - A Funny Image I Found - 19C99A7

Playing the Minigame

It really speaks for itself but you gotta buy ingrediants with cookies they are expensive but its a profit trust me!
put them in the right order (can be found by applying the caesar cypher to the 2.019 update log and using the first letter of each sentence as the last letter of each ingrediant)
yyou must then choose someone to sell it too: here are the options and they’re summary,
C.C Monster: He will sell 20% of the meth you cook, giving a handsome profit if you cooked perfectly or really well, if you made a few mistakes you will lose a lot of cookies. He consumes the other 80%, becoming more unstable until when you sold to him 5 times. when you try to sell to hima sixth time, he will kill you (a forced ascension), so it’s wise to use his perfectly. his unstability resets every ascention
Opti: He will give a flat 110% profit (can be increased to 210% with heavenly upgrade “duress”), which always gives you a cookie profit, though it is small.
Critical Meth: He will not sell your meth, but critizise your baking process and tell you where and how to improve. He will give you back 70% of what you spent to make the meth.
Weezer: Selling to them unlocks the new secret cookie clicker-only weezer album “SCP Clicker-3” in the jukebox. After you sell to them once, you may sell again for a single sugar lump (only 100% perfect accepted)
Saftey Shapiro: Will buy half of your meth for 65% of the costs for the whole batch once every 12 irl hours

Meth-Related Upgrades, Achievements, etc.

We need to bake – Own 1 Meth Lab
Already Excessive – Own 50 Meth Labs
You are the one who bakes – Own 100 Meth Labs
Breaking Records – Own 150 Meth Labs
Two to the o o – Own 200 Meth Labs
Wow coming up with these is actually hard i have a lot of respect for Orteil now – Own 250 Meth Labs
When Can I Cook Some Again? – Own 300 Meth Labs
You had to go away for so long – Own 350 Meth Labs
That’s 400 – Own 400 Meth Labs
Yep its 450 now – Own 450 Meth Labs
How do you manage all this? – Own 500 Meth Labs
Yo, Mrs Grandma! – Own 550 Meth Labs
Buddy Holly – Own 600 Meth Labs
Need A Lawyer? – Own 650 Meth Labs
Well so do I – Own 700 Meth Labs
We well surpassed 737k – Make 10 nonillion cookies from meth labs
Yeah it’s all for my family – Make 100 undecillion cookies from meth labs
Secret Stash – Make 1 Quattuordecillion cookies from meth labs
99.1% – Reach level 10 Meth Labs
Blue Sky – make 100% perfect meth
Buddy Holly – Sell meth to Weezer
Et tu, co? – Get killed by a meth taker
You okay? – Spend over 3 days of your cps for meth materials and blow it all up

Written by Crayon Inventor

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Cookie Clicker – Meth lab building and Minigame, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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