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Celestial Hearts – Guide 23 - steamlists.com
This guide was written during the Beta Test and don’t mind some confusing numbers for screenshots or loot.
The numbers of the secret areas are not the same as in the mini guide from the developer, as I counted them in the order I could find them.
Optional content is written in italics.

Tipps: You can either grind when hoping for the rare gear drops from the mob monsters or later with the help of the Lucky Potion (once you can buy them).

Caps of Levels and Items are 99 and you can look into your bestiary for all the loot you might want.

Have fun!



Choose your difficulty. 
Story Mode: Easiest mode 
Normal: Play as intented 
Hard Mode: For hard core players. 


Items: Hunting Horn, 30 G, Tonic 
You can rest for free at Kayah’s home, the western most house. 
Talk to everyone and investigate the gravestone. 
Equipment has to be in the inventory once to be registered in the encyclopedia. 

Livia Woods

Items: Manual (story), 5 G, Phoenix Down, Potion, Straw Hat, 8 G, Leather Armor 
Items (secret area 1): Mist Potion, 30 G, Monster Steak 
To the north is a healing spring near your destination. 
The Gnome Essence is a good drop. 
Look for secret areas and grind for another set of Leather Armor (and a Straw Hat) as drop! 
The Wild Cat is rare but you will need that Leather Armor in the next dungeon. 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Boss Gail: Blind him and then hit him with normal attacks. 

Gravehart Dungeon

Items: Remedy, Mist Potion, 12 G, Hunting Bow, Antidote x2, Sweet Wine, 
Gail joins your party. 
You can restore your health at the food to the west. South of there is the exit, but you need to find the Nymphs first. 
The Nymph to the west will die once you find it. The other is still alive. 
In the NW are stairs (go down once) and another Nymph. 
Further east save the angel and the last Nymph. 
It is recommended grinding for the Earrings, Sickle and Plumed Hat. 
Boss Ash: Disarm, Blind, Water Drop for DEF Down until he escapes. 


You obtain the Drums of War and Helen joins the party. 
Leave the village to the east. 

The Journey Begins


Belume Worldmap

Check your bestiary for which monster will drop new gear. 
New possible gear drops: Jagged Knife 


Items (Entrance): Ether, 15 G 
Items: Ringblade, Phoenix Down, 25 G, Ivory Horn, Remedy, Breastplate 
Items (Exit, secret area): Tech Charm, 50 G, Vitacherries 
New good drops: Tigerat, Hard Leather Armor, Boots of Speed, Longsword, Ward Band 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
The monsters will attack in big groups and no healing point in this area. 

Water Passage (optional)

Items: 15 G, Ward Band, 22 G, Tonic, 12 G, Phoenix-Down, 18 G, Remedy, Ether, Mace 
Items (secret area): Mana Seed, 80 G, Quartz-Charm 
New good drops: Studded Leather, Aqua Wyrm, Power Brace, Chainmail, Mind Band 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 

Hart City

Items (church): Air Scroll, Ehter, 
Items (secret area): Miracle Dust, Coffee Beans 
Witness the event in the pub. 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Buy the Shield of Faith for 50 G in the secret area. 
Enter the church and talk to the priest. Then enter the office. 
Matthias will join the party. 
Talk to the woman in the basement to proceed. 

Hart City Underground

Items: Potion, 15 G, 
Down here is a healing point. 
Boss Shujin: He summons Shiro. Inflict as many debuffs and DOT as possible. Both will escape after some damage taken. 

Water Passage

Find the ladder in the centre. 

