Cassette Beasts – Ritual Candle Guide

Cassette Beasts – Ritual Candle Guide 7 -
Cassette Beasts – Ritual Candle Guide 7 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you all about Cassette Beasts – Ritual Candle Following this guide step by step.

This guide aims to summarize how bootleg monsters work, where to find them, and how to use a ritual candle to obtain bootleg monsters.

Ritual Candle

A ritual candle can be used to force a 24-A01426509A when fighting a 24-A01427008A. Due to their typing they can be annoying, but a sure way to get one. These are expensive to purchase so plan accordingly. Once unlocked, these are available.

You have to beat all 12 captains; each one costs 50 fused materials plus the tape you want to burn.

  1. It is best to catch a wild one as . You will lose it once you burn the tape to the candle.
  2. A ritual candle guarantees that the monster or type both on the burned tape will be in the rogue fusion. The next “wild” (normal or swarm), rogue fusion will have a 24-A01426509A, except for the fixed rogue fusions. Once you have completed the game, a rogue fusion map will be available. This makes it easy to locate them on the map. The Rogue fusions is always on the overworld, but it can be difficult to find. Also, without unlocking the entire map it may be more difficult to get the type/monster combination you want. [\spoiler]
  3. You can get the bootleg monster if you burn a normal copy of the natural type and go to the default region.
  4. If you have a particular monster in mind, say cryoshear []

    It is recommended that if you want a bootleg monster monster of a particular type (poison), you burn a tape and then travel to areas where monsters are common (the swamp area or graveyard). Please note that this isn’t guaranteed and you might need to reset.

  5. I recommend creating a backup .

    If you want to experiment with this because of the cost.

  6. Before you examine each element, place all bootleg monster into the bootleg section.
  7. If you know what you want to do, the easiest way to reset is to burn and save the tape. If the typing/monster pairing is not what you want, force quit after you have broken them in half. The ritual candle is saved, so there will be no problems if you reset.
  8. I prefer to do a normal rogue fusion over a 24-A01422620A because there are fewer monsters. However, if you have sweepers strong enough to remove multiple monsters, that may be better. The swarm only has one unique monster and you can tell immediately if it’s the monster you want or if you want a different kind on it. Swarm rogue fusions has 5 normal monsters, before leading to a fusion monster. Normal rogue fusion contains the rogue fusion, and one assistant local creature.
  9. If you want to get a bootleg monster for each type, you will have to burn []

    For the glass type. Multiple monsters exist for all other types, so your choices are not limited. There is no glitter monster at the time this article was written – []




Here are a few examples, since I was looking for an alternative
Cryoshear []


  1. I burned a normal piece of ice []

    Wirral and got bootleg ice Wirral and got bootleg Ice cryoshear []

    spooki – – []


  2. I burned a normal boltam []

    Mt. Wirral and got bootleg ice Boltam – []


  3. I burned a normal piece of ice []

    I went to New Wirral Park, and got a bootleg Earth cryoshear []

    . My other runs got a bootleg ice Springheel []

    dominoth []


Below are images that show how the bootlegs compare to the original.

I’ve used these two cryoshears a lot. Their sticker/moves may not be the default, but the statline remains the same.

Cassette Beasts - Ritual Candle Guide - Examples - 54238E2

Cassette Beasts - Ritual Candle Guide - Examples - 61C235C

Here are two of my bootlegs. Note the different stickers/moves that they begin with.

Cassette Beasts - Ritual Candle Guide - Examples - E6E8FBC

Cassette Beasts - Ritual Candle Guide - Examples - F91E5B6

This is a cryoshear and Icepeak that has not been leveled.

Cassette Beasts - Ritual Candle Guide - Examples - EC2275A

Cassette Beasts - Ritual Candle Guide - Examples - 68F6E5E

Experimentation Questions

  1. When you have different bootlegs typesp/i] for the same monster, your moveset is increased because of the different types. It also appears that any can equip any move the original or bootleg could can equip. This implies that if there are multiple every type copies of a monster, then the moveset is increased.
  2. What happens when two monsters fuse and are themselves bootlegs
  3. The game states that there are 14,400 possible fusions. There are 2,822,400 possible color/type/monster pairs with 13 bootleg types and 14 if you count the original. I’m not certain if the colors overlap or mix properly. It is important to note that some monsters can be duplicated using bootlegs.


It was our pleasure to walk you through the Cassette Beasts – Ritual Candle Guide, and we sincerely hope that you found it useful. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions for improving this post, do let us know in the comments. Regards and best wishes for a wonderful day in return for your time and effort. I feel it’s important to give credit where credit is due, so I’d like to point out that this tutorial was inspired by a post that Lost_Kitty published. If you liked this post, be sure to bookmark us so you can easily find more of our great material in the future.

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