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Brawlhalla – Rank Mod Guide 1 -
Brawlhalla – Rank Mod Guide 1 -

Are you lazy? Do you find it difficult to open chrome like any normal human being?? WELL THEN I GOT THE MOD FOR YOU. NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME. Where the steps to install the mod are more annoying than you doing it yourself. But nonetheless here you are, so less just get to the steps.


Well you lazy prick, here is the mod that will let you see your rank in “BRAWLHALLA” globally.
I mean are you really that lazy to click this link ‘’ – []  and type your name. Well the installation process is more tedious but you do you man.
The installation is pretty straight forward and simple and no its does not contain a virus.(I think)

Installation process

Copy this link in your browser for the file:(Its Safe and if anyone has a better way of sharing the link tell me plz)
( – [] 
Brawlhalla - Rank Mod Guide - Installation process - 7E7A50D
1-Click download
2-Unzip the file:(I have WINRAR but you dontt need it to unzip it)
Brawlhalla - Rank Mod Guide - Installation process - 869A4E1
Great job U are a lazy piece of **** and you just installed a folder, you should be proud!!!!!

Using the mod

Now that you are done installing you have access to your pitiful rank at all times.
1-Open the folder you installed and click on “try.exe”:
Brawlhalla - Rank Mod Guide - Using the mod - 99AF0A5
2-When you click on it an open the “try.exe” a popup window will appear, enter your current username EXACTLY and click ok:
Brawlhalla - Rank Mod Guide - Using the mod - 1017DA7
A popup window will appear with your rank.
Brawlhalla - Rank Mod Guide - Using the mod - 9F13B6C


Now you have this completely useless mod at your disposal at all times. You could now admit that you are a piece of **** since you went through all these steps but didnt bother doing it alone.

Written by m_n_y

This is all about Brawlhalla – Rank Mod Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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