Clanfolk – Keyboard Controls & Crafting Guide

Clanfolk – Keyboard Controls & Crafting Guide 3 -
Clanfolk – Keyboard Controls & Crafting Guide 3 -

A general collection of tips and advise for new players, common mistakes to avoid, and frequently asked questions, sorted by topic. This is a work in progress and I will progressively update it and add illustrations.

This is a work in progress!!

I will obviously improve the formatting, add screenshots and so on. And well, fill in the empty sections 🙂

Keyboard Controls

Quick reference for keyboard controls. Blorf said key remapping is planned of course.

  • WASD / ZQSD / ▲◄▼► / Right Click: pan the camera.
  • R: Rotate an object before placing it. Middle Mouse Button also works.
  • V: Stop the selected entity (item, object, blueprint, animal or Clanfolk).
  • X: Break down the selected item or object (or dump contents in the case of bowls, jugs and buckets).
  • C: Crate the selected object and move it somewhere else. Right click if you just want to crate it.
  • P: Priority Boost the selected entity.
  • B: Go to Blueprint (make a copy of the selected item/object).
    Skills menu:
  • T: move selected skill to the Top
  • G: disable selected skill
  • B: move selected skill to the Bottom


Temperature Management and Winter

  • On top of natural decay, certain food items degrade faster because of heat.
  • Food is completely preserved below 0°C.
  • Water Jugs take half a day to freeze when below 0°C
  • Ice Jugs take half a day to thaw when above 0°C (it is much faster to melt it in cooking fires/firplaces/kitchens, but it costs branches)
  • While thawing, Ice Jugs also cool down the room they’re in.
  • Natural Mountain Roofs cool down rooms, depending on the number of mountain roof tiles. This is good for making an efficient freezer, but don’t leave them in other rooms or your Clanfolk will be cold.
  • Room temperature is capped at 25°C, regardless of outside temperature, except if there’s an open vent to the outside.
  • For Clothing, see the Clothing section below.


Storage and Hauling

  • Stockpiles are just designated areas for putting items on the ground. Each item it can hold can be individually allowed/disallowed by clicking on it in the list of allowed items.
  • Items are hidden from the list of allowed items until discovered. When they are, they’re added to the list and automatically allowed.
  • Clicking on “Toggle All Off” first, then enabling a few items, will prevent newly discovered items from being automatically allowed in it.
  • Dedicated storage objects (found in Objects > Storage) are at generally 6 times more space efficient than stockpiles. One notable exception is the Wardrobe, which can hold 32 clothing items on 3 tiles (over 10 times more space efficient).
  • “Active” crafting stations have an Auto Haul toggle (see the Crafting section below for details about active and passive stations). If enabled, Clanfolk will haul items they produced immediately after the item is done, instead of dropping it on the floor (which would potentially force another Clanfolk to come and haul it, wasting a bit of time).
  • Storage objects or stockpiles will auto stack items produced by crafting stations, if they are 1 or 2 tiles away from it (this doesn’t work through walls). This is especially useful for passive crafting stations such as the charcoal kiln or bloomery.
  • Flammable blockers prevent flammable items from being dropped on the designated tiles. This is useful around cooking fires, torches, anything that throws sparks.
  • Clanfolk will transfer items from one storage to another if the latter has a higher priority; however, this itself is a low priority hauling task, and regular hauling will always be done first.



Wild Animals


  • The heat overlay is helpful to better spot wild animals on the map.
  • Foxes and Bunnies can be hunted with a Simple Bow (Work Zone/Work Bench).
  • Bunnies can also be caught with a Snare (Work Zone/Work Bench). After Snare Kits are crafted, they must be placed via the Objects > Hunting menu.
  • Hunters will skin animals (Butcher Block) and reset Snares automatically.
  • Bunnies will flee humans and get to their rabbit holes.They will also hide there at night or when it’s raining. All rabbit holes are connected to each other and they can travel through them like wormholes.




  • Cows can be milked using a Milking Bucket, crafted at the Smithy. Milk takes half a day to fill a cow’s udder.
  • Nanny Goats can also be milked. Milk takes 1 day to fill a nanny goat’s udder.
  • Hens lay (unfertilized) Eggs even without a Rooster. If a Rooster is there, it may lay Fertilized Eggs. Fertilized Eggs hatch into Chick after 2 days, and Hens cannot lay another one until it does.
  • Sheep Wool can be sheared using Shears, crafted at the Smithy. Wool takes 8 days to grow.
  • Pigs don’t produce anything and are just meat factories (quoting Blorf 🙂 ). Sows can give birth to a litter of up to 4 piglets.
  • All animals can be slaughtered for meat using an Axe. Chickens don’t require the axe.
  • Animal poop can be collected using a Manure Basket (Work Zone/Work Bench). Full manure baskets can be processed at the Compost to produce Fertilizer.



