Cockville – Andrea’s Full Dialogue Responses

Cockville – Andrea’s Full Dialogue Responses 1 -
Cockville – Andrea’s Full Dialogue Responses 1 -

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Age is just a number, but do you remember mine? 57
What instrument do I play in my free time? Saxophone.
Do you remember my height? 5’8″.
I told you my weight, can you remember? 176 lbs.
If I was in a bad mood, what kind of compliment would you give me to make me feel better? I would compliment CockVille’s beauty.
I told you the exact size of my penis. What was it? 6.6 inches.
What role do I usually take during s*x? You are pretty versatile
I’ve enjoyed life to the fullest, and I cherish one thing above all else. What is it? You like s*xy younger men.
I told you about my favorite s*x toy, can you remember? A ♥♥♥♥ ring!
Wanna guess what I’m wearing under these pants? Silk skinny briefs.
Can you guess what my favorite part of an*l s*x is? Long, hard prostate stimulation.
Can you remember the biggest number of people I’ve slept with at once? Yes, you handled 7 people at once.
How would you run things around CockVille if you were its mayor? I would try to accommodate as much as possible into the city’s budget.
What is an important thing that money cannot buy? Hope.
Is age important to you? I don’t care, age is just a number.
If you had to build one building for this town, what would it be? A hospital.
What is s*xy to you? Altruism, nothing beats a kind loving spirit.
What is the best way to reach success? Smart planning, knowing in advance what to expect.
What do you think of gold diggers? Red flags go up fast around gold diggers.
What’s your stance on secret societies? I wonder if all those stories about the kinky s*x are true.
Can you keep a secret? You can tell me anything Andrea, I will keep all your secrets.
What is your favorite instrument? Saxophone.
What do you think of CockVille? CockVille is unlike any place I’ve ever lived ever! It’s magical!
What does your inbox look like, is it messy or organized? I label and organize every mail I get.
What inspires you? Art.
Ideal vacation? A trip around the world!
Are you a party person? I attend them but I get bored easily.
Is it what others think of you important to you? Yes, public appearance is important.
If you had the cash to blow, what would you blow it on? An expensive car, a yacht, and a private plane.
Which shoes do you like best? The cla*sic leather brogue – nothing beats style.
If you were a mythological creature, what would you be? An ancient Greek god – have you seen their bodies?!
What is your favorite drink? Red wine.
Do you like reading? Yes, I love my e-reader and have more books than I’ll ever manage to read!
What is your stance on group s*x? Why not? The more the merrier.
Where do you see yourself in five years? I hope I’ll be running a business from my yacht.
What would you say if I told you I had s*x less than an hour ago and I’m ready for more? Why are you telling me this now when you could’ve called me to join you?
What’s the dumbest thing you ever did and got away with it? I broke a museum exhibit, but no one noticed.
What kind of p*rn do you prefer? Thirsty twinks getting what they deserve.
How many s*xual partners have you had so far? I seem to have lost count.
What’s your biggest turn-off? Body hair.
Describe your ♥♥♥♥! It’s hard all the time and ready for action!
Do you moan during s*x? Depends on the partner.
What famous monster would be your top pick ♥♥♥♥ on Halloween? Dracula. Yep.
What would be your safeword if we were to get super kinky? My first teacher’s name?
Would you rather ♥♥♥♥ with the lights on or off? Lights on. I wanna see the faces you make.
Do you like it rough? When the mood hits, so do I.
If you were a girl for a day, what would you be doing? Nothing too different than now.
Where would my tongue tickle you? Taint tickles at first. But don’t let that stop you!
What’s the best erotic compliment you ever received? ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, your stamina!
Could you let me do all the work and not move a single muscle? Would love to. Dunno if I’d manage. Tie me up?
I’m very skilled with my hands, you know? What would you have me do? Touch yourself. Get to the edge. Let me catch you when the moment is right.
Do you mind if your partner isn’t skilled enough? No. I like being a teacher.
Are romantic moments in your relationships more important than kinky ones? It’s rare finding a partner who has the same kinks as you. Romance is easier to find.
Are you into s*xual roleplay? Sure, if that rocks your boat.
What’s your favorite background noise during s*x? Us moaning, grunting, screaming!
What about ageplay? I like being infantile with my partners.
Would you tell your friends about our encounters? Hell yeah! I want them to know what you do to me!

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