Cookie Clicker – How to Install Idle Mod in Game

Cookie Clicker – How to Install Idle Mod in Game 1 -
Cookie Clicker – How to Install Idle Mod in Game 1 -

Balances Idle Mode

What is Idle Mode?

I made this mode or rather a different version of the original game to balance idle play. While this version is for everyone, it is meant for those players, who already reached “soft cap” and bought every single upgrade for heavenly chips and progression is now becoming slow. Unfortunately the only way to push even further is to play actively due to insane boosts from golden/wrath cookies. The difference between gameplay styles is so huge, that if you are lucky and with right combination of cookies you can get weeks worth of progress in just seconds. While I understand that active play should be rewarded, the gap between idle and active is in my opinion too much.

Installation guide:

  • If you are playing Cookie Clicker, export your save as a backup and close it.
  • Go to …\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\src
  • Make a copy of “main.js” and “minigamePantheon.js”, “minigameGrimoire.js”( just to be safe )
  • Download files here: – [] 
    Mirror: – [] 
  • Unpack the file and replace “main.js” and “minigamePantheon.js”, “minigameGrimoire.js” in …\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\src

Start the game and enjoy better idle play 🙂


All achievements work with this mode!
Ascension – Golden Cookie Upgrades:
Residual luck:
While the golden switch is on, you gain an additional +10 +30% CpS per golden cookie upgrade owned.
Reinforced membrane:
The shimmering veil is more resistant, and has a 10% 5% chance not to break. It also gives +10%+100% more CPS
Easter Egg Upgrades:
Wrinklers explode into 5% 125% more cookies.
Holobore, Spirit of Asceticism:
+15 +150% / +10 +125% / +5 +100% base CpS increase.
Cyclius, Spirit of Ages:
CpS bonus fluctuating between +15% +75% and-15% -75% over time for 3 12/ 12 24/ 24 48 hours.
Dotjeiess, Spirit of Creation:
All buildings are 7% 15%/ 5% 10%/2% 5% cheaper.
Jeremy, Spirit of Industry:
Buildings produce 10% 40%/ 6% 30%/ 3% 20% more.
Skruuia, Spirit of Scorn:
Wrinklers appear 50%/100%/150% faster and digest 15% 200%/ 10% 150%/ 5% 100% more cookies.
If any golden cookie is clicked, this spirit is unslotted and all worship swaps will be used up.
Rigidel, Spirit of Order:
Sugar lumps ripen 1hour 6hours / 40 mins 4hours / 20 mins 2hours sooner.
Force the Hand of Fate Cursed Hand of Opportunity:
Has a 25% chance to summon a cookie that boosts your production.

Written by Symb1

This is all about Cookie Clicker – How to Install Idle Mod in Game; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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