  • Clanfolk will wear and remove their clothes automatically depending on temperature and weather. They will try to remove their clothes near Clothes Baskets or Wardrobes.
  • Linen cools them down and is suited for summer. Other materials provide warmth.
  • Sack Cloth is the most basic material and is uncomfortable, so they reduce Mood. This may be preferable to freezing to death.
  • Each type of clothing (shirt, tunic, etc) is on a different layer. You cannot have both a wool hat and a fur hat, but you can have a Sack Cloth Shirt, a Wool Tunic and a Fur Cloak for example.
  • Plaid doesn’t provide any warmth, and instead provides +250 Mood (which translates into +2.5% Work Speed and XP Gain)


Door Locks and Item/Object Ownership

Door Locks


  • Doors (except the Straw Curtain) have locks which can be set to restrict who can use them. Animals and Clanfolk can only pass through a door which lock level is equal or lower than theirs. By default, the Branch Barn Door, Branch Gate and Straw Curtain are set to “Animals”, while other doors are set to “Unlocked”. Regular doors can be set to allow Animals too if needed.
  • Conversely, all Clanfolk have keys which can be set to any level (humans of course cannot be restricted down to the “Animals” level).
  • The levels are, from lowest to highest:
    • “Animals” (everything can get through) – Animals are permanently set to this level
    • “Unlocked” (all humans allowed) – Traders are permanently set to this level
    • “Guests” (all humans except Traders) – Guests are initially set to this level, but it can be lowered
    • “Workers” (all humans except Traders and Guests) – Workers are initially set to this level, but it can be lowered
    • 3 levels of “Family Only”.
  • The 3 “Family Only” levels allow assigning different areas to certain family members. By default, all family members are set to the highest level.




  • Items and Objects can be owned by Clanfolk. This means they’ll be the only one allowed to use it. This can be done in two ways:
    • Select the item or object, then click “Toggle Owner” to the top left of its info card, then click on the desired Clanfolk.
    • Select the Clanfolk, then click on “Set Owner” to the bottom right of their info card, then click on the desired item or object.
  • Double Beds can have two owners if it’s a couple. You only need to set ownership on one of the Clanfolk, and the other one will share that double bed.
  • Items can have several owners. Obviously only one of them can use it at a time, so this is not suited for some objects, most notably single beds. It is suited for a bathtub or toilet shared by a couple for instance.
  • Visitors can (temporarily) own your items. This is useful to assign them to a bed for instance.



Crafting Stations

Clanfolk - Keyboard Controls & Crafting Guide - Crafting - D266E76

  • Bypass queue (on by default): if an item can’t be crafted because of a lack of resources, the next item will be brought to the top of the queue. Note that this doesn’t work well with daily queues (when you clicked on “wait until tomorrow”) as it can block the queue.
  • Repeat queue (off by default): once an item is crafted, it is added again at the end of the queue. This includes “wait until tomorrow”.
  • Auto build (on by default): whether this statiion should be used for Auto Supply or not. Turning it off can be useful if you want to use certain fires for heating/lighting only (not cooking), or if you want to dedicate certain stations to auto supply and others to manual inputs.
  • Crafting Stations can be Active or Passive. Active means that Clanfolk need to be present during the entire crafting process, while Passive means they simply have to drop resources, and “crafting” will progress by itself.
  • Passive crafting stations are: Mushroom Rack, Meat Smoker, Bread Oven, Bloomery, Charcoal Kiln, Flax Retting, Eel Trap, Hide Rack, Ash Wash, Bark Wash, and Compost. The other ones are active.


Auto Haul


  • Active crafting stations have an Auto Haul checkbox. When ticked, Clanfolk will always haul items immediately after crafting them. Otherwise, they drop the items on the ground, for someone else to haul.
  • Passive stations don’t have that checkbox because they produce items by themselves. Haulers’ skill priority determines how fast the items will be hauled.


Auto Supply


  • Auto Supply automatically adds crafting tasks on any relevant crafting station until your inventory reaches the desired amount.
  • It will only happen if the crafting queue is empty, or there are items queued but a “wait until tomorrow” order is at the very beginning of the queue (so if all your daily items have already been crafted that day).
  • In other words, items you manually add to the queue are always crafted before auto supply, as long as they can be crafted.



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Guests, Traders, and Workers

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Attributes, Mood, Work Efficiency

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