Castan – Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Castan – Basic Gameplay Tips 2 -
Castan – Basic Gameplay Tips 2 -

A guide to help you when playing Castan

General Info

The game is short, only around 5 in game days i believe. Or until you speedrun wiping away the debt like I did. Castan has 2 different ending depending on if you clear your debt or not, I’m not going to spoil anything story wise in this guide. But just give some helpful tips.
In order to wipe away your debt you will need to collect items and bring them back to Hector at the docks. There will be a crate next to the shed, this is where you can sell him your items.
You can also sell items at the shop in the survivors base in exchange for cash which can be used to buy Gas Mask Filters, Medical Syringes and Ammo.

Useful Gear

There is 6 different gear items you can have some need collecting like medical syringes, ammo and gas mask filter (see the loot section of the guide for more info on this)
Each gear item has its own keybind, this list will tell you what each gear item is bound to on the keyboard

  • Gun – 1 (can be switched with scroll-wheel)
  • Sword – 2 (can be switched with scroll-wheel)
  • Medical Syringe – Q
  • Gas Mask – G
  • Bag/Inventory – Tab
  • Compass – C

As confusing as it may seem, the compass is probably the most important tool in Castan. Instead of pointing north, the compass points to the gate into the settlers base. Remembering this will be handy when your trying to run back to the base with 1 minute until nightfall.
The Gas mask allows you to enter areas which are contaminated by a green gas. Your gas filters will wear down quickly so make sure you have multiple with you when you enter or pass through a cloud.
The Bag/Inventory is where you can see how much money you have, the amount of debt you still owe and the weight of all your items currently held in your bag.


There are 2 types of enemies in the city of Castan, the Armadillos and the Mushroom Toads. This section of the guide will teach you info about each enemy and the best way to kill them.


The armadillos have 2 different attacks.

  • A Rolling Charge
  • Tongue Attack

These attacks may only seem to do a small amount of damage but when theres more than 1 attacking you, it can get a little chaotic.
Armadillos have tough shells which means that bullets cant penetrate them. To kill an armadillo you will need to shoot its head, Slicing it with a sword also works. It wont die in one hit so whichever weapon you kill it with, here is the amount of hits it will take to kill one.

  • Gun – 7 hits (headshots)
  • Sword – 3 hits (headshots)


Mushroom Toads

The Mushroom Toads only have 1 attack in which they have to be in close proximity to you

  • Sludge Bomb

The sludge bomb is launched into the air and impacts the floor around 2-3 seconds after launch. This attack can easily be dodged by simply moving around.
Although they may seem tough because of their size, the Mushroom Toads have no armour and can easily be taken down from range, these are the amount of hits required to take down one of these beasts.

  • Gun – 13 hits
  • Sword – 4 hits

Make sure to collect as much ammo as you can because trying to shoot as many enemies as you can will wear down your supply if you don’t pay enough attention.



In my time playing Castan I’ve come across many different pieces of loot, coming in all different qualities and prices. This section of the guide will break down the range price of each rarity item, note that as the price range for each item goes up, so does its weight in your bag meaning you wont be able to carry as much.

  • Purple – Between 500 and 1000*
  • Blue – Between 300 and 500*
  • Green – Between 50 and 300
  • White – Between 25 and 125

(*not including weight-free items like ammo, gas mask filters and ammo)


I’m sure there are many locations around the city which are full of loot ready to be snatched and sold, but there is one location I have been running too for days on end. The Supermarket. Head out of the survivors base and turn left. Following the road you will see a truck which has smashed into the wall of the supermarket. Enter via the left side of the truck and loot to your hearts content. There is always plenty of loot. Especially ammo. But your not done yet, once your finished looting inside the store, head out the store and turn down the road to the left (back towards the survivors base). You will come into a parking lot with 3 truck trailers in the gas (there may not be gas sometimes) with some Mushroom Toads and Armadillos patrolling the area. Make sure to equip your gas mask before going into the gas.

Special Items

Specific items don’t have a weight, regardless of how many you possess in your inventory. These items include:

  • Gas Mask Filters
  • Ammo
  • Medical Syringes

Collecting these items are probably number 1 priority when you leave the base everyday. having an excess of filters, ammo and especially medical syringes can come in handy when you least expect it. Selling these items should only really be considered if it is the last amount of money you need or if you know where you can get more quickly.

Written by JD Rage51

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Castan – Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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