Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Complete DE easter egg guide!

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Complete DE easter egg guide! 1 -
Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Complete DE easter egg guide! 1 -

This is a in-depth guide on how to complete the der eisendrache easter egg for solo or co-op!

Bow and Bow upgrades

The first step for any der eisendrache easter egg is to have the standard bow, to get the bow you have to feed 3 dragons. The locations are “Near double tap, in the church, and in the anti-gravity room” once you have filled all 3 of these dragons go to the knight’s tomb where you can collect the wrath of the ancients.
Now to upgrade the bow is trickier, there are 4 bow upgrades and you will have to have as many upgraded bows as there are players in your gave (Example!: 3 players = 3 upgraded bows), I will show you the easiest bow upgrade, this is only for solo though so if you want to know how to do all bows MrRofllWaffles has a great guide for each.
How to get the storm bow.
First, go up near the deathray trap, near it you will see a weather vein. shoot it with your bow and a broken arrow will pop out. pick up the arrow and the upgrade process has begun. The first step is to shoot 3 bonfires outside of the map, the first one is right where you grabbed the broken arrow on the right of the wunderfizz. The second one is in the window to the left of where you build the Ragnarok, and the third is at the rocket bay. once all of them have caught on fire, you have completed that step. The next step is to go into the anti-gravity room and run on the 5 pannels on the walls in one go. You cannot touch the floor while stepping on them or else you have to repeat it. The next step is there are 3 erns where you shot the bonfires, you will have to fill up them with souls, they take 5 souls each. Next charge up your bow and dip it in the filled-up ern, your arrow should have electricity on it, shoot the bonfires again with the electric arrow until they have electricity spinning around them. Then go back to the weather vein and hold interact where the arrow popped out. wait around 30 seconds and your storm arrow is completed. Next step! Go down to the anti gravity room and there are 4 boxes, find the one with the lightning bolt on it and press interact. You will get a max ammo after you do this. Now there will be a LARGE soul box, keep filling up souls until you hear a weird sound (sounds different from the souls going into the box) once done hold out your bow hold square on the box and you have the storm bow.


This is the actual first step of the easter egg. grab your bow, non upgraded btw. Go to the teleporter room and above the teleporter are 6 orbs. shoot them all until the are golden. You will hear a margwa sound. There will now be a wisp around the map in 6 locations, the locations are
-Table near quick revive
-Church’s clock
-Church’s radio
-Edwards room on the globe
-Near the power switch on a phone
-In the clock at the barracks
-Near double tap on the wheel of the car
There will only be one wisp spawn, it looks like a ball of electricity. Once you look at all the locations and shoot the first one, another one will spawn, and another until you have shot 4 in total. You will now hear a completion noise and make your way to the teleporter and it should be glowing purple. If it isn’t glowing retry the wisps the next round. Go into the teleporter and activate it. You will go back in time for a short period and you have to be quick, you have to pick up 2 items and write down a code
The first item is a very obvious blue soul tube.
The second item is fused on the opposite side of the room from the doctor.
Watch the code and see what the docter puts in, WRITE IT DOWN

Code and simon says

First, go up to the death ray, on the side input the fuses, and on the other side turn the dial to protect. Then activate the deathray trap. After the computers to the right of the deathray should be lit up, input the code by holding interact on them. After this make your way to the teleporter room, inside there should be a open safe. Pick up the floppy disc and the tubes. Put the missing tubes into the 2 pylons on either side of the deathray. And set the dial on the side to destroy. Now go up to the computers again, crouch, and hold interact Now you have to pay attention. The four computers will be lit up in a order with symbols, again WRITE IT DOWN. Now you will be playing simon says while dogs spawn, pretty straight forward, repeat this at the moon base. Go back to the deathray and look up, if the 2 glowing balls are completely lit up you have completed this step. Go to the back end of the deathray, the oposite side of where you buy the trap, hold square on the glowing green button and enjoy as dempsey 1.0 flies back to earth.

Keeper step

Go outside the church into the big room where “activating 115” brings you. near the big mess in the middle will be a golden rod. Pick it up, your gonna have to go back in time once again. Wisps activate at the start of every new round. Do wisps again and go back in time. Hold interact on the computer near where the docter was standing. A box should open with a tablet, grab it. now what you should do is go to where you picked up the unupgraded bow. find the slot of the golden rod and summon the keeper by interacting with it. A keeper will spawn, follow it around until it stops and spawns a circle. Stand in the circle, there should be a outline around your screen, depending on the color the person with that specific bow has to kill zombies while inside the circle (On solo it only swaps between the bow you got, you only need one bow on solo!) Then the keeper will more and create another circle, check the outline and repeat. Now the keeper will go to the anti gravity room and will stand on the pyramid, input the missing soul tube around the side and you are almost ready for the boss fight.


Now im not gonna sugar coat it. This is EXTREMELY hard to explain, first you need 3 parts, first part is after you activate the deathray trap it will be flying in the air and you must grab it from one of the wunderfizz’s. The second part drops after you kill the first panzer soldat, the third you must go the the rocket bay, near where the rocket flames go down is a lever in a case, it is normally closed but when a rocket test is going off it opens, flip the switch and quickly go back inside before you die. Now you must look at the computer to the left of the teleporter, Go near it and kill the fire and electric zombies that spawn until you have a popup that you can activate the computer. (Must interact as soon as possible!) After you interacted it the piece should be inside the teleporter. Build it on the spare buildable table near the other wunderfizz.

Boss fight

The boss fight is hard, to enter the boss fight you have to pull out the ragnaroks and walk over the pads that activated the anti gravity, all of your players have to slam down the ragnaroks down at the same time, your in the boss fight now.
First, start killing skeletons until in the middle under the keeper is a orb. Slam a ragnarok down on the orb and his chest will open up, Spam his chest with a Xm-53 or a raygun. Then you keep repeating this until the keeper dies, congratulations. you have beaten the der eisendrache bossfight. Now go to the pyramid, input the summoning key. Go to the death machine and enjoy the moon being blown into oblivion.

Written by Nugget

This is all about Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Complete DE easter egg guide!; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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