Click Real Fast – Workshop updated existing items and Upload

Click Real Fast – Workshop updated existing items and Upload 2 -
Click Real Fast – Workshop updated existing items and Upload 2 -

Welcome. This Click Real Fast – Workshop updated existing items, and Upload Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope you do.


Prepare yourself to Click… Real… Fast. Break your mouse, keyboard, controller ⁠— anything with buttons, as you Click Real Fast.

4.1. Uploading to Workshop

1. Open Click Real Quick
2. Stop the game and verify that the new content works.

3. Click “Upload” on the pause menu, and then click the file to be uploaded.

4. Provide a description.

5. Use the upload button You should not close the game until you have uploaded all the files.

6. Navigate to – []

Make changes to your new item, including titles, descriptions, and previews.

You have now successfully uploaded a File to the Steam Workshop. Click Real fast!

4.2: Updating workshop items

If you have to make changes to an item in your workshop, first make the necessary adjustments, then reupload.

If the content folder includes a file named ID_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI, it will override the item on the Workshop with this ID if you’re the creator/contributor.

The file “ID_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, generated during the first upload, is persistent on any subsequent updates. You must ensure that the ID corresponds to your workshop item.

4.3: Additional Files

Upload requirements

1. ID file must be in folder called ID_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – Automatically generated. ID numbers can be modified to update any item.

2. Blank files must exist within the folder called “Music”, ‘Backgrounds”, or ‘Targets’ (depending upon the item type).


It’s very simple, and I recommend that you do it.

Upload your favourite song or album, a photograph of your cat or Torcularis Septentrionalis.

The possibilities are limitless!




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