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A somewhat complete walkthrough for all the characters’ Episodes that offers several notes and mentions to other in-game things. Doesn’t include answers to what you must choose in Chapters 1-2 in order to get one’s route but tells you hints how to define it prior to the change from common storytelling to the individual story’s beginning.


Choices that affect little to nothing but give you a tiny bit different lines to read. Everything is written mostly in notes or mentions, offering some actual choices from the game.

Chapter 1 (Unnamed)

1) The very first choice here lets you win or lose a coin toss with Luka:

  • Heads (win)
  • Tails (lose)

If you lose, later you can’t pay your tab after Shu and Limbo have interrogated you, and vice-versa.
2) During the interrogation mentioned above, when you are asked about Limbo’s keys and membership card, there are timers. You can actually choose nothing and just wait for the time to run out.
There are also two options inside one in the question referring to the membership card. This is:

  • A cigar bar

Btw, if it’s of interest to you, the right answers regarding Limbo’s belongings are:

  • It was a shoehorn
  • (Wait for time to run out)


Chapter 2. THE GUNSHOT

3) When Luka asks you if Limbo acts as your lawyer, you can keep silent too (another timer).
4) If you’re not sure whose route you’re about to enter, listen closely to Professor Sauli’s summary to your quiz results. His description of you tells you who you are to face later on:

  • responsible and sociable >> Limbo
  • calm and objective >> Shu
  • independent and quite emotional >> Helvetica
  • self-aware, not so social but curious >> Mozu
  • natural >> Crow

5) In the question about a boy causing an incident, try different options in order to hear a little new something from Professor Sauli. Also, don’t forget choosing nothing (the last timer) in that regard.
6) When you borrow Janitor Morgan’s body, you can make her lose her work in Chapter 3. To do so choose:

  • Let’s play for it
  • Stop it from spinning as I flick it with my index finger

If you want to be victorious in the second coin toss bet and let Morgan keep her job, change the second option to:

  • Rub the coin’s outer rim with my index finger

What’s interesting, you (in Morgan’s body) not playing for it and running out of the motel doesn’t result in Morgan being fired. I wonder if it’s, though, how it’s supposed to be, really.


7) At the end of the Chapter, the cat confirms your future route by choosing its name. Its reaction to the names proposed by guys tells you again who you are to end up with:

  • Max >> Limbo
  • Cat >> Shu
  • (Your Name) >> Helvetica
  • Ana >> Mozu
  • Ginger >> Crow



8) You have no choices to make here.
Enjoy the read and await your boy or man’s Episode to begin.

Limbo’s Episode : No One’s Side

Looks like fun
Let’s not
Tell me
I don’t want to hear it (Limbo)
I understand how you feel, Limbo
You should listen to Valerie (Limbo)
Break up the fight
Don’t break up the fight (Limbo)
Speak to him
Stay silent (Limbo)
Hold his hand (Limbo)
Watch on silently
I’m against it >> Bad ED #1
Don’t switch the glasses
Switch the glasses
I won’t die, no matter what
Cast my life away for Limbo >> Bad ED #2
(As far as you go with no Bad ED options, Side B : Greasy Chicken unlocks.)

Shu’s Episode : The Yellow Rose of Texas

…Honestly, it scares me
I want to try to understand (Shu)
I mean, they’re your family (Shu)
I mean, they’re your teacher
Call Shu
Go to the hotel Shu is in
It is related (Shu)
I need to know
Unbind the zip tie >> Bad ED
Do nothing (Shu)
What about you, Shu?
The way you asked that isn’t fair (Shu)
(If you haven’t chosen the Bad ED option, Side B : Snowman unlocks.)

Helvetica’s Episode : Down the Rabbit Hole

Contact Shu
Contact Limbo
Ask (Helvetica)
Don’t ask
Call out to him (Helvetica)
Leave him alone
This isn’t like you
It’s fine, every now and then (Helvetica)
Force my way in (Helvetica)
Leave it to the others >> Bad ED
(password:) 1218
[Type random numbers twice]
(If you haven’t chosen the Bad ED option, Side B : Mia unlocks.)

Mozu’s Episode : Even in Death

I hope they solve the case soon
I hope you find clues about Yuzu (Mozu)
I think it wanted to thank you
I can’t tell what it was thinking (Mozu)
I’m glad you talked to me
I don’t know (Mozu)
You have to help Professor Troy! >> Bad ED
You have to help Ivy! (Mozu)
(If you haven’t chosen the Bad ED option, Side B : Your Voice unlocks.)

Scarecrow’s Episode : Sweet and Low

Are you really alright?
Thank you (Scarecrow)
Ask (Scarecrow)
Don’t ask
What’s wrong?
Come here (Scarecrow)
Stop Crow >> Bad ED
Ask what the number means (Scarecrow)
(If you’ve chosen whatever, besides the last Bad ED option, you unlock Side B : Boyfriend.)

Other Episodes

Two more Episodes that are a must read in order to get the whole story.


You receive this Episode after reading all characters’ A and B Sides.
It answers questions you’ve had playing through all the prior routes.


This is the final Episode that jumps into your hands after the FULL CIRCLE’s read.
It tells you about Adam, Luka and you, and what’s happened times ago and eats at Adam.
I’d like to mention that there’s something more after the titles of AULD LANG SYNE, unsubbed though. So, be ready to put your hearing to use as well as your linguistic skills in understanding or guessing. Any or either way just see how it all wraps the whole story up.

Written by RusCSI

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about BUSTAFELLOWS – Character Routes; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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