Cookie Clicker – How to Unlock All Achievements – CHEAT Guide Tutorial

Cookie Clicker – How to Unlock All Achievements – CHEAT Guide Tutorial 1 -
Cookie Clicker – How to Unlock All Achievements – CHEAT Guide Tutorial 1 -

This guide will show you how to cheat your way through Cookie Clicker to get all the achievements!


Hey everyone!
If you’re impatient about waiting for those glorious cookies to be created (like myself), or if you just basically beat the game years ago on the browser version but that is now lost forever (also like myself), this guide is for you! It will walk you through the entire process of getting all of the achievements using the browser version where cheats are enabled (yes, this is cheating but its also an idle game so we all know you’re using an auto-clicker anyways).
Cookie Clicker - How to Unlock All Achievements - CHEAT Guide Tutorial - Introduction - A78101B

Using the Browser Version to Get All Achievements

Open a new save of cookie clicker in the browser of your choice at – [] . You can choose to wipe your save by going to the Options tab and selecting Wipe save.
Then either right click and select Inspect or hit Ctrl + Shift + I to open the dev window. Go to the Console tab and enter the following command

Game.AchievementsById.forEach(function(e) {
 // if (e.hide != 3)
 Game.Win(; - [] 

If you close your console window and head to the Stats tab, you should see that you have every achievement.
Cookie Clicker - How to Unlock All Achievements - CHEAT Guide Tutorial - Using the Browser Version to Get All Achievements - FF47FFC

Cleaning Up, Exporting, and Importing

However, we are not done. Using cheats to unlock all achievements in the browser version adds some shadow achievements that will cause the Steam version to ignore the file for achievement sake (it sees you cheated). To circumvent this, we will run two commands in the same console window as before.

Removes the Cheated Achievement


Game.Achievements['Cheated cookies taste awful'].won = 0;


Removes Any Third-Party Issues


Game.Achievements['Third-party'].won = 0;

After running these, our save file is now ready to be exported. To do this, navigate to the Options tab and select Cookie Clicker - How to Unlock All Achievements - CHEAT Guide Tutorial - Cleaning Up, Exporting, and Importing - F6BFCAE.
From here, a window should appear with a long string of characters. This is your save file that will need to be imported into the Steam version.
Cookie Clicker - How to Unlock All Achievements - CHEAT Guide Tutorial - Cleaning Up, Exporting, and Importing - 6BC5B6B

100% Achievement Savefile

For reference, the code box below contains my savefile. Instead of following the commands above, you can just import this string into your game. Make sure you copy the entire thing, as it is quite long. The last few characters are END%21


Now we will boot up the Steam version and head to the same area in the Stats tab and click import and paste your save (or mine) and select Load.
Cookie Clicker - How to Unlock All Achievements - CHEAT Guide Tutorial - Cleaning Up, Exporting, and Importing - D70CD47
That’s it! The achievements will start popping now. You will need to leave the game open and running for a few minutes to allow all of them to activate (you can open the Steam overlay to see the progress). After that, feel free to keep playing or stop or whatever. I’m not your real dad. I’m not going to tell you what to do with your life. But you probably should clean up your room and take those dishes to the sink.

By Choolio123

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Cookie Clicker – How to Unlock All Achievements – CHEAT Guide Tutorial; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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