Cassette Beasts – Redeemable Codes

Cassette Beasts – Redeemable Codes 1 -
Cassette Beasts – Redeemable Codes 1 -

Hello and welcome, We hope you will find this page helpful as we provide information regarding the Ca*sette Beasts – Redeemable Codes.

Here’s a list of all the codes released for the game and the information they provide or give. This list will be kept up to date.

Codes will provide a bootleg. However, all bootlegs can be detected in game; therefore there’s no reason to limit the codes (so far) it’s just early monsters and getting easy bootlegs.

Active Codes

Currently no codes are active.

Codes that are not activated:

  • “launchday” – Metal Traffikrab
  • “valentines” – Glitter Dandylion
  • “traffikrab” – Plastic Traffikrab

This Ca*sette Beasts – Redeemable Codes Guide is now complete. We would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions or suggestions on how we may improve this post. Thank you very much; I hope you have a fantastic day! We are indebted to Sky, whose perceptive guide served as the impetus for this one. Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update the site frequently with fresh articles.

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