  • 3x East: 12 G, Sickle, Potion, Crossbow 
  • 2x East, West: 12 G, Sickle, Potion, 25 G, Healing Point 
  • East, West, 2x East: 12 G, Sickle, Remedy, Potion, Crossbow 
  • East, West, East, West: 12 G, Sickle, Remedy, Potion, 25 G, Healing Point 
  • East, 2x West, 2x East: 12 G, Sickle, Remedy, Booster, Crossbow 
  • East, 2x West, East, West: 12 G, Sickle, Remedy, Booster, 25 G, Healing Point 
  • East, 3x West: 12 G, Sickle, Remedy, Booster, Boots of Speed, 25 G, Healing Point 
  • West, 2x East: Silver Hourglass, 15 G, Booster, Crossbow 
  • West, East, West: Silver Hourglass, 15 G, Booster, 25 G, Healing Point 
  • 2x West, 2x East: Silver Hourglass, 15 G, Quarterstaff, Booster, Crossbow 
  • 2x West, East, West: Silver Hourglass, 15 G, Quarterstaff, Booster, 25 G, Healing Point

If you look carefully, then you see that there is a route to get all 3 weapons and the Booster. 
You can reach the healing point when you stay to the south of the boss. 
Boss Hydra: Weak to thunder. Inflict all possible DOT and debuffs. It will summon two Aqua Wyrms for help. There is a small chance for the normal drops of the Aqua Wyrms. 

A new Continent & Vagrant’s Arena Part 1



New good drops: Wild Horse, Venom Knife, Gaia Gear, Featherduster 


Meet Sylvie in the inn, Kayah at the pub, Gail further north and Matthias in the basement of that house. 
Meet with everyone at the exit, check for new gear and then leave to the north. 
Especially the Copper Ring are recommended. 

Vagrant’s Arena


  • You have to fight 4 waves of monsters without break 
  • The usage of items is not allowed 
  • The final 5th battle is against other heroes

Bout 1 (first opportunity): 

  1. Gnome x2, Kappa, Kobold, Sylph and Toxitoad 
  2. Aqua Wyrm, Tigerat, River Snake, Skulker, Giant Toad 
  3. Stone Knight x2, Fledgling x2, Matango x2 
  4. Fledgling, Sanshou, Grizzly, Dryad 
  5. Warrior of Light / Defenders of the Realm: Grant, Michelle, Kasey and Iris

Reward: 150 G, Monster Steak, Power Gauntlet, Feline Flinger. 
Note Achievement: Champion will unlock after winning all 5 Bouts. 

Deadwood Pass

Items: 30 G, Mist Potion, 40 G, Phoenix Pinion, Potent Ether, Mind Band, 32 G, Silver Hourglass, 
New good drops: Face Mask, Dryad, Wood Armor, That One Ring, 
The poisonous floor will damage you seriously. 
If you follow the west border you will reach a hole to the Underground. 
Climbing up the first opportunity will lead to the Halberd and the 2nd one to the Harp of Serenity. 
If you risk walking over the poisonous floor, you will find Harvest Scythe and another entrance (so find that entrance to the SE of the Entrance!). 
If you follow this northern Underground Passage to the end, you will reach the Secret Area #5 with Lucky Egg, Stealth Charm and Hardtack. 
You will reach the exit when you follow the north-eastern border after you reach the lake. 
But the bridge is out. 
To the west of that lake you will reach a save point and a hut. 
Enter that hut. 
Boss Achilles: Try to afflict poison and other DoT and heal when necessary. Survive until he gets bored. 
Note Deadwood: This is a really rare monster and will only appear overground. It is possible to buy “That One Ring” later. 

Deadwood Bridge

Your new friend from the hut will clear the bridge for you. 

A new (frosty and hot) continent Part 2



New good drops: Snow Wolf, Ninja Hood, Karate Gi, 

Lynholde (optional)

Items: Vitacherries, Spectral Sword 
Items (interior): Mist Potion, Coffee Beans, 37 G 
items (Throne): 40 G, Gaia Gear 
Items (prison): Booster 
Items (secret area): Phoenix Pinion, Potent Mist Potion 
In the Throne Room are Monster in a Box (Ghost Riders): Book of Light. 
Those Ghost Riders might drop Iron Boots, so perhaps save before you fight them. 
Same for the prison. There you encounter Ninjas, which might drop Khopesh and you will get the Mana Charm. 
If you follow the path in the prison, you will reach the secret area #6. 
Use the healing point and read the letter before you open the chests (nothing will happen). 

