City of Gangsters – Tips minimaxing the economy Guide!

City of Gangsters – Tips minimaxing the economy Guide! 1 -
City of Gangsters – Tips minimaxing the economy Guide! 1 -

Ever wanted to manage a booze empire but wanted to know how much you’re actually making in profit? Well, look no further!
(This game sorely needs a graph chart for my min-max addiction).
Disclaimer: This game is more for a casual business simulator so don’t expect too much from the economy! Just enjoy the experience.

T1 Alcohols

So I crunched the numbers and this is the profitability per Tier 1 unique alcohols.
(Best to worst from top to bottom) Just look at the Total Profits column.
1. Brick Wine
2. Hard Cider
3. Moonshine
4. Homemade Beer
City of Gangsters - Tips minimaxing the economy Guide! - T1 Alcohols - 2B6B3C3
Comment below if you want to know how I got the numbers but it’s pretty much factual (you can confirm from the in-game wiki).
HOWEVER, take it with a pinch of salt because there’s also demand and supply. What do I mean?
First of all, demand is decided by how many actual vendors want to buy your alcohol. If you have 10 vendors for homemade beer BUT NONE for brick wine, then yes, you should still make homemade beer and vice versa for the other alcohol.
Secondly, if you only make brick wine, you might oversupply your area and be forced to find more buyers which could be extremely rare.
Thirdly, you are also constrained by the suppliers of your ingredients. If you can’t find a supplier of Grape Concentrate, you are screwed. Either you find a repeatable mission to convert Small Barrels into Grape Concentrate or learn Grape Presses (a skill to make your own Grape Concentrate from Grapes but this then transfer the new problem to finding Grapes). However, if you can’t, you are forced to make other alcohol.
Fourthly, the quantity of output per alcohol is also important. For instance, you can only make 25 Moonshine versus 45 Brick Wine. What this means is that you can easily sell your entire production of Moonshine in a few actions points even if you have only 1 or 2 shops.
Lastly, the production time for each alcohol is also different. Moonshine takes only 4 turns as compared to 7 turns for brick wine. This means you can probably earn more MONEY (not profit) in the same amount of time it takes to make brick wine. Actually, scratch that, you can make Moonshine (2 batches of 50) in 8 turns to for $500 profit but Brick Wine can make $513 in a single batch of 45 in 7 turns. But this is assuming you sell all at once of course (refer back to the fourth point).
The rest of the guide is still in development because there are way more tiers of booze to get into!
Random thoughts:
I would very much like to know how much demand and supply is generated per turn in each vendor. Like how much Brick Wine would they want after a few turns and how long does it take to reset. Because another dilemma in the early game is what backroom operation to make. My tip is not to build two of the same operation (any of the alcohol) early game unless there’s like 10 buyers.
I would love a graph overlay that tells me how much I have been making over the turns (just for fun).

Written by Imzai

This is all about City of Gangsters – Tips minimaxing the economy Guide!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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