Chrono Ark – v1.5b BOSS Guide

Chrono Ark – v1.5b BOSS Guide 1 -
Chrono Ark – v1.5b BOSS Guide 1 -
Boss action pattern guide and how to counter them.

Currently only includes Normal mode. May or may not update on Expert mode. Once I figure out the patterns on Expert, I might create a new guide if there is huge difference with Normal. Otherwise will just update in this guide.

Feel free to tell me if any part of this is not consistent with your understanding or boss’ behavior during your runs.

Would appreciate if we can make this guide created together by the Community. It is quite time consuming for me to analyse each boss pattern by my own.


How to read

Boss actions are described in my own word. As the official text seems to don’t do what they say and worded in confusing way sometimes. 
Boss’ actions are shown in the following format 
<(Action Count)> <Attack Name> <[Target]> <Effects> 
For example: (9+) Surging Shank[1] D 

  • Action count number in ( ) means countdown before the boss perform that action if your Ally Speed is +0. It is only available for some bosses currently. 
  • A number in [target] means how many ally will be hit by the attack. 
  • [A] in [target] means that the attack is AoE and will hit all allies. 
  • D in effects is short for "deal damage to target". 
  • (?) means the particular information is not confirmed. As the game do not allow save/load, it is hard to find out alone. Would appreciate the community’s help on these. 
  • "Ally" and "Enemy" is referring characters from player’s point of view.


Stage 1- Living Armor

HP: 66 
Cast "Blurry Shield" every start of the turn. 

  • Blurry Shield (Gain Complete Defense x1) 
  • Complete Defense will prevent the next attack damage but not any debuff.

Each turn, perform a random action from below: 

  • (9+) Surging Shank [1] D 
  • (9+) Pierce [A] D+ Bleeding (5 pain D/turn) 
  • (9+) Shield Blow [1] D+ Stun


  • Since it can only prevent 1 attack/turn, if you do not have enough Attack Skill in Hand, best to save them for the next turn and focus on healing instead. 
  • 3 cost Skill and 2 cost Fixed Ability will generally be useless if you only have 3 Mana/turn.


Stage 1- Cerberus

HP: 88 
Action List

  • (1) Scratch [A] D 
  • (1) Crunch [1] D 
  • (9+) Roar [A] Small D

Have two actions each turn. The first is either Scratch or Crunch; the second must be Roar. 

  • Kill it fast before it kills you. 
  • Don’t forget to heal and remember you can always exchange your Hand once per turn to get what you want. With it Roaring every turn, your green healing gauge will be depleted very fast if you do not heal immediately.


Stage 2- The Witch

HP: 205 
Passive: Curse 
Creates a Curse Skill in player’s hand at the start of each turn. 
Every 1N-th and 2N-th turn: create Crucifying Curse
Every 3N-th turn: create Weakening Curse
Curse Skill list 
Crucifying Curse: Exclude, Swiftness, Bind. Choose an ally and get 5 pain D/turn debuff. The debuff cannot be disabled. Auto-cast on all allies if remains in Hand at the end of the turn. 
Weakening Curse: Exclude, Swiftness, Bind. Choose an ally and get ATK -25%, Healing Power -25%, Evade -5% debuff. The debuff cannot be disabled. Auto-cast on all allies if remains in Hand at the end of the turn. 
Action List (1 Action per turn, as below)

  • <If no Doll exists> Moving Doll Summon 2 random Dolls. 
  • <If at least 1 Doll exists> Enchant Doll Give a Doll 1x Berserk stack (Receiving damage 
    +30%, ATK +40%)


  • You must play the Curse Skill every turn. Do not allow it to sit in your Hand at the end of turn. 
  • Since she will not summon any Doll as long as there is at least 1 alive, you do not have to kill all Dolls every turn. Just kill 1 of them to reduce damage, and kill the other one if the Berserk stack is too high to make her reset them. 
  • Recommend to kill a Butler Doll and allow a Maid Doll to stay alive because Butler Doll’s Taunt will block your attacks on Witch.


Stage 2- Golem

HP: 231 

  • Each turn, 1 of player’s random Hand have "Upgrade Module" buff. (Discarded after 1 turn + when cast, create a random skill that cost 1 less.) 
  • Each turn, 1 of player’s another random Hand have "Shatter Module" debuff (Discarded after 1 turn + cannot be exchanged + If this remains in hand at end of the turn, Golem will cast Earth Shatter.)

Action List (1 random Action per turn chosen from below)

  • (9+) Earthquake [A] D 
  • (9+) Slam Dunk [1] D

If "Shatter Module" remains in player’s Hand at end of turn, perform the following instead: 

  • (9+) Earth Shatter [A] D (very high damage)


  • Make sure to play Shatter Module card every single turn or you will have difficulty surviving even if you miss one turn. 
  • You do not need to play Upgrade Module every single turn if the condition do not allow it. On some turn you may play SM and do not play UM, but not vice versa. If you do want to play UM in a turn, make sure to calculate that you have enough mana and play UM before SM, as you might see some cards that reduce cost when you cast another cards, or more answers before you play SM. 
  • Basically trying to play SM and UM every single turn, and heal when you ally health is low to get auto-win.