Kharass (optional)

Theoretically you can reach Priscillia Town before progressing the story, but as this desert is so huge I recommend doing everything you can in the north first. I gave some hints what you have to do to proceed, so if you don’t enter Solemn, the mansion at Khalim Port or defeat the boss in the desert, you can explore freely. 


Items: Book of Frost 
Items (secret area): Monster Steak, Miracle Dust, Magushroom, 150 G 
In the library you can witness an optional event. 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 


Celestial Hearts - Guide 
There are still some errors in this map from the developer, like the secret 2 is on cactus (south) and the next barren map is deleted. 

Items (merchant/tent): 40 G 
Items (Barren): Tech Charm (see screenshot), Silver Hourglass 
Items (Cactus north): 52 G, Remedy 
Items (Chasm): Ebony Moon 
Items (Barren/Secret 1): 14 G 
Items (Town Entrance): Potent Potion 
Items (Pyramid): Scepter 
Items (Mountain north): 55 G 
Items (Mountain south): Power Brace 
Items (Barren/Flame Scroll): Fire Scroll (yeah, this is called so in the menu), Lucky Potion 
Items (Cactus south/secret 2/secret area #9): Lucky Potion, Ninja Hood, Mist Potion 
Items (bridge): 75 G 
New good drops: Giant Club, Titan Brace, Flame Lizard, Boots of Ludicrous Speed 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
You cannot enter the pyramid/temple yet. 
You can heal at both oasis. 
Enter and talk to the NPC in the vacation home. 

Port Khalim

Items (secret area): Magushroom, 80 G, Lucky Potion, 
Enter the big house and talk to Matthias later to proceed. 
Gail and Dahlia are in the house, Sylvie is in the restaurant, Kayah at the ocean (talking to her will unlock an extra scene). 
Go through the hole in the town wall (the NPC even tells you about it) to reach the secret area #1 of Kharass (#8 in total). 
To proceed the story you have to defeat the Carbuncle at the Midnight Oasis. 
It will delete your TP at once! Apply every kind of DoT and debuffs as possible. Absorbs Holy and will summon 3 Scarabs after some turns or damage. Later it will summon 2 Flame Lizards and a Sandworm. It will drop Carbuncle and Amber Gem. 
Exit the Kharass desert to the west of the bridge. 


Items: Potent Potion, 
Items (secret area #10): Sweet Wine, Lucky Charm, Miracle Dust 
To find the secret area, talk to the NPC standing next to the locked house to get a tipp (see the shadow of the alcove). 
Concratulation for unlocking your first Achievement “Secret Secrets”! 
Talk to the cat for an optional scene. 
Talk to Sera with the Amber Gem in possession to proceed. 

Sera’s Ship & Vagrant’s Arena Part 2

Before you travel to the Gravehart Diamond Mine, there is some optional content to get. 
Good new drops: Icicle Staff, Siren, Camo Suit, Mithril Dagger, Full Plate Helmet, Iron Boots, Thunderhorn, Ring of Fire 

Vagrant’s Arena

Bout 2 (first opportunity): 

  1. Flame Lizard, Pirahna, Devil Book, Snow Wolf, Dryad 
  2. Scarab x2, Trickster, Goblin x2, Will-o-Wisp, Siren, Crystal Growth 
  3. Cyclops, Ghost Rider, Deadwood 
  4. Mimic, Tachi, King Crab, Sandworm, Lycanthrope, Mermaid 
  5. The Sinister Three: Blaze, Shaltear, Din

Reward: 300 G, Magushroom, Ancient Ocarina, Sir Stanford’s Sword. 

Water Passage

Get the remaining items. 
Your ship will follow you to the other side.

