Click Real Fast -Navigating Music and Thumbnail Tutorial

Click Real Fast – Navigating Music and Thumbnail Tutorial 1 -
Click Real Fast – Navigating Music and Thumbnail Tutorial 1 -

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Thank you for visiting, and welcome to the Click Real Fast – Navigating Music and Thumbnail Tutorial Guide!


Prepare yourself to Click… Real… Fast. Break your mouse, keyboard, controller ⁠— anything with buttons, as you Click Real Fast.

2.2: Music

Navigate to..common click Really FastCustomCustom music

Name it and create an additional folder. This name will be the title.

Add music files to this folder. See “Formatting” and “Supported File Types” for the naming conventions.


Name of the artist and then the song’s name. The first hyphen will be used to automatically split the game , and format it accordingly.



NullReferenceException – Idea.mp3

Linkin Park – What I’ve Done.mp3

DECO 27 – hibana –Reloaded-.mp3

Supported file types:





Music files are huge. The more songs you have, the longer the game will load.

Note 2:

Standard file naming restrictions are still in force. These characters cannot be used in file names:

\ / : * ? ” < > |

Sorry DECO*27 🙁

3.1: Thumbnail

Upload a photo to the folder “image.jpg” to create an individual thumbnail.

Preferred aspect ratios:




The file must be encoded as .jpg

File size must be kept under 1mb

If not uploading to workshops could not work.


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