Cockville – Ryu Full Dialogue Responses

Cockville – Ryu Full Dialogue Responses 1 -
Cockville – Ryu Full Dialogue Responses 1 -

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So, am I old enough to give consent? Yes, you are 21. I can’t go to jail for seducing you.
What is my favorite pastime? You love a good sci-fi movie.
Can you remember how tall I am? 5’7″.
Can you estimate my weight? You are featherlight, 148 lbs if I recall.
Say something nice to me! Your lips are made for blowing.
My penis size is average, do you know how average? 7 inches sharp!
This is an easy one. During s*x, I’m mostly? Bottom.
What do I like, but haven’t had a chance to really try? You want to deep throat.
I told you about my s*x toy. Can you remember what it was? Dildo.
Can you guess what I’m wearing under my pants? Mini slips.
What is my favorite sexual activity? You like to suck ♥♥♥♥.
What if I told you I want to include a third person into our mix? I would say you are full of it. You need to handle the basics first.
How did you find out that you were g*y? Things started to make sense to me after puberty.
If you could teleport yourself anywhere, where would you go? The furthest planet I could possibly go.
If you were serving on a spaceship, what type of officer would you be? Engineer.
Do things get easier with time? No, but they get easier to deal with.
Is higher education worth the pursuit or do you think the school of life is enough? I see no reason to exclude one from the other.
What is the source of your confidence? The sum of my life experiences.
What is one app you can’t live without? Dating apps. They help me meet interesting new people.
How do you keep your gag reflex under check with a mouthful of ♥♥♥♥? Practice makes perfect. I used to practice with a cooked hot dog.
What is your favorite position when you’re bottoming? Missionary, so that I can watch my partner.
Do you like your partner’s ♥♥♥? Absolutely, it’s the cherry on top. Yummy!
Do you find it hard to talk to other people? No, I like to talk. It’s a good tongue exercise.
How do you plan for a trip? I’m a spontaneous traveler.
If you could live in a fictional world, where would you go? I love me some sci-fi!
Which type of pet would you like to have? Something fluffy and furry.
Describe your ideal date? Long enough to get to know the person before we hit the bed.
If you weren’t an agricultural scientist what would you be? A rocket scientist, trying to reach the stars.
How many sexual partners have you had so far? Numbers aren’t important. The quality of a relationship is.
What was your favorite game as a kid? Hide and seek, but never in the closet!
What was a high school like for you? The school was okay, but I was a terrible teenager. I would pull pranks all the time.
What is the best and worst about getting older? Wisdom is great and back pain is the worst.
What takes up too much of your free time? Sexy, skinny boys with full lips like yours. I can’t get anything done when I’m around them.
Is there something you don’t think you’ll ever get to experience? World peace and goodwill among all people.
What risks are worth taking? Any risk that involves helping others.
Do you have a favorite gadget? I can’t imagine my life without a rumba.
On which end of oral do you prefer to be? There’s nothing hotter than seeing a guy trap my ♥♥♥♥ with his lips, looking up to meet my gaze.
What is your favorite position? I actually prefer a missionary. I like to hold my lover in my arms, like a precious thing he is. Silly, isn’t it?
What is the oddest place where you had s*x? Hmm, kitchen?
Imagine that you’re ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me… Where are your fingers? In your mouth, on your tongue.
L*be or no l*be? Always l*be.
What is your go-to jerk off material? You.
Tell me of your wildest fantasy. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ space marines and sexy blue aliens.
Is there something you never dared to try sexually but you jerk off to? Like getting kidnapped?
Look at me. What turns you on? The way your tongue touches your upper lip when you’re feeling insecure. Like now.
Do you like tame guys or do you enjoy taming them? I like them tame. I mean, they want me and I want them. Why complicate things?
Where would you ♥♥♥ after you ♥♥♥♥ me? Down your warm throat.
If you were to watch me ♥♥♥♥ another person, who would you picture me with? I wouldn’t. Your a*s is mine.
What would you have me wear during s*x? Is a Gaylor Moon cosplay off-putting for you?
How would you shut me up while I’m screaming with your ♥♥♥♥ throbbing inside me? My ♥♥♥♥ deserves your screams. So go ahead and shout.
Do you enjoy being humiliated by your partner during s*x? No. I don’t like having my feelings hurt.
How high is your pain threshold? Painkillers are invented for a reason.
Do you prefer forcing your partners into submission rather than letting them submit on their own? Everything I see is mine. I don’t have to use force.
Are you willing to try everything once even if you think you might not like it? Like what?
Is vanilla ice cream your favorite? How did you know?!
How would you take me right now? On your hands and knees, your hips tilted bit forward, your a*s in the air, thirsty for my ♥♥♥♥.


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