Gravehart Diamond Mine

Items (clockwise): Ring of Fire, 65 G, Potent Potion, Work Pants, Leather Circlet, 50 G 
Items (Crystal Mine #4): Thaumaturgy Robe, Mist Potion, 43 G 
Items (secret area): 150 G, Flower Charm, The Big Cheese 
Items (Crystal Mine #5): Remedy, Gull, Potent Ether 
Items (Crystal Mine #6): Book of Thunder, 80 G, Phoenix Down 
items (Crystal Mine #7): Phoenix Town, Mana Seed 
Good new drops: Cyber Helm 
There is a healing point right at the entrance. 
One of the machines is in the centre of the mine via the western tracks. 
The others are in the Crystal Mine. 
If you follow the tracks to the south west, you will reach Crystal Mine #6. 
If you follow the tracks the the west and climb down the rope you will reach Crystal Mine #5. 
To the NE is the Crystal Mine #4. 
In the Crystal Mine #4 climb up the rope to find the secret area #11. 
Try to leave the mine after destroying all 4 machines. 
You drop down to Crystal Mine #7. 
Boss Terminator Mk. II: After some damage it will overheat. Keep your HP high and defeat it. 
Return to the surface. You can jump over the destroyed tracks for healing. 
You can visit most places again in case you missed a secret area or scene. 
Check the miniguide for the worldmap of Belume and what places/items will be lost after the next main event.

Back to the beginning


Gravehart Manor

Items (outside): Booster 
Boss Achilles, Ash and Shujin: DoT and buff/debuff. Ash will escape after a scene. Just survive until the other two leave, too. 
Enter the basement. 

Gravehart Dungeon

Ash awaits you at the next stairs. 
Follow him. 


Items: Mystic Potion, Ether, Phoenix Down, 77 G, Overcharge Charm 
Items (secret area): Hyperbooster, Mana Seed, 200 G 
Items (building): Potent Ether, Demonhide, Potent Potion, Demon Horn 
Good new drops: Demonic Ring, Medusa, Snake Eyes 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Enter the building and use the healing point. 
Talk to Ash to proceed. 
Boss Gravehart: like all other bosses, afflict DoT, buffs/debuffs. Absorbs dark and is weak to light and fire. 

Point of no Return

Follow Lilith! 

The Floating Continent Disaster & Vagrant’s Arena Part 3



Gear up. 


New good drops: Ruby Ring, Obsidian Statue (monsters 57 – 60, snow area) 
Lil’ Bonk, Druidweave, Panzer, Cloak of Invisibility (monsters 103 – 108, green area to the south) 

Mount Solemn

Items (entrance): 100 G, Mystic Potion 
Items (interior 1): Mithril Ringblade, Ruby Ring, Book of Flames, 65 G 
Items (interior 2): Potent Potion, Work Pants 
Items (secret area): Monster Steak, 200 G, Lucky Potion 
New good drops: Mithril Mace 
Boss Solemn Colossus: same tactic as before. Weak to water and absorbs fire. 
Right after this boss is a small cave to the west, leading to the secret area #13. 

Grave of the Damned

Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Items (Secret Area): Bundle of Rare Elixirs, Lucky Potion 
Note: you can do some optional stuff before talking to Achilles. 

Deadwood Pass

Enter Sera’s hut and investigate the Doll to start the sidequest (see Mini Guide). 

Vagrant’s Arena

Bout 3 (first opportunity): 

  1. Salamander x2, Panzer, Cottonmouth 
  2. Obsidian Statue x2, Matanga x2, Zhenniao 
  3. Lava Fish x2, Medusa, Scylla, Pirahna x2 
  4. Dreadhound, Kraken, Zhenniao, Gryphon 
  5. The Gravehart Siblings: Sera and Ash: The TP will be depleted at once.

Reward: 500 G, Lucky Egg, Earth Scroll, Totally Normal Staff. 
Talk to Sera and she gives you a hint for a optional boss in the Deadwood Pass. 
You need some kind of meat and put in on the grate at the blue lake there. 


Items (secret area): Lucky Egg, Steady Charm, Phoenix Pinion 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 

Flooded Pass

Not recommended using yet! 

Grave of the Damned

Talk to Achilles. 
Try to enter the hut. 

Flooded Pass

Items (underwater pass): Potent Ether, 50 G, Runic Staff, 80 G, Booster, Silver Hourglass, Water Scroll, Potent Mist Potion, Aqua Ring, Phoenix Down, Aquaweave 
Items (secret area): Vitacherries, Mana Charm, Lucky Egg, Sweet Wine 
Good new drops: Water Sprite, Minerva Bustier, Aqua Ring, Matanga 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Boss Orochi: like with all bosses, afflict DoT, buffs/debuffs. Avoid using water, ice and fire. 


