Brick Rigs – The Guide to Battles

Brick Rigs – The Guide to Battles 1 -
Brick Rigs – The Guide to Battles 1 -
A Battle Guide that not only will get a better server going but also will improve your tactics.
(I’m Lazy to put an image so heres one of my planes :P)



Brick Rigs - The Guide to Battles - Overview
This section will overview what to do to not only have a good time, but to create a better server, and to not get other people angry.
So one of the main things i want to cover is having fun, whatever you do, if there are bases where people spawn at. DO NOT CAMP THEM, it can get really annoying and can lead to you being kicked and/or ridiculed.
Secondly, use vehicles from the era. “I dOn’t HAvE a VehicLE fRom thEN” Isnt a gaht daym excuse. Experimental Vehicles most people are fine with, but before you pull out that K-Wagen get confirmation with the owner. YES, Also show them it.
For the love of god, if someone is having lots of fun, don’t ruin it by pulling out a counter to it. The point of battles is to have fun, while being realistic.
Maintain Realism, Hosts if you have poor moderation, its no moderation. So someone with a MiG-17 in a ww1 server will not be okay with Most ALL people, Speaking of 17 its the amount of seconds people will still be in your server.
Don’t Intentionally lag the game, nobody likes it. Nor Trolling. Even if you are somehow lagging the game, and people tell you to remove it. Remove it. Also if you don’t like something, Don’t fuss. Thats why there is a button to exit.


Brick Rigs - The Guide to Battles - Dogfights
If you Don’t know what a Dogfight is (And Some ppl Don’t) You’re Brain dead.
If you Don’t Know, A dogfight is the Combat between Planes and Anti-aircraft Devices.
To start, Don’t spawn directly behind your foes.
Learn roundels to identify Friends, or enemies. This way you don’t friendly fire a fellow aircraft.
If you’re doing a WW1 Dogfight, Use soft bodies, unless you don’t care about ppl getting angy.
Be realistic, Don’t have a Bi-plane Going 16478156415478 kph.
Mg Spammers SUCK. They are Loud, and have unnecessary lag. Extremely obnoxious, and really don’t do anymore damage.
Only Use AA guns when protecting a specific target. It does get annoying to get blasted by aa when you just took off, so only shoot people near you.
With the topic of aa guns, never put it near an enemy airfield, that way ppl can actually takeoff.
Also Anti-Aircraft Measures aren’t just limited to Guns but they can also include the Following:
Barrage Balloons
Patrol Zeppelins/Blimps
Vtol type aircraft
SAM Sites (Only work when ur da host)
and the list goes on.

Fighter Plane Tactics:
To Engage enemy fighters do not forget to lead your shot, this way the bullets will arrive to the aircraft in time to strike it. If you don’t the bullets will tend to miss short, flying harmlessly behind it.
The easiest time to attack a enemy is when you’re behind them, try your hardest not to get in front of them. If you do they will be firing upon you, Start maneuvering.
The BEST Maneuver to pull if you have a great turn rate is the Corkscrew. (It works best in bombers tho)
How To pull of the maneuver:
1.) Be at a decent airspeed.
2.) Pull Up and to the right until you reach around 45 degrees
3.) Pull Up and to the left until you’re in the opposite direction, and until you’re near level flight.
4.) Congrats, You did it!

Bomber Gunning Tactics:
Here’s a vid bc it works really well.


Tactics for tankers:
The Ambush Tactic is The most powerful Tactic to use.
Its Simple.
Grab your light (Zoomer) tank and go find a spot to hide. (Preferably in the city.)
Ex: PZ II J, Renault Ft-17, etc.
Keep your eyes peeled, as well you’re looking for tanks.
When you see a tank, wait for it to come close by you. Then charge out and fire your gun at it until its inoperative.
Go find a new place to hide.
Get any tank and rush the enemy line its ok to seek cover every now and then but, don’t stay there for too long bc bombers.

Couple of unwritten rules:
Don’t start a 5 yr old’s tank battle where when you die you spawn in the spot you died, spawn away from that tank, far away.
Don’t use auto cannons when not needed.
And BRRRT aa tanks should’ve never existed (Maybe), and they can get annoying.
Also if you blame planes for lag, its usually never it, from what I’ve seen tanks normally have a much high brick count that planes.
(If you’re the kid that tells everyone to get tanks to tank battle, every pilot probs doesn’t wanna.)
Pretty Much About it for this.


What do i have to say, Its almost the same as tanks, but slower. 😛
(Sorry Ship cap’ns)


By thatonenerfer64

This is all about Brick Rigs – The Guide to Battles; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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