China: Mao’s legacy – Basic Info for New Players in 2021

China: Mao’s legacy – Basic Info for New Players in 2021 1 -
China: Mao’s legacy – Basic Info for New Players in 2021 1 -
A quick guide on how to play this game


several advice

don’t make any radical reform in early game.

spend all money you have unless you need some money for upcoming event.

make sure industry+agriculture+services-corruption>150 before 1980 to avoid backward economy.

make sure standard of living above 20 to avoid not a single flower blooms.

don’t choose “Don’t care at all” in diplomatic crisis to avoid embargo

finish war as soon as possible.

form economical union ASAP! it will provide lots of income


strongly recommend start game with following budget

China: Mao's legacy - A quick Guide on how to play this game

army provide army power,
MSS provide agent
science provide research point
state mechanism reduce corrpution
envelope relate to support of the party
propaganda relate to support of the people
agriculture industry service relate to agriculture industry service
welfare relate to standard of living

spend money on state mechanism agriculture industry service can increase income
spend money as much as possible!!!!!!!

all important diplomatic event and what you need to prepare before 1981

1976.6 Thailand coup, support CPT before that then you can start a civil war in Thailand, if you win Thailand will be pro-Chinese

after Mao’s funeral, remove Pol Pot to avoid Cambodian–Vietnamese War

1977.7 Pakistan coup, you need 3 money to support current government then Pakistan will be pro-Chinese

1977.9 Egypt rebellion, support Nasser’s supporters and need 4 money to fully involved Egypt. you need this to form UAR.

1977.1. Hungary event, need 8 agent to support current government then Hungary will out of the Soviet influence and become trade partner.

Myanmar coup, support Myanmar before and need 2 money for support communist, Myanmar will be pro-Chinese

1978.1 Iran revolution start, you need 5 agent to support left wing and support 3 times to help them win the revolution.

1978.1. CMEA expansion, need 3 agent to stop it, or Vietnam will join CMEA

1979.1. Japan election, support CPJ before it to make Japan neutral

1980.8 Pan-Arabism, need 7 money and 5 agent to form UAR.

1980.1. Poland event, restore relation with USSR before that and need a lot of thing to involve.

other countries:

Cambodia: win Cambodia-Vietnam war

Vietnam: win the war with Vietnam or avoid the war

Laos: avoid war with Vietnam

Malaysia: industry above 70, international reputation below 85

Indonesia: Vietnam Malaysia Thailand in same economical union then sanction and support communist

Philippines: support Maoist every year.

DPRK: send weapon

Republic of Korea: several way, I prefer blame them for Rangoon bombing and start 2nd Korea war

Afghanistan: support Maoist win civil war

Albania: if Albania leave Chinese influence, you will get a event to remove Hoxha

Greece: support PASOK in 1977 election

Yugoslavia: send Deng to Tito’s funeral to restore relation or makes international reputation below 90

Romania: prepare 30 money in late game to pay romania’s debt

By 执伞者孙羽

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about China: Mao’s legacy – A quick Guide on how to play this game; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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