Buy new gear. 


Items (secret area): Sacred Mist Potion, 
Find the doll (sidequest). 
Move the Tombstone to reveal a secret area (#17). 
Optional Boss Byakko and Hakutaku: see mini guide for tactics. Poison and other DoT are effective. They drop the Godhand and Devilspike. 
You earn an Achievement: “Gallant”. 

Sci Tech

Items (sewers): 90 G, Bomber Jacket, Potent Ether, Potent Potion, 62 G 
Items (Research 1): Vitacherries, 65 G, Tank Charm 
Items (Research 2): Potent Potion, Bath Robe, 70 G, Booster 
Items (Living Quarters): 100 G, The Big Cheese, Cyber Plate, Potent Mist Potion, 
Good new drops: Fedora, Bath Robe, Top Hat, Alpha Visor 
Read the notes (x5) and pull the lever to create a short cut. 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Down there a roboter will sell you some essences and items like “Lucky Potion”. 
Note “Lucky Potion”: You will only see the true effect of 2x EXP in the Status. 
Down in the Test Chamber: 
Optional Boss Terminator Mk. III: see mini guide. It will summon 4 Fighter Drones! Drops the Boomstick. 
Unlocks the Achievement: “Terminated” 

Priscilla’s Peak

Items: Blitz Charm 
You can currently only read the stone slab.

The Floating Continent Disaster Part 2


Helena’s Spire

Items (Floor 2): Mystic Potion, Phoenix Down, 
Items (Blue Stairs to Floor 3): Amber Ring, Potent Potion 
Items (Red/purple Stairs to Floor 3): Phoenix Pinion 
Items (Green Stairs to Floor 2): Holy Cross 
Items (Golden Stairs to Floor 4): 80 Gold, Potent Mist Potion, Booster 
Items (Red Stairs to Floor 5): Pale Luna 
Items (Blue Stairs to Floor 5): Pike 
Items (Green Stairs to Floor 5): Remedy, Heal.ing Point, 
Items (Purple Stairs to Floor 4 / Secret Area): Mana Seed, Potent Mist Potion, Vitacherries 
New good drops: Yew Flatbow, Amber Ring, Spirit Fox, Titanium Blade, Yari, Mana Crystals 
The Stairs are written in the order you should take them. 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Investigate the golden instrument. 
Boss Guardian: Avoid Thunder/light attacks and apply DoT. Weak to Dark. It can deplete the MP of one character. 


Items: Old Key 
Now you can cross the bridge. 


Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Items (bridge): Golden Hourglass 
Look carefully for treasures in the sand (sparkles). 
Enter the Vacation home for the doll sidequest. This will make a new location near Solemn appear. 

Ogronn’s Keep

Items: Potent Mist Potion, 62 G, Mana Seed, Potent Potion, 55 G, Ogronn’s Bonecrusher, Phoenix Down 
New good drops (the bottom 3 entries of the bestiary): no new drops 
Find the basement and reach the 2nd floor. 
You can leave there via the rope. 

Priscilla’s Peak

Find the doll to obtain the Miracle Band. 


Items (Town entrance): Gold Hourglass 
Check out Port Khalim. Dahlia is in the inn. 
Enter the mansion and sit on the chair for an extra scene. 
In the restaurant you can trigger another optional scene. 
Read the notice in the shop. 


