Contraband Police – Tips how to get the highest possible score on all cars

Contraband Police – Tips how to get the highest possible score on all cars 3 -
Contraband Police – Tips how to get the highest possible score on all cars 3 -

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This guide will show you how to get a perfect inspection rating on all cars on every day of the campaign. Please keep in mind that the guidance is far from finished. Make a second pass through the effort to get all of the details.


This guide includes spoilers. It will be a walkthrough that will go over all of the specifics required to pass inspection.

This advice will not make the game more enjoyable. It’s part of what makes the game entertaining. You could look up the day you’re having trouble with and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Except for fixed vehicles (such as those in the tutorial), most vehicles show randomness.

Each vehicle’s approval or denial is a valid approval or arrest.

The amount of smugglers per day will not change in new campaigns.

Things that differ, for example, a specific deny vehicle may have the wrong papers name or expiration date. If you retry now, you will see various errors such as photo and name. Smuggled goods can come from various places and contain various contraband.

Despite numerous attempts, the number in each vehicle stays the same. Locations for various campaigns may vary. In brackets [], I’ll be adding random things to the guide.

Note 2 Note 2? If an item (like papers) has a? This is a sign that it does not always seem to occur.

Training Chapter

The training chapter consists of days 1-5

Day 1

On your first day, you will be focusing your attention on the following factors:

Name match (can also use comparator tool).

Expiration dates.

Passport number (can used as a comparator tool)


“Papers” is used in the first days to refer to things such as expiration dates, names, passport numbers, and photos.

  • 1st vehicle: Approve, no marks
  • 2nd vehicle
  • 3rd vehicle: Approve, no marks
  • 4th vehicle – Deny, Papers


Day 2

2nd Day: The possibility of smugglers

  • 1st vehicle: Arrest, smuggler. 2 locations (back seat bottom, engine compartment)
  • 2nd vehicle
  • 3rd vehicle: approve, no marks
  • 4th vehicle: Arrest, smuggler. 5 locations


Day 3

No vehicles. Training day to drive to the basic map locations, and learn about them.

Note: If all of the treasures are discovered quickly after visiting Vlad tools, there is a huge opportunity for cheese. Regardless of how long you take to finish this day, the clock will stop at 10 p.m. I wouldn’t suggest this as a first campaign because the $3800 extra cash gained during the training chapter could be a big swing. There are extra guides that go into greater detail about the hidden objects’ locations.

Day 4

Day 4 adds the freight list (cannot compare), so you will need to compare what they claim on their list with what they actually have. ALSO, make sure you compare spelling of the name on your cargo lists! It is best practice to mark all cargo items and hit a button to remove them. Next, check for any smuggler marks and then return them (talk to guard with white hat). To return cargo from vehicle, mark the man’s head. Next, compare the cargo list you received with the paper one. See the following screenshots. You can mark all of them if you reach them all. After that, compare the lists. This game is not time-consuming.

  • 1st car: Deny Cargo list, papers?
  • 2nd vehicle: Smugger, arrest. 4-5 Locations
  • 3rd vehicle: approve, no marks
  • 4th vehicle

Contraband Police - Tips how to get the highest possible score on all cars - Day 4 - 4CF6C00

Contraband Police - Tips how to get the highest possible score on all cars - Day 4 - A9AD2D3

Day 5

You can now trade with cars (the little cash bag icon). It’s somewhat random with whom you can trade. There are other steam guides available for price ranges.

  • 1st car: Deny cargo?, Papers
  • 2nd vehicle: smuggler, Runner, arrest. 3-5 Locations

There are several things you can do for vehicles who have only completed the blockade. If you pack up the police van with prisoners and contraband in the morning run, you may be able to drop off the vehicle. You can actually search most things while the man is awaiting arrest. The timer won’t go off.

Don’t forget the transfer of your prisoner to jail! He could flee if you don’t.

You can also cheese the runner, by parking the police vehicle past the gate. Vehicles are likely to run into it and come to a halt. In this situation, you could either do this after you wake-up or after the first car. Or you could just run them all down and return. However, you cannot cheese these particular vehicles. They disable the engine start of your van until after they run.

After this fight, you will get a pistol. I don’t know of any way to win this fight.

Fake Help Chapter

Be careful to look at the board! There are now “Entry Regulations” prohibiting the acceptance of individuals from the Kingdom of Erkei who are carrying baggage or other items that will be used throughout the entire chapter. Their origin is revealed by their visa. It is appropriate to deny them entry if they are not abiding by these limitations.

Day 6

  • 1st Car: Deny, Entry Regulations
  • 2nd vehicle
  • 3rd vehicle, Arrest smuggler in 6 locations
  • 4th vehicle
  • 5th vehicle approval: No marks


The fourth car inspection will result in your promotion if your inspection history has been flawless up to this point.

It’s time for you to make a dash and drop off contraband, prisoners, or both after you’ve finished the checks. Your storage area is probably close to being full if you have discovered all of the illicit goods. Don’t be afraid to call a mechanic if the vehicle needs work.


Day 7

  • 1st car: deny, entry rules, cargo list? papers?
  • 2nd vehicle – Arrest a Smuggler, 4 Locations (1 Tire, 2 Cargo, 1 Central Console Front)
  • 3rd vehicle: approve, no marks
  • 4th vehicle – approve, no marks
  • 5th vehicle

At 1pm, there will be an examination. If you’ve run out of ammunition from earlier attacks, hire a vlad. You will be compensated. According to what I’ve seen, body loot only comprises of ammo. As soon as the last raid enemy is slain, the bodies vanish. This means that if you run out of ammo, you can loot in the middle of a fight. This, however, can be hazardous. Another guide describes how to hide in the outhouse and avoid raids.

Day 8

  • 1st vehicle: approve, no marks
  • 2nd vehicle
  • 3rd vehicle: approve, no marks
  • 4th vehicle

    Note: The 4th car is the first to ask you for permission to let him in. This achievement can be obtained now with the Week 2 patch


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