Stage 3- Parade Tank

HP: 176 
Action List (1 Action/turn as below): 

  • Kaboom [A] D (~40 damage) 
  • Drum of Death [1] Healing received decreased + Summon "Parade Robot" 
  • Drum of Weakening [1] Attack power decreased

Action pattern is always in the above order, starting from Kaboom on turn 1, Drum of Death on turn 2, and so on. 

  • The whole fight is about whether can you outheal its Kaboom damage. 
  • Since it only perform Kaboom every 3 turns, and the Parade Robot only does Weak Attack, even with 1 Healer you should be able to heal up fast enough before the next Kaboom comes. Keep track of who is near or at Death’s Door to prioritize heal.


Stage 3- Joker

HP: 1?? 
Passive: Cuff Trick 
Skill that aren’t Lucy give Joker 1 stack of Cuff Trick. At 4 stacks, Stun + D the Ally who give Joker the last stack and reset stack count to 0. 
Action List

  • (0) Think of a Card Joker shows the player 3 random cards from their Deck. The player choose 1 of them to be transformed into a Joker
  • (1) Whistle: Summon 1 "Enraged Jester". 
  • (3~4) Hidden Dagger [2] D + Bleeding (5 pain D/turn)

On turn 0 and turn 3, will perform Think of a Card –> Hidden Dagger
On turn 1 and every 1+4N-th turn, will perform Whistle –> Hidden Dagger. (?) 
On other turns, will only perform Hidden Dagger
Swiftness, Discard after one turn. Draw a skill. All Ally with Bleeding or Stun take 15 damage when this card is cast or discarded. 

  • The only thing that stop you from taking down his low HP is Joker and Cuff Trick. 
  • Immediately play/exchange Joker if there is no Stun or Bleeding member in party as Joker might give Bleeding via Hidden Dagger later in a turn. If there is Stun or Bleeding member, try to play only when everyone affected is above 15 HP. 
  • Characters (enemy or ally) which are Stun will receive free Weakening Resistance (including Stun), so try to make the same character hit the Cuff Trick in a row to take advantage of the Resistance.


Stage 4- Time Eater

HP: 2?? 
Passive: Absorb Time 

  • All Ally Skill (except Lucy) gain "Count 9". 
  • Skill that automatically discard after X turns will remain until next turn. 
  • Player get 1x "Fast Forward" in Hand every start of the turn. (because of the point above?) 
  • At start of battle, the leftmost character gets "Amplify Time" buff x1.

Fast Forward 
Exclude, Swiftness, Discarded after 1 turn. 
Next skill played can be instantly cast. Wasted if next skill cast is Lucy’s since first point in Passive don’t affect Lucy in the first place. 
Amplify Time 

  • When one of your skill with Count is cast (NOT when played), move this buff to the ally to your right and it gain 1 stack. 
  • ATK +7% /stack. 
  • If you have "Amplify Time" at the start of your turn, gain "Overload Time" debuff (10 D/turn).

Action List (Each turn, perform 2 of the following at random. Will show in Cast List on the right.)

  • (10~15)Collapse Space Time [A] D + Evade -5% 
  • (10~15) Time Impact [1 ally with Amplify Time] D 
  • (10~15) Twisted Time [1 ally with Amplify Time AND 1 ally on their left] D

A "Timeless Gear" is respawned if not exist. It gains +15% ATK UP/turn but reset when it respawn. 

  • Try your best to play your Ally Skill in the order of 1st ally>2nd ally>3rd ally>4th ally>1st ally so that you can get many stack of "Amplify Time" in a short number of turns. 
  • Best to let AT stays at high HP ally to control where the "Overload Time" debuff, TI, and TT goes. 
  • Although Timeless Gear has weak initial attacks, kill Timeless Gear when you think its damage is getting high, or when it has a chance to finish off ally at Death Door. 
  • Watch out the Cast List to predict which ally need to be target of Heal. 
  • Play Fast Forward on card that gives more cards to open up more option, or emergency heal if someone is going to die.


Stage 4- Ruby & Sapphire

Ruby HP: 370 ; Sapphire HP: 370 (Shared Health) 
Passive: Shared Health 

  • When one of them is damaged/healed, the other will also get the same damage/heal. Hence, AoE damage will deal x2 damage to them in total.

At start of battle, 1x Cleanse is added to player’s Deck. 
Cleanse: Swiftness, Bind, Can be used 4 times. Remove all Stigmas of single target. If this is not in your hand at start of your turn, draw it. 
Action List (Each turn, perform 1 of the following set at random. Ruby has countdown 1~4, Sapphire has countdown 3~6. Action listed in Ruby–>Sapphire order, and will be performed at that order. Ruby’s attack will inflict Ruby Stigma; Sapphire’s attack will inflict Sapphire Stigma)

  • Growling Flame [A] D AND Storming Frost [1] D 
  • Chained Slash [1] D AND Chained Slash [1] D 
  • Hasty Slash [1] AND Double Slash [2] D

If HP is 141(?) or less, perform the following instead of the 1 random set above: 
Ruby & Sapphire: Blow of Harmony [A] D + Inflict "Ruby Stigma" and "Sapphire Stigma" + One of them gain "Counter Attack". 
Ruby Stigma 
Takes 8 D when cast own skill. 
Sapphire Stigma 
Own skill cost +2. 

