Conan Exiles – Assigning Crafting Thralls

Conan Exiles – Assigning Crafting Thralls 1 -
Conan Exiles – Assigning Crafting Thralls 1 -
Quick run through of which thralls work best at which structure. Also includes information about tier IV crafting specializations and thralls from mods: Emberlight and Builder’s Workbench.



You captured at least one crafting thrall, nice! I hope you found my guide for catching thralls helpful! It is time to put that thrall to work, but I am sure you have a few questions about where to use it for the best results. No problem, this guide is just for you! 
Side Note 
Priests for each religion can be placed in their respective altar. 

Where do I put my…

So you have the thrall ready? This is the best place(s) to put them… 

Thrall Type Structure(s)
Alchemist Alchemist Bench Dyer Bench Firebowl Cauldron Fermenting Barrel
Armorer Armorer Bench Casting Table Saddler Worktable Tanner Table Tinker Bench
Blacksmith Blacksmith Bench Casting Table Tinker Bench
Carpenter Carpenter Bench
Cook Campfire Stove Firebowl Cauldron Fermenting Barrel
Smelter Furnace Artisan Table
Tanner Tannery Artisan Table
Taskmaster Wheel of Pain Torturer Worktable

Please note, the structures recommended for each takes into account which will unlock recipes, increase the speed at which items are crafted, and/or reduce the number of resources needed to craft items. 

Who do I put in my…

So you have the structure made? Now you are trying to pick which thrall to go look for? This is the best thrall type(s)… 

Structure Thrall Type(s)
Alchemist Bench Alchemist
Armorer Bench Armorer
Artisan Table Smelter Tanner
Blacksmith Bench Blacksmith
Campfire Cook
Carpenter Bench Carpenter
Casting Table Armorer Blacksmith
Dyer Bench Alchemist
Fermenting Barrel Alchemist Cook
Firebowl Cauldron Alchemist Cook
Furnace Smelter
Saddler Worktable Armorer
Stove Cook
Tanner Table Armorer
Tannery Tanner
Tinker Bench Armorer Blacksmith
Torturer Worktable Taskmaster
Wheel of Pain Taskmaster

Please note, the crafter(s) recommended for each structure takes into account recipes, increases in the speed at which items are crafted, and/or reduction of the number of resources needed to craft items. 

Thrall Specializations

Most tier IV thralls have specializations. Here is a quick summary of what the specializations do: 

  • Armorer Specializations 
    • Scoutwright – reduction of weight on crafted items 
    • Shieldwright – armor value on crafted items 
    • Temperwright – durability on crafted items
  • Blacksmith Specializations 
    • Edgesmith – armor penetration on crafted items 
    • Bladesmith – damage on crafted items 
    • Tempersmith – durability on crafted items
  • Carpenter Specializations 
    • Bowmaker – damage on crafted items 
    • Builder – durability on crafted items 
    • Fletcher – armor penetration on crafted items
  • Priest Specializations 
    • Confessor – damage on crafted items 
    • Guardian – durability on crafted items 
    • Seneschal – armor value on crafted items
  • Taskmaster Specializations 
    • Driver – concussion damage on crafted items 
    • Overseer – durability on crafted items

Tier IV alchemists and tanners have bonus recipe(s) they grant, but they do NOT have specializations. Cooks and smelters do NOT have specializations. 

My mod added…

Here is a quick rundown of facts about NPCs/thralls added by other mods that are used for crafting. 
Builder’s Workbench 
NPC(s): Mason 
Outfit: Unique 
Structure(s): Builder’s Workbench 
Spawn Rate: 50% Replacement 
Spawn Location: Replaces Carpenter 
Tier Preserved: Unknown 
NPC(s): Herbalist 
Outfit: No 
Structure(s): Horticulturist’s Bench 
Spawn Rate: Unknown % Replacement 
Spawn Location: Replaces Alchemist 
Tier Preserved: Unknown 


I hope you found this guide helpful, and quick and easy to read. If you have more mods you would like crafting NPC/thrall information for, please comment your requests and I will add them when possible. Please take a moment to like and/or favorite this guide! 

Written by Netish

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Conan Exiles – Assigning Crafting Thralls; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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