Contagion – Commands List

Contagion – Commands List 1 -
Contagion – Commands List 1 -

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Hi, welcome to this post, We hope you find this Contagion – Commands List guide useful.

The command

Make sure the console is turned on. Go to Options > Keyboard, scroll down until you can see Developer Console, and then turn it on.

Here’s the command:

Vote EventID>

<EventID> needs to be replaced by the ID’s listed below.

Event List

Command Wheel

  • CommandYes
  • CommandNo
  • CommandZombies
  • CommandFollow
  • CommandThanks
  • CommandStop
  • CommandBarricade
  • CommandHelp
  • CommandNeedWeapon
  • CommandNeedAmmo
  • CommandNeedHealth
  • CommandTakeThis
  • CommandCoverMe
  • CommandLetsGo
  • CommandNoProblem
  • CommandIllFollow

Auto Commands

  • AutoFoundWeapon
  • AutoFoundItem
  • AutoFoundAmmo
  • AutoFoundBoltcutter
  • AutoFoundFireExtinguisher
  • AutoFoundNailgun
  • AutoFoundKeyCard
  • AutoFoundKey
  • AutoFoundHealth
  • AutoBreakable
  • AutoFoundSurvivor
  • AutoIdle
  • AutoDoorLocked
  • AutoDoorClose
  • AutoHeIsInfected
  • AutoSheIsInfected


  • CommandJoinTeam
  • EventFriendlyFire
  • EventGrenade
  • EventExtractionPoint
  • EventInfectedHe
  • EventInfectedShe
  • EventTurning
  • EventPain
  • EventDrown
  • EventTaunt

Secret Events

  • CommandJoinTeam
  • SurvivorDeath
  • SurvivorPain
  • SurvivorAttacked

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