Brick Rigs – How to enable drafting

Brick Rigs – How to enable drafting 3 -
Brick Rigs – How to enable drafting 3 -

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Have you ever wondered about the purpose of the sensors on your standard vehicle? These sensors are designed to replicate drafting. To help you understand how to activate this feature, this article will guide you through the process.

What is drafting, and how does it work?

I won’t go into detail about drafting, but if you’ve ever raced on restrictor plates, you already know what it is. Thrusters on stock cars mimic the drafting effect. When you’re driving behind another vehicle, you speed up, and the same happens when someone is driving behind you. This feature is designed to work when all vehicles are traveling at the same speed.

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How to enable drafting

> Go into editor

Click on a sensor

Press B to highlight both sensors

Scroll down to the sensor settings in the right-hand menu (bottom right of your screen).

Set AXIS on “always On”

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