Bravery and Greed – All Perks Available

Bravery and Greed – All Perks Available 1 -
Bravery and Greed – All Perks Available 1 -

A useful guide for (Bravery and Greed – All Perks Available) is a complete list of all perks, and classes that are available in-game.

Path of Chaos

General Perks Without Leveling


  • Blow for Blow

    +25% for Attack, but -10% for Defense

  • Bulk Up

    +1000 Max Health, but attacks cost 20% more stamina

  • Gift of Chaos

    Get a random Perk that gives you +30% power to Fire and Lightning Gear

  • Last Stand

    Once per Dungeon, when you receive a killing blow, survive at 1HP with +50% attack during 7.0.

  • Lucky Deal

    Get 2 Random Perks

  • Impact

    +25% Attack, but your blows feel heavy


General Perks for Leveling


  • Berserker

    +30% Damage if below 50% Health

  • Critical Attack

    For 75% more damage, you have a 15% chance to score a Critical Hit.

  • Havoc Wreaker

    You can heal 50 HP when destroying props and gain 2% attack and movement speed for 45.0s

  • Heart of the Brave

    If you are below 50% HP, killing blows can heal you by 70 HP and increase your attack by 15% for 4.0.

  • Hot Headed

    Attack and Move Speed have been increased by 10%

  • Ignore Pain

    15% chance to reduce damage taken by 50%. Resist Knockback and get a +30% attack on 4.0s

  • War Cry

    You will receive 20% Move Speed for 6.0s when you enter a room and a Shield of 10% from your max HP.


Rogue Perks


  • Rush

    Dash Attack

    Activation is faster, and the distance traveled is reduced

  • Unstoppable

    Thousand Blades

    +6 hits. You can move during an attack.


Warrior Perks


  • Blitz


    The final attack becomes a powerful Charged Strike

  • Team Assault


    All nearby Allies and Followers are eligible to receive their bonuses

  • Skull Smasher

    All Shield Attacks

    Wall slams cause 200 additional damages.


Wizard Perks


  • Lightning Shield


    An Electric Field Shocks Enemies Near Enemies for 30 Dmg/Hit

  • Unstable Elemental

    Elemental Death

    Explodes for 500 Dmg, inflicts less player damage.


Amazon Perks


  • Smash

    Air Smash

    Increase Damage and Break Knockback Resiste


The Path of Life

General Perks Without Leveling


  • Bottomless Pouch

    25% chance of not losing any Potion while drinking, +2 max Potions

  • Cornucopia

    15% chance to find food after killing an enemy

  • Guardian Angel

    A Seraph visits you once per Dungeon to revive you and protect you from foes for 1000 Dmg

  • Nature’s Course

    +500 Max Health, +20% power to Nature and Spirit Gear

  • Sharing is Caring

    Drinking Potions with 25% efficacy also heals nearby Allies and Followers

  • Survival Instinct

    You automatically consume Potions to Survive when you receive death blows


Leveling: General Perks


  • Apex Predator

    Clearing out a room can help you to improve your health by 12%

  • Force of Nature

    +16% Attack and +18% Attack Speed if you have more than 50% health

  • Improved Health

    All Allies within proximity gain 16% Max Health

  • Inspiring Song

    Nearby followers get +30% attack and 30% life after clearing a room

  • Serendipitous Healing

    There is a 40% chance that you will find Potions.

  • Thirst for Life

    25% can increase healing effects


Rogue Perks


  • Enchanted Strikes

    All Dagger Attacks

    Allow 20% of their damage to be healed to nearby followers

  • Fletching

    Bow Shots

    Inflict Knockback and +20 base Damage

  • Hunter’s Aim

    Multi-Shot Arrows

    Arrows seek the nearest Enemy.


Warrior Perks



Wizard Perks



Amazon Perks


  • Envenomed Charkam


    40 DPS Poisoners for 6.0s

  • Heart Piercer


    You can retaliate by using a Pierce-Through attack instead of a normal kick.


Path of Order

General Perks Without Leveling


  • Magic Pulse

    Use Wands to push back foes nearby

  • Mind over Matter

    Instead of dying, keep your HP at 1 HP and use your Stamina to fuel your Health bar

  • Scrying

    Choose from a new selection of Perks

  • Stoicism

    Get 300% defense for 1.5s when you are hit

  • Terrain Awareness

    Traps are less damaging by -75%


General Perks for Leveling


  • Accurate Incantation

    Cooldown decreased by 30% and Wand power rose by 30%

  • Improved Focus

    +40% Stamina Regen. +20% poewr for Ice and Cosmos Gear

  • Ivory Tower

    +25% Defense, but -15% Attack

  • Mana Shield

    Your Stamina abates 25% of all incoming damage. +30% Stamina pool

  • Psionic Strikes

    +15% Attack if you have more than 50% stamina

  • Tactical Mind

    After taking a hit, Attack increases by 35% when you enter a room. However, it is dispelled by 1.0s after you take a hit

  • Thirst for Knowledge

    For 5.0, your Attack and Defense can be increased by 20% by using Wands.


Rogue Perks


  • Targeted Focus

    Charged Arrow

    Can be powered up further

  • Sweeper

    Multi-Shot Arrows

    Fire +2 arrows


Warrior Perks



Wizard Perks



Amazon Perks



Path of Darkness

General Perks Without Leveling


  • Blinding Greed

    When you pick up gold, resist the temptation to get 2.0s. Increased radius of Gold Pickup by +100%

  • Blood Pact

    To increase your Max Health, lose 25% of your current Health

  • Chalice of Greed

    While picking-up gold can heal you, other Healing sources come with a penalty of -50%

  • Cheat Death

    Once per Dungeon, you can resurrect instead dying and receive 8.0s of Stealth

  • Contagion Mastery

    Debuffs on Enemies can have a 40% increase to also apply to a nearby Enemy

  • Forbidden Knowledge

    To choose 2 additional Perks, you can lose -250 of Max Health

  • Sudden Death

    40% Increased Attack for 10.0s upon entering a room Killing blows increase duration to 1


Leveling: General Perks


  • Assassin’s Strike

    Attacks cause 24% more Temporary Damage

  • Backstab

    40% additional damage is inflicted by attacking an enemy from behind

  • Sadistic

    Negative Status Effects on Enemies can be 30% stronger

  • Thirst for Riches

    You can pickpocket Enemies twice, +20% power for Shadow and Decay gear

  • Vampiric Hunger

    Killing blows grant temporary HP of 2%


Rogue Perks


  • Keen Blades

    All Dagger Attacks

    60 DPS for 3.0s. Inflict Bleeding Any hit refreshes Duration

  • Shadow Strike


    +40% Attack for 2.0s upon breaking out of Stealth by an attack

  • Smoke Bomb


    Stealth Stuns near Enemies


Warrior Perks


  • Bloody Sword

    All Sword Attacks

    Inflict Bleeding for 60 DPS to 3.0s. Any hit refreshes Duration

  • Cursed Shield

    Block and Parry

    Block: -25% enemy attack for 8.0s. Parry: -40% enemy defense for 12.0s.


Wizard Perks


  • Disease

    Elemental Explosion

    The explosion releases a Death Cloud

  • Soul Leech


    Steal 40% off your life

  • Trickster


    Grants Stealth for the 4.0s


Amazon Perks


  • Deadly Disk


    Inflicts Bleeding up to 60 DPS for 3.0s. Any hit refreshes Duration

  • Turnaround Mastery

    Turnaround Attack

    Faster activation and higher base Damage

  • Wrecking Kick


    Reduces enemy defense and attack by -25% for 5.0


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