  • Since you cannot control who get the Stigma (unlike most other boss), best to keep the Cleanse until someone have a lot of Stigma stack (preferably after BoH). However this may not be possible most of the time when your attacker gets some Ruby Stigma. 
  • Notice the information at top right corner of your screen. Ruby and Sapphire have different Evade chance and Armor. When you are attacking, target the one that you are better at. 
  • After they perform BoH, ignore the above point and avoid attacking the one with Counter Attack.


Stage 5- Reaper

(To be updated) 

Stage 5- Sacred Karaela

HP: 383 

  • Passive: Summon a "Burning Cross" at start of each turn, even when one already exist. 
  • At start of turn, 1 random ally get "Sacred Brand" buff.

Burning Cross 

  • Passive: If attacked, remove this buff and deal 8 (or 2 if attacker have Sacred Brand) D to attacker 
  • Taunt

Sacred Brand 

  • Create an "Evangelize the Sacredness" skill in Hand at start of the your turn. 
  • Cannot restore health. 
  • If fainted, give SB to an ally. 
  • Receive less damage from Blazing Shield and Blazing Cross.

Evangelize the Sacredness 
Transfer SB to an ally. 
Self gain Sacred Debris (If an ally with SB play a skill other than EtS from Hand, cast a copy of it and remove this buff.) 
Boss’ Action List (Each turn, perform 2 of the following action randomly)

  • Blazing Shield [1] D+ Boss get "Blazing Shield" buff. (If attacked, remove this buff and deal 8 (or 2 if attacker have Sacred Brand) D to attacker.) 
  • Burning Splendor [A] D + Blazing Fire debuff (Receive critical chance +10% + 6D/turn) 
  • Dazzling Flash [2] D + Stun + Weakened Armor

If HP is 177(?) or less, perform the following instead of the above: 
Consecration [1 ally with SB] High D. 
Will say "Who was marked? I will purify you!" at the start of the turn when this skill is counted. Do nothing if there is no ally with SB for some reason. 

  • Play EtS if you want to heal the current buff holder, or if you want to cast someone’s skill twice. 
  • Make sure your attacker have SB before attacking enemy with BC or BS, or you will deal a lot of damage to yourself. 
  • Recommend to kill BC spawned every turn as they also have normal attacks that deplete green healing gauge and can cause faints. Also they will be blocking some attacks because they have Taunt.


Stage 5- Pharos Leader

HP: 440 
Passive: Dominate 

  • You must cast the first ally attack skill you play on another ally each turn. 
  • If you don’t, do the above randomly by casting 1 and selecting random targets at the end of your turn. Do nothing if your hand do not have any attack skill.

Boss’ Action List (Perform 1 action/turn in this exact order, starting turn 1 from Strange Idea, 
Turn 2 Fear of Death…etc)

  • Strange Idea [1] D + debuff (Take own Skill in hand x3 pain D/turn) 
  • Fear of Death [2] D + Weakening Mind (ATK Power and Healing Power -25%) 
  • Rising Dominance [A] debuff (1 dmg/turn/stack)

If HP is 257(?) or less, cast the following instead: 
Obey: Target ally gain 4x Complete Obedience
Thereafter, perform 1 action/turn in the following order, continuing sequence from the above "Boss’ Action List": 
eg. If before the first OBEY is cast, the Boss used RD, then she will use SI the turn after OBEY is casted, and continue the above pattern thereafter. 
Complete Obedience 

  • At start of turn, play random learnt attack skill and give it Count. If the buff holder did not learnt any, play a random one instead. 
  • If attacked by an ally, remove 1 stack AND cancel the Counting skill in point above. 
  • At end of turn, remove 1 stack. 
  • Cannot take action.


  • Think of RD as a bonus turn for you to prepare your stuff as it only deals minimal damage. 
  • Always attack an ally with CO every turn. This way, the CO will only last 2 turns. Given that the boss only cast OBEY every 2 turns, this will prevent the situation where 2 of your Ally have CO at the same time from happening. 
  • Azar can just use his Hollowed Sword to deal minimal damage to ally every turn consistently. 
  • If you only have 1 attack skill in hand, considering exchange it to prevent first point of Passive, but beware as you might draw a more powerful attack, so have a grasp of your deck content at all times. Exchange can also be used to minimise SI debuff damage. 


Stage 6- Summoner

(To be updated) 

Stage 6- Guardian Golems

(To be updated) 

Stage 6- Cryomancer, Pyromancer, Electromancer

(To be updated) 

Stage 6- The Forgotten King

(To be updated) 

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Chrono Ark – v1.5b BOSS Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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