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Buccaneers! – Trading Tips 1 - steamlists.com

This guide will provide you with the basics of trading.


To trade in the game, you will need a large ship that can outrun smaller pirate vessels and outrun larger ones.

Ship Size

1. I recommend that you own the Heavy Sloop and the Light Frigate.
Additionally, I recommend upgrading speed and boarding combat to increase your chances of being able to defend yourself if you are boarded.
A smaller vessel is more efficient than a larger ship, and will therefore be more cost-effective.


2. When you trade with a merchant, you can see 2 colors.
– The red color signifies that you can make a profit if the merchant sells the goods at a lower price
– The merchant will buy your goods at a higher price if you are green
The colors indicator is a bit shaky, to be honest. The colors indication is a bit sloppy, but I have only seen and experienced how the system works.
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This is a quick summary. Feel free to respond and discuss this topic!
You all can sail the seas! !


Written by Lilly Pillie

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