Enter the secret area. 
Optional Boss Strife: see mini guide. Even with level 50+ in hard mode a true challenge. Drops the Omega. 
Unlock the Achievement: “Hero”

Pyramid – Temple of Kharass

Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Items (maze): Potent Mist Potion, Ether, Vitacherries, 50 G, Remedy, Tonic 
Items (east stairs, Temple Chamber): Royal Knife 
Items (west stairs, Temple Chamber): Mystic Potion, 80 G 
Items (NW stairs, maze): Booster, 111 G, Antidote, Mana Seed, Potent Ether 
Items (NW stairs, Temple Chamber): Giant Conch 
Items (east stairs, maze): 89 G, Potent Potion, Face Masc 
Items (SE stairs, Temple Chamber, Secret Area #20): 200 G, 300 G, The Big Cheese, Gold Hourglass, 350 G 
New good drops: Umbral Edge, Elmwood Staff, Tri-Flail, Ripblade, Bastet 
Reach the Central Stairs (order of stairs see items) and enter the Throne Room. 
Boss Phoenix, Pharaoh, Anubis, Witch x2: Weak to water and absorbs fire. Get rid of the mobs asap. Apply DoTs and buffs/debuffs. The boss can revive the mobs one at a time and later all at once. 
Take the Staff of Hermes. 
Use the teleporter to the east to leave. 

Port Khalim

Enter your new Ship. 

Achilles’ Ship & Vagrant’s Arena Final Part



New good drops: Ultra Tech Charm, Tank Charm, Berserker Charm, 

Vagrant’s Arena

Bout 4 (first opportunity): 

  1. Outrider, Sorceror, Witch, Pharaoh 
  2. Wild Cat x2, Bastet x2, Persian x2, Spirit Fox 
  3. Shadow, Parasite, Mummy, Corruption, Water Sprite 
  4. Dullahan, Anubis, Obsidian Statue, Unicorn, Matanga, Persian 
  5. Knights of Halonia: Ruthea, Alia, Guinevere, Minerva

Reward: 500 G, The Big Cheese, Book of Elements, Skyrage. 
Talk to Minerva to unlock the Depths. 
Final Bout: 
Boss Vagrant & Tiastrasza: see mini guide. Apply a many DoT and debuffs as possible. 
Unlocks the Achievement: “Champion”. 
Reward: Miracle Dust, The Big Cheese, Death Fang 
Optional Boss Charybdis: see mini guide. Drops the Abyss Horn. 
Unlocks the Achievement: ODYSSEY 


Witness a optional scene in the inn. 
Open the shed with the Old Key and read the diary. 
You obtain the Venus Flute. 

Hart City

They have new gear. 
Talk to the NPC is under the church. 
Buy the Slab of Meat for 500 Gold. 

Deadwood Pass

Remember Sera’s request in the Arena? 
Put the Slab of Meat on the crate at the lake. 
Optional Boss Zombie Yeti: see mini guide. Drops Zombie Yeti. 
Unlocks the Achievement: “Slayer” 

Crystal Mine #6

Optional Boss Seiryiuu: see mini guide. Drops Ragnarok. 
Unlocks the Achievement: “Master” 

Priscilla’s Peak

Now Sera and Ash are there. 
Talk to Ash to obtain the Issa Kabeer.

The Depths

The Depths

Items (Forest 1): Phoenix Down, Sacred Potion 
Items (Forest 2-1): Grand Plate, Booster, 100 G, Coffee Beans 
Items (Forest 2-2): Regenerator Band (follow the path behind the temple) 
Items (Temple 1): 100 G x3, Lucky Potion 
Items (east stairs, Temple 2): Lucky Knife 
Items (west stairs, Temple 2): Eclipse Robe 
Items (Forest 3-1): Grand Helm, Vitacherries 
Items (Forest 3-1, Waterfall Secret Area): Battle Charm, The Big Cheese 
Items (Forest 3-2): Potent Potion 
Items (Ice 1): Eclipse Hat, Sacred Mist Potion, 120 G, Silver Hourglass, Maple Bow 
Items (Ice 2): Potent Ether, Miracle Dust, Golden Broach 
New good Drops: Battle Robe, Golden Broach, Enchantress, Merlin’s Pocket Knife, Feathered Headdress, Growth Band (Prankster), Kaiser, Beatstick 
Forest 2-2 is the entrance to Temple 1. It is the west exit of Forest 2-1. 
Riddle of the Sphinx (north stairs): 

  1. People 
  2. Sun 
  3. Mountain 
  4. Your name 
  5. Piano

Drops the Hand of God 
Use the teleport to return to the entrance. 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Ice 2 Boss Ketos: Absorbs Ice, weak to fire. Refresh the DoT when it shed its skin. Will summon 2 Man-o-War. Drops Depths Horn. 
Use the teleport to return to the forest. 
The Yellow Teleporter of Forest 4 creates a shortcut to the Entrance. 
You need to have defeated both the Sphinx and Ketos to proceed. 
Items (Town 1): Feathered Headdress 
Items (Town 1 Secret Area): Magushroom, Phoenix Pinion, Sacred Mist Potion 
Talk to the pots in the one house. 
One of the kids will tell you a secret (but you will never know it). 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Boss Daji: She can deplete the MP of one character and nearly kill that one. With the Enchantress equiped let Silvie heal that. Weak to dark and likes to seduce you. Drops the Mana Battery. 
Items (Labyrinth 1): Phoenix Down, Reaper 
Items (east, Labyrinth 3): 82 G, Lucky Egg 
Items (west, Labyrinth 2): 133 G, Monster Steak, Sacred Mist Potion 
Items (northern vine): Assassin Cloak 
Items (southern vine, Labyrinth 4): Booster, 150 G, Sacred Potion 
Items (southern vine, Labyrinth 3): Assassin Hood 
The southern vine of Labyrinth 2 then southern vine, Labyrinth 4 will lead to Labyrinth 3 and then back to Labyrinth 1. 
From there head north to Labyrinth 5. 
The Green Teleport creates a shortcut to the entrance. 
Items (Universe 1): Ceremonial Dress, Remedy 
Items (Universe 2): Phoenix Pinion, Gold Hourglass, Miracle Dust 
Use the healing point before you step on the green tile at Universe 2. 
Boss Solemn Collossus, then Phoenix, then Orochi, and last Guardian: Those bosses take turns to fight you. Please look up the bosses for tactics. 
The White Teleport of Universe 3 creates a shortcut to the entrance. 
Reach the chamber and touch Malady’s Grimoire. 
Taking it will unlock the Achievement: “The Past is Present”. 
Leave the chamber. 
Boss Silnastra: see mini guide. You will meet her again.

The Final Dungeon


Neo Hellgate

Items (secret Area #22): Mana Seed, Lucky Potion, Miracle Dust 
Items (map 3): 250 G, Potent Mist Potion, Wizardspike 
Items (map 4): Potent Mist Potion, Potent Ether, Potent Potion, Regenerator Band, Lucky Potion, Ultra Tech Charm 
Items (map 5): Phoenix Pinion 
Items (map 6): Potent Mist Potion, Ultima, 
Items (map 7): Growth Band, Miracle Band 
Items (map 9): Phoenix Pinion, Potent Potion, Potent Ether 
Items (map 10): Mystic Potion x2, Potent Mist Potion, Booster 
New good drops: Wraith, Regenerator Band, Bowcaster, Cloak of Invisibility
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Boss of map 5, Shujin: He can deplete the MP and nearly kill one character. Silvie’s Enchantress skill are the best for healing those. 
Entrance to Neo Hellgate 7: 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Boss Typhelius and Bjarna 
Entrance to Neo Hellgate 8: 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Higher encounter rate of Evil Pots, which give you 2400 EXP each. 
Entrance to Neo Hellgate 9: 
Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Step on the eastern vortex to create a shortcut to the entrance. 

Neo Hellgate 11 marks the Point of No Return!

Boss map 12, Lilith: weak to light, absorbs dark. Her AoE will cause app. 75% damage. You will get help from Silnastra. 
Final Boss Lilith: weak to light 
You unlock the Achievements: “Victory” and “Hard Victory” 
Escape, but the shortcut is gone! 
Reach Neo Hellgate 2. 
Final Boss Lilith: same tactic like the first battle until Kayah and Hellen use a combo attack. 
Watch the epilogue until the end to unlock the last Achievement: “Lilith”. 



Hart City

Celestial Hearts - Guide 
Receive the Backpack in the hidden room. 
Doable when you can reach Hart City for the first time and after you got Achilles’ Ship. 

Written by Firefly130984

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Celestial Hearts – Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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