Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – A Clone Drone’s Combat Guide

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – A Clone Drone’s Combat Guide 1 -
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – A Clone Drone’s Combat Guide 1 -

Are you new to Clone Drone in the Danger Zone? Are your combat skills not sharp enough to get past Titanium? This guide is for you.
Basics of every single type of Robot (And side-types) will be explained to help build a basic understanding of the game.


Minor Spoilers ahead.
If I don’t mention a robot later on, I either forgot it or left it out on purpose (usually if it’s a boss)

What’s a “Mark/MK?”

A “Mark” essentially means how good a robot is. A Mark 5 will be better than a Mark 4 and so on.
Marks will be color-coded. It goes as follows.
Mark 1 Robots will be Blue
Mark 2 Robots will be Red
Mark 3 Robots will be Purple
Mark 4 Robots will be Orange and on Fire
Mark 5 Robots will be Black and Teal
Sword Robots go from Mark 1 to Mark 5
Archer Robots go from Mark 1 to Mark 5
Hammer Robots go from Mark 1 to Mark 5, However, there is no Mark 4 Hammer. (This is probably because the Jetpack Hammer fills that role, being an unofficial “Mark 4 Hammer”.)
Spear Robots go from Mark 1 to Mark 4
Some robots don’t follow this color coding system
Jetpack Robots go from Yellow to Green
Jetpack Spear Robots go from Yellow/Purple to Green
Kickbots go from Grey to Red
Some Robots don’t have upgrades at all.

Important Mechanics

Armor will be visible as glowing yellow bits on limbs. Armor pieces will break after one shot, but will completely absorb the damage.
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - Basics - 6523631
Robots will not die unless they take enough damage to the head or torso, or are unable to fight.
Losing both legs will always kill a robot (Unless it’s a Spidertron.)
A Kickbot for example can lose both arms, but can’t lose a leg. While an Archer can’t survive without 2 arms but can lose a leg. This is because the Kickbot can still kick with no arms, and the Archer can still shoot without a leg.

The Guide to Sword Robots

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - The Guide to Sword Robots - CB233B1

General Tips

When fighting any sword robot, here are useful tips (Some may not work against higher level tier bots.)

  • Sweep the leg, a one-legged sword can be ignored until later.
  • Poke the head with a spear, they can’t block it.
  • Hammers are the #1 counter to sword robots, just remember that you can’t block them either.


MK 3-5 Sword Robots.

When dealing with MK 1-2 Sword Robots, all weapons are effective in killing them. Always remember to respect their sword, it’s not any less sharp than a Mark 5’s. Mark 1 Bots will not try to dodge arrows, but Mark 2 Bots sidestep

MK 3-5 Sword Robots.

When dealing with MK 3-5 Sword Robots, never use arrows unless you’re trying to get shot in the head by a block. A Hammer is strongly recommended, as using a Sword might end up leaving you vulnerable if it gets knocked aside. (Note, Mark 2 Swords CAN knock your sword away as well.)

Mark 5 Dangers

A Mark 5 Sword is one of the smartest AI in the entire game. They know how to dash, allowing them to chase you down relentlessly. They also know how to back up, meaning they can wait for an opportunity to strike instead of running straight at you. This is incredibly dangerous, as they can bait you into swinging and then instantly closing the distance with a dash.

The Guide to Archer Robots

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - The Guide to Archer Robots - 8B1CBE6

General Tips

When fighting any Archer Bot, there are a lot of things you should remember.

  • Try to keep them in your view at all times.
  • Deflect arrows shuts down every stationary archer.
  • Deflect arrows does not protect your back. (180 Degrees max)


Stationary Archers

Stationary Archers should be dealt with by an arrow to their head. If you don’t have a bow, be careful as some Archers will move once the player gets too close (Mark 5 Bots do this.) Or, you can stand still and deflect the arrow right back at them for a free ranged attack.

Combat Archers

Mark 3,4, and 5 Archers will be labeled as a Combat Archer. This means that they will also have a sword. This means that they shoot arrows at a distance, and swing at the player with a sword when they try to go in for a melee strike. The best way to deal with a Combat Archer is to shoot them while they are using their bow, as they won’t be able to deflect the arrow. They will put the sword away if the player moves too far away. However, they cannot knock your side away unlike actual Sword Robots.

Mark 5 Dangers

Mark 5 Archers will have massive flaming arrows, and know how to do a massive jump to get behind you. This jump means they are very difficult to get to and hit with an arrow, while also giving them rapid movement and easy access to your weak back. Mark 5 Archers will almost always jump behind you, meaning they will often shoot your exposed back.

The Guide to Hammer Robots

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - The Guide to Hammer Robots - 9F19838

General Tips

Hammer bots are arguably the deadliest robot type, but don’t come without a massive weakness.

  • Hammer bots cannot block arrows, meaning this is their best counter.
  • Hammer bots will die after losing any arm.
  • All Hammer bots will be smart enough to side-step and dodge arrows.


Mark 3 Hammer Bots

The Mark 3 Hammer bot is a very dangerous robot, as their very long reach means they can often catch you by surprise and deliver a devastating slam which will either cripple you outright kill you in one hit. Always keep your distance, unless you are confident enough to dodge the hammer. When a Hammer Bot swings to the side, it can often swing almost 270 degrees around it’s body, meaning only it’s direct back will be safe.

Mark 5 Dangers

The Mark 5 Hammer bot is a very intelligent and dangerous enemy, and are masters of aggression. Mark 5 Hammer Bots will back up and cut off the direction you are trying to go, making them have full control of the fight. Mark 5 Hammer bots also have the ability to dash, effectively doubling their range. They will dash every time they attempt to swing which means it can be predicted.

The Guide to Spear Robots

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - The Guide to Spear Robots - 3F0FD14

General Tips

Most Spear Bots are mainly tanks that absorb damage rather than fighters.

  • Mark 2-4 Spear Bots will have a shield.
  • Moving in the direction opposite of the spear means they cannot hit you (Move to the right, they stab the left.)
  • Spear bots have very long range, which can catch you off guard.
  • They are vulnerable after attacking.



Shields are difficult to crack through and require a lot of damage. A Hammer will deal massive damage to a shield and knock the spear back a large distance away. Mark 3-4 Spear Bots can use Shield Bash, which is essentially a kick but with a dash mixed in. Fire doesn’t spread much on shields, but a wide fire arrow can split a shield in half if aimed right.


Spear Bots have massive damage tolerance, more than most robots. They can survive having half their head sliced off. Meaning a sword or spear will be highly ineffective. A Hammer or Bow will be your best bet.

The Guide to Spidertrons

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - The Guide to Spidertrons - 0026517

General Tips

The artillery of the arena, they will annoy and bomb you until dealt with.

  • Can launch bombs that go all the way across the arena.
  • These Bombs will knock you over.
  • Shrapnel is highly lethal and can shred you apart.
  • Spidertrons will not die unless their Glowing Red parts are shot out.
  • Fire arrows will often kill a Spidertron in one shot.
  • Should be dealt with as soon as possible.


Cutting Down

Cutting Spidertron’s legs is a good strategy for making them lower to the ground, allowing a melee kill. This can be avoided altogether if you have a bow, which allows you to shoot out the Glowing Red bits without melee.


Spidertron-6000 is a massive robot that will shoot a line of bombs out (6-7 bombs?). 6000 also has 2 Glowing Spots, instead of the 1 that Spidertron-5000 has. Also looks swagger.

The Guide to Jetpack Bots

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - A Clone Drone's Combat Guide - The Guide to Jetpack Bots - AF8F2B3

General Tips

Death carved from metal. Also goes nyooooooom. The Jetpack line is highly varied. Jetpack Bots have lots of energy and will almost always be jetpacking.

  • Jetpack Swords and Jetpack Spears go from Mark 1-2.
  • Jetpack Bows and Hammers have one tier.
  • Jetpack Bots…use a Jetpack


Jetpack Counters

Jetpacks are very dangerous, specifically in groups. If you get a bow with the Aim Time Upgrade, you will be able to keep up with their speed and land clean head-shots like it’s the Matrix. A Spear with the Shield Upgrade will also work in preventing your torso from getting sliced off

Wack Jetpacks

Mark 2 Jetpack Spear bots have laser accuracy, and can track your head even when you are also jetpacking around.
Jetpack Hammers will swing early, this is so they can land a hit even while jetpacking. However, they also swing early even when not jetpacking. This means that they can swing before jetpacking, then start right as it moves at you, acting like a sucker punch.
Jetpack Bots have side-step knowledge to dodge arrows.

The Guide to Other Robots

Fleet Command Bots

There are 4 Command Bots.

  • Warfare (Red)
  • Mind Space (Blue)
  • Infantry (Yellow)
  • Logistics (Green)

Warfare bots shoot Grenades.
Mind Space Bots shoot arrows.
Infantry Bots summon other robots.
Logistics Bots have a large sword.
All Command Bots can use Flame Breath


There are 2 Raptor types.

  • Flame Raptors
  • Laser Raptors

Raptors can have riders and can spin which acts as a kick.
Flame Raptors breathe flames, Laser Raptors shoot a massive laser. (Hurts)

Kick Bots

Mostly a support robot that won’t kill you. These robots Kick and have Two Marks.
Mark 1 Kickbots will dash and kick you, usually letting other robots finish you off.
Mark 2 Kickbots are giants that have similar jumping abilities to the Mark 5 Archer bot. Their kick will send you FLYING to the other side of the arena.

Written by Bee

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Clone Drone in the Danger Zone – A Clone Drone’s Combat Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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