Cookie Clicker – Game Crash Easy Fix!

Cookie Clicker – Game Crash Easy Fix! 1 -
Cookie Clicker – Game Crash Easy Fix! 1 -

How to fix cookie clicker crashing
1. (finding the cookie clicker file) right click cookie clicker in steam click properties click file click local files click browse
2. (getting your save file) from your cookie clicker folder go to resources go to app then go to save go into save.cki with notepad or a text editor and copy everything in it
3. (deleting the game FULLY(not what you think)) go back to the cookie clicker folder(where you where before you got the save) go back to common then right click the cookie clicker folder and click delete then go to steam and uninstall the game
4. (fixing your game) reinstall the game load it up click options click import save paste and click import
Thanks for reading my guide hope it works 😀

How to fix crashing guide

This guide will tell you how to fix crashing enjoy!

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