Cold Waters – Game Overview

Cold Waters – Game Overview 1 -
Cold Waters – Game Overview 1 -

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the Cold Waters – Game Overview Guide!

This guide contains the basic overview/information about the game.

1.1 Introduction

This guide is primarily intended for newly-minted submarine skippers.
After completing the primary training mission, he is ready to go for single tasks.

Perhaps even directly through the campaign.

Then take a look at Single Mission 9 Strike From The Sea. You will see that it is all about launching TLAMs.

You are thinking to yourself.

“Oh, Tomahawks. Cool. Now I can do what those nucs were doing back in 03, while spreading liberty.”

You select your favorite sub, load it, and then go to Battle Stations.

Then, you sit down on your couch, thinking to yourself.

“How can I possibly do this again?”

Instead of waiting for you to make mistakes and see what works,

I decided to tell you all I know regarding launching TLAMs.

The Single Mission 9 should be mainly used, since this mission is unique and has its quirks.

You can kill two birds and get more education in this sport.

I’d guess you have 3 stones.

Let’s start with the basics. You need to know some things when using TLAMs to ensure proper function.

This is the key to mission success

1. For the launch to be counted, keep within 100 mi/176k ft of the target.

2. Find a spot at least 45k yards from the closest surface patrol group.

This way you won’t have to deal avec any ASW planes or helos in the area. It also allows you to quickly disengage after unloading your stock of TLAM.

3. In case any of the original 8 are lost or damaged, keep spare TLAMs on hand.

4. Learn more about anti-ship missile launching tactics and torpedoes evasion tactics.

Launching a missile is telling God, King, sundries, and sundries, where your sub are,

Expect a wave of missile torps and ASW-equipped aircraft dropping torpedoes heading your route as the Reds try to prosecute them as their targets.

Be a survivor.

(Research evasion tactics and missile launches by Brygun. It’s pretty useful and should be of use to you.



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