Cartel Tycoon – [WIP] All building features & supply chain calculator

Cartel Tycoon – [WIP] All building features & supply chain calculator 1 -
Cartel Tycoon – [WIP] All building features & supply chain calculator 1 -
[Work in progress]
All building characteristics, consuming/producing product values, frequencies, producing/laundering efficiencies, etc., for all levels.

Next up, full supply chain calculator:
total dirty money laundering capacity < exporting capacity < transforming capacity < producing capacity.

Ending objective for the calculator:
Being able to assess beforehand how much are you producing, what’s your max product/money producing capacity and to plan next steps: either step up your drug production or your money laundering capacity.

E. g., with this guide you’ll be able to know if you have enough or too many farms, workshops, exporting and laundering buildings, so your buildings won’t fill up or be stopped for pending input products.


Building values and supply chain calculator

Please share your feedback, what you’re finding wrong with it, what you’d like to be included and how are you using the guide. 
Google Sheets link: 

To-dos and current version

Updated on 30/April/2021 for game most recent version. 

  • Add every building 
  • Finish adding every producing & transforming building values 
  • Double check all values 
  • Add all regions with alreayd-built buildings and building slots 
  • Add buildings/lieautenants upkeep 
  • Add option to calculate total earnings and upkeep for cash/dirty money 
  • Add supply chain calculator: how much do I produce, max production capacity 
  • Add option for adding lieautenants special bonus to buildings


Written by konigdermasai

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Cartel Tycoon – [WIP] All building features & supply chain calculator, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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