Boyfriend Dungeon – All Achievements Unlocked – WIP Guide

Boyfriend Dungeon – All Achievements Unlocked – WIP Guide 1 -
Boyfriend Dungeon – All Achievements Unlocked – WIP Guide 1 -

A comprehensive guide to the achievements. Once finished anyway, currently WIP


This guide is currently a mess, but I’ll spruce it up real soon, I promise! I’m about to play through the game again and make note of what I find and where, and I’ll likely do multiple runs to check how it works exactly when it comes to finding recipes.

Let’s be real, this game isn’t the most complicated to hunt for. The main thing you’re here for is an exhaustive list of the items in the game, a checklist of sorts that can help you figure out what you’re missing and where to get it. So that’s what this will be!

Story Achievements (3)

These are unmissable.

  • Overcame Fear: Change

    Defeat the boss of the first dungeon, on Floor 12(?)

  • Overcame Fear: Intimacy

    Defeat the boss of the second dungeon, on Floor 13(?)

  • Summer’s End

    Defeat the final boss.


Weapon Achievements (9)

These are exactly as it says on the tin, not much to explain here. I’ll add the exact details of what floor you can find them as I replay the game and actually make note of it.

Full Weapon Cabinet

Go on a date with all the wieldable weapons. There are 7 of them, details below.


Reach max Love level with all the weapons. These include:

  • Isaac, Sharp Dresser

    After the tutorial simply go to his office and he’ll unlock for you.

  • Sunder, Double-Edged

    You can find him in the Mall dungeon.

  • Valeria, Heart Piercing

    I think she’s in the Mall as well?

  • Seven, Recharged Batteries

    Pretty sure he’s also in the Mall.

  • Sawyer, At Arm’s Reach

    They could be in the second dungeon, I’ll keep you updated on that.

  • Pocket, Out of the Bag

    He’s the last weapon you’ll find inside a dungeon.

  • Rowan, Reap the Benefits

    Reach max Love level with the Scythe, Rowan. When Jesse leaves you to your own devices you can find them in their Mansion, in north of the map.


Collection Achievements (10)

  • Boyfriend Material

    Find one of each crafting material. Should come naturally, but I’ll add a list of where you can find everything.

  • Prepared

    Find all recipes. There’s 64 of them, I’ll add a list and where to find them later. This unlocked at 63 recipes for me, but be aware you’re going to need 64 of them.

  • Duct Tape

    Craft something.

  • Hobbyist

    Craft 10 recipes.

  • Artisan

    Craft all recipes. Might also include items from shops? We’ll figure it out together.

  • Author

    Find all the zines. This will require you to craft them.

  • Designer

    Find all the outfits. This includes both crafted and bought, I’ll add a list.

  • Mad Hatter

    Find all the hats. Both crafted, bought, and gifted. I’ll also add a list here.

  • Saint Valentine

    Find all the gifts. These are crafted and bought. I know the cinema tickets count, but regardless, I’ll add a list.

  • Retro Enthusiast

    Find a SNAZZ. Only unlocks once you’ve crafted the recipe.


Other Achievements (7)

  • Thoughtful

    Give a perfect gift. Someone made a gift guide, I’ll link that.

  • No Thanks

    Have a gift rejected. Try giving Sunder a pizza, trust me, it’ll break your heart.

  • Wrecking Ball

    Find a shortcut. There’s breakable walls in both dungeon; in the mall you might see security shutters that are cracked and have light coming through them; in the club you might see cracked glass. Attack it to break it, and you’ll be able to go through the opening it creates.

  • Secret Shopper

    Find the monster shop. You’ll see specific vending machines in the mall that give access by interacting and buying ???, or ATM machines in the club where you’ll need to buy Access.

  • Killer Combo

    Kill 5 enemies in 1 second or less. I got this on accident while playing with the scythe, so I recommend using that in a crowd, specifically the heavy finisher.

  • Expert Packing

    This is the minigame in the credits, it’s basically a rhythm game where you need to use the directional keys when the luggage is inside of the allocated space entirely. You might need to get a combo to unlock this? I’m not sure, it unlocked at the end of the credits and I hadn’t played perfectly, so at least you don’t need to play it perfectly.

  • Flutterbuggiest

    You’ll have to get 1st place on all difficulties on the SNAZZ minigame. Best of luck, this might take some time. Best advice I’ve got is to take the inside of the turns as much as possible, avoid the walls and other bugs as it will make you slow down, and yeah. Git gud, basically 😅


Written by Dayashi

This is all about Boyfriend Dungeon – All Achievements Unlocked